How much time do you spend on breakfast?

Alexis U.
It really depends on what breakfast you are having if your having a breakfast like porridge with fruit/nuts it would take 7-10 minutes maximum for but if your having a breakfast with bacon and eggs or something like that it can take longer up to the time range 15-20 minutes.
Soline E.
It really depends on whether I have breakfast at home or in the office. At home I tend to eat it quickly, within 10 minutes or so. In the office I may stretch it to about half an hour
Fedora S.
If this is a real human , come to the YouTube channel 'Fedora Art' and go to the ' How I make stickers ' video and comment 'Fabulous!' So that I know it's a human.

I Spend an hour or half an hour on breakfast . If it's my fav instant noodles, I'll eat it slowly cus I love the taste of it . But if it's a normal breakfast I'd eat it in half an hour or if I was seeing my phone or Tv , I'll eat for an hour

Nanna W.
It depend on what food I'm having. I'm also quite a slow eater, if it's something like bread and omelet then about 10 mins. If I eat something heavier like onigiri then a little more than 15 minutes.
Vanner N.
20 minutes. It's way to reflect before work day. Yes, eating for me it's way to take break from work. And I'm not happy with it