Do you meal-prep breakfasts for busy mornings? If yes, what do you make?

Cetin C.
I don’t really have busy mornings, but I do keep things on hand that are very easy to prepare and are portable, if possible.

G Lsen F.
No. But I make a pretty simply breakfast of fried egg with fresh spinach and avocado, so prep is minimal. I also always make time for breakfast, even if that means something else has to give.

Mia P.
I don't meal prep. I usually have eggs of some sort but as I've been getting to be more healthy I've been having two boiled eggs with half and avocado.

Mariana C.
I have stuck to simpler breakfasts just so I don’t skip it. I have eaten a fruit, like an apple or an orange, and sometimes topped it with honey, Etc. It barely takes any time; and makes me energized and full.

Laura F.
Absolutely! Especially as a graduate student, my schedule can be very unpredictable at times- some days I won’t have to be up so early, but others I’ll have to be up at 7am- so when I know I’ll have an early day, I’ll make both my breakfast and lunch the night before, stick them in the fridge, and then toss them into my lunch bag and go. An easy and healthy breakfast option I like is overnight oats; it’s simple, and can easily be customized based on your dietary needs or preferences.

Sophie P.
I make sure I have the ingredients available; bread, granola, eggs. For busy mornings I rely on the quickest to prepare.

Mario C.
I make tea with heavy cream for breakfast. I do not like to eat in the morning, as at that time food is not enticing to me. I bring healthy light snacks to eat around 11 as a pre lunch snack, if i do get hungry before lunch time.

Louna O.
I've started too. In the beginning, it's all about convenience until I've made those habits stick. Right now, a banana and yogurt is my go to since I can just put them in a lunchbox the night before with no prep.

Arcelino S.
A precook bacon and scrambled eggs and I keep very low carb spinach wraps on hand, I also have shakes for super busy mornings

Holger Q.
Sometimes I meal prep. I boil eggs ahead of time as part of my meal prep. An apple and small containers of peanut butter are good to have on hand and as a last resort a protein bar.

Mi Cha Q.
Nope. I just have eggs and coffee. Or if it’s really late I take a hard boiled egg and eat it as soon as I get to work. So I guess I meal prep a little bit as I usually have hard boiled eggs ready.

Pero Y.
I don't meal prep breakfast since it doesn't take long to cook eggs. But I do make sure the kitchen is clean and ready to go the night before and that my lunch is prepped for the next day so I can focus on my morning only.

Rosa N.
Rice and yogurt and pickle. Keep rice at night, take it out in the morning from the rice cooker and mix curd and eat with pickle. It takes 30 minutes preparation and eating time altogether.

Dustin X.
I often do. Lunch should be whatever leftovers you had from dinner, when you know you’ll be busy at least. When I left for work at 6am every morning my wife would bake eggs in a muffin pan, one or two eggs per cup, then put it on an English muffin. And microwave it.

Isabete S.
I do not do this yet but plan to at some point. I know that it will make getting out of my house faster and reduce my stress. It also makes it more likely for me to follow through on my goals.

Nora U.
I just have yogurt banana and granola ready to rock most mornings. I burn that off pretty quick though so I usually follow it with a second breakfast

Karl Hans U.
I’ve been having my oatmeal mix for almost everyday for the last 10 years. I mix all ingredients in one of those protein shake tumblers. It takes me less than 10 min to add everything (around 10!different ingredients) and I can drink it while I get ready to leave. You can leave the oats with water or almond milk one night before in the fridge if you want a different consistency.

Michelle N.
I am an early riser and like to enjoy relaxed mornings. Breakfast is my top priority in the mornings, but I don't spend a lot of time on making it. I put oats and water on the stove and get on with my other tasks, come back in 5mins, slice some banana/add berries/a few chunks of dark chocolate, mix and enjoy!😍

Erlese I.
Overnight oatmeal w/berries or 1/2 banana & yogurt. Takes very little time/prep, fills me up, and gives me plenty of energy until lunchtime! Good luck! 🙂

Pat Y.
Yes, I meal-prep breakfasts for ALL my mornings since it’s always so busy. I’m not a very good cook, so I am currenty focused on one recipe called “Veggi-packed Breakfast Burritos.” This is my second week eating them and getting into the habit of meal-prepping. I highly recommend you meal-prep your breakfasts, especially if eating healthier is your goal.

