I have tried protein bars. Even the sugar free ones are very sweet. Are they safe if want to control my sugar intake?

Francis T.
I think it depends what else is in them that is making them so sweet? If it’s not good for you then maybe just a sweet fruit would be better. I have 2 days a month where I can eat at much Nutella as I like- which normally means I don’t feel like sweets for the rest of the days!
Shaun T.
I would certainly say they are safe for the most part, but couldn’t personally recommend. Their taste usually isn’t too good and besides the protein, the rest of the bar isn’t too healthy. I would prefer an alternative source of protein like nuts, legumes, meat, eggs, or protein shakes
Gwendolyn J.
I would keep an eye on the labels and see just how much sugar and/or added sugar is involved. For weight loss, you only want 15-30 grams of sugar a day I believe.
Virgil Z.
Make try and find an alternative to these, by supplementing them with bio ones. However, in my opinion, I would not take protein bars, as they can affect you digestive system on the long term, and also, you do not know what is inside of them. Try and eat nuts, yogurt or maybe even some bread with a healthy topping on it… Happy eating!
Brent F.
I have learned that its not only about calories, we need also to educate our brain to need less sweet food, taking that into account choose less sweet snacks.
Patricia Z.
Go ahead and make your own protein bars. They’re easy to make and they’re great recipes on line. You’ll know exactly how much sugar etc. you’ll be eating and bars will be fresh ingredients with no chemicals. 🙂
Anne Katrin F.
No. Most sugar free snacks have some kind of sugar substitute which still raises insulin levels and feeds your sugar cravings. Consider eating bars with zero added sugar.
Zoe T.
I think you need to see a doctor for this. But, in my opinion, you can read what they put instead of sugar in this bars you take. Some substances are even worse than sugar. How about eat fruits? It worked for me
Dila Q.
As a personal trainer, I always recommend for my clients to try their best to get their protein by eating animals or their byproducts rather than relying on processed protein products because they also contain vitamins and minerals that are better absorbed in their natural form. I say to only eat processed protein products only if you aren’t getting enough protein from the rest of your diet throughout the day. As far as controlling your sugar intake, always read the label and check the ingredients. Lower carbohydrate amounts cause less of an insulin spike because not as much sugar enters your bloodstream after ingestion.
Gloria N.
I have heard that a lot of companies try to advertise sugar free as much as possible to increase sales and get onto the trend, but I have also seen that those same food products contain a bunch of artificial sweeteners or extra oils and fats. Follow the advice of qualified dieticians on Instagram or Facebook for a clear view on this!
Julius F.
Sugar free ones should be safe from the name, I would guess. Though it's important to read the labels and ensure you're aware of what balance you're taking in.