What is your favorite healthy tasty breakfast?

Aur Lien Q.
I love to have grits (polenta) with veggies and either veggies sausages or a bagel with avocado. I don't eat meat and only have eggs occasionally. Usually I start with onions and green peppers in a dry pan to give them some brown. Then I add mushrooms and butter. Finally I add the grits, veggie stock, and seasonings. While they are cooking I will start either my veggie sausages or a bagel, just depends on my mood that day. If I have a bagel I use a bit of butter and eat it with an avocado that I spoon straight out of the skin. Sometimes I replace the mushrooms in my grits with carrots and if that's the case I usually make two eggs over-easy, because nothing is tastier with carrots than a dippy egg.
Freja B.
Toast bread with jelly and peanut butter, scrambled eggs, 1 sausage, side of mixed fruit ( cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, mangoes, whatever is in season) & coffee (no sugar & half & half)!