How can you make breakfast not boring? I feel like I eat the same old things and get tired of it easily.

Savannah U.
I used to be the same way. I always felt like I was eating the same things every morning. I started using Pintrest to help me find unique meal ideas especially breakfast ideas. I found alot of different recipes for different kinds of overnight oats, I found recipes that used eggs and learned to cook eggs different ways. The best kinda breakfast is something that has protein in it. Overnight oats are good for those who have to get up and go in the mornings. Also adding different flavors to your everyday breakfasts helps expand you tastes pallet and who knows maybe you will find something unique to your flavor pallet.
Naja X.
Try new things everyday, enjoy making your breakfast with music it will help the process of cooking, most importantly eat what you like
Calyssa W.
I tend to eat different things for breakfast each day so I don’t get tired of it. I also eat breakfast at different times like when I’m rushing to get to the school bus or sleeping in.