Joel X.
Yes, I’ve started preparing my breakfast in advance because otherwise I just run out of time and neglect to eat. I’ve prepared a mix of flaxseed and almond meal with salt and cinnamon so that I only have to add water/milk and pre-portioned fruit and nuts. Literally ready in 2 minutes and super yummy!

Charlotte Z.
I usually make overnight oats or chia pudding. When I have a little bit more time in the morning I’ll make a smoothie w coconut water, frozen fruit, and greens and I’ll scramble an egg and have it w a slice of sourdough toast. Simple but filling

L O Z.
Overnight oats, or setting out the ingredients for oatmeal. Smoothie packets full of fruits and veggies to freeze and dump in.

Josilene O.
I often make overnight oatmeal in mason jars the night before and pair it with hard-boiled eggs that I prepare over the weekend. I also make a breakfast bento box with a hard-boiled egg, cheese, nuts, and grapes or berries. I always prep do that I can either eat right away or take breakfast to work with me in a pinch.

Engin T.
I have not been meal-prepping yet..I have a set breakfast that I make every morning. I use a little coconut oil in a cast iron skillet. I saute a cup of spinach and add 3 scrambled eggs and cook them together. I add a little salt and pepper and a dash of hot sauce 🙂 Add a black cup of coffee and it is perfect. The next thing I am going to try are the egg cups (made in a muffin pan) at the beginning of the week and warm them up each morning.

Phoebe P.
Hello there 🙂
I'm trying to make my life a little healthier so it's important to go see a nutritionist 1st if you want an expert to create an amazing meal plan for you. If you feel you're good on your own, I recommend eggs (they're my best friends).
My mornings are very messy so I prepare them the night before and heat them in the morning, if you have 5 minutes you can make them before leaving your house, you can add anything to them and they bring a loooot of energy, I promiss.
If you're not an egg fan have pre-cut fruits in your fridge and just grab some and add yogurt.
Also I meal prep all the meals for the day it just takes 10-15 minutes every night and it makes wonders to your day :D!!
Bon Appetit

Rolf Dieter U.
Yes, I like to make batches of egg and veggie bites in muffin cups, or as a large frittata. Portion them out for 4 days and freeze the rest for later in the week or another time. Add avocado fresh the day of and hot sauce and it's a complete fast meal. Alternatively, prep protein powder, chia and/or flax seeds, veggies and fruit for smoothies into baggies, add liquid and mix and go.

Oscar Y.
Yes. I do prepare my breakfast before I go to bed. One of my favorites go to recepie is avacado toast. I prepare the avacado spread at night. I crush half an avacado, add pink salt and leave it in the fridge. In the morning, I quickly toast my bread, put the spread on it and leave my house. This is one of the fastest healthy recipes I know. And if somebody I forget to prep, I just pick up some fruit such as an apple or a banana.

Julian O.
Gluten-free and dairy-free breakfast casserole with sausage, veggies, and eggs! A 9×13 pan makes 5 days worth of breakfast for two people!

Roberto Z.
I don't meal prep, I just get everything ready on a tray to save time going in and out of cupboards. The cereal is in the bowl, the tea bag is in the cup. If I'm having an egg I put it ready in a saucepan.

Barry U.
I prefer something light and easy and quick –

Myself , Vietnamese spring rolls, bowl of fruits(berries or melons) , a glass of almond milk

Kristin O.
During the winter, I like to meal prep oatmeal. You can even make a big batch in a crockpot and let it cook overnight.
In the spring and summer months, I’ll make smoothie freezer bags filled with individual portions of fruits and vegetables. That way all I need to do is blend them with yogurt or water in the morning.

Heidi N.
Yes, make some sandwiches or an baked egg. But I prefer some yogurt with nuts and raisins on bussy mornings. You could make yourself some breakfast the day before, from some diner leftovers. But I personally dislike eating