What do you like to eat as a healthy breakfast?

Cherie O.
I like to have natural yoghurt, honey and sliced banana.
It's light and feels refreshing.

I'm really lazy so cooking a breakfast is not an option for me but, if I do – eggs Benedict. I don't actually think that's healthy though.

Meghan O.
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup(1cup) with mixed frozen vegetables(1/4cup) and spices. Put in microwave for 3 minutes. Stir. Rest for 30 seconds. Eat. It's just light enough, cause I usually don't eat breakfast. Not heavy enough to make me drowzy.

Kamyshia G.
I like to make parfaits some days with some yogurt fruit (cutie oranges, cubed apple slices, etc any fruit you like cut up into little pieces) with granola and honey or agave drizzled on top. A boiled egg with green olives and oil drizzled on top of any other side you like.

Alexander A.
I usually eat a bowl of cereal. But I want to try having cereal, toast, or eggs with tea and a piece of fruit everyday. I have begun eating an egg for breakfast once a week, because this will heighten my protein level (I am a vegetarian).
See ya later Fabulous!

Giulia N.
I eat a banana or an apple, plus I add always a cup of cold milk because I cannot live without it! As long as I never eat protein in the morning such as eggs I don’t wanna eat them…I did once and I didn’t feel well at all, so is better to follow your body, it does speaks to you 🙂

Chester S.
I like to eat whole grain breakfasts as they fill me up the most such as porridge with fruit, whole grain breads but I keep them to a minimum and try to keep cereal at hand more so in the mornings. I use milk alternatives such as coconut milk as it gives a nicer taste

Alina O.
Oat porridge (made with oat milk instead of cow's milk), with a spoon full of peanut butter, dates, fresh apple, and banana slices. Yum!

In the summer add frozen berries and basil leaves (trust me on this) 👌

Liva W.
Milk as a drink and a toasted bagel with cream cheese , honey , chia seeds and sliced fruit. I prefer strawberries and bananas but any fruit of your choice is as good.

Kathi T.
I eat mostly eat my traditional breakfast meal. A paratha, a round plain bread fried in a little oil. And some traditional tea. Afterwards I like to have some fruit.

Megan F.
I like eggs! Lately I've been getting into poached eggs. There's a big serving of protein and some toast makes for a satisfying carb.

Emily N.
To me any breakfast can be healthy if you portion. I like french toast and I always make sure to have fruit on the side. Egg omlets are good too, I like to put bacon and cheese in mine and on the side some fruit. Cereal can even be healthy depends what kinds though, I still eat the sugary kind on occasions, but I get smaller portions of it and have fruit on the side. I always make sure to have water with my food.

Toni J.
I have 2 main breakfast choices. An English breakfast (2 eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, toast, roasted tomato, coffee) or a 3 egg omelette with jalepeno, red pepper, and cheese with a smoothie (pomegranate juice, banana, mixed berries, 0% mf Greek yogurt (vanilla usually), and some water to help thin it out.

Sarah Z.
I love to eat my self made granola and plant based yoghurt for breakfast. Adding some nuts ans fruits makes it perfekt. Also i love to eat a slice of bred with some hummus and sprouts. Basically, mostly everything makes a great breakfast, since it’s the best meal of the day, isn’t it?

Zita Q.
I like oats with fruits as topping. Sometimes I also prefer milk only, chocolate or strawberry flavor. If too lazy to make breakfast, I'll go for Malkist crackers along with tea. I think tha's not bad for a healthy breakfast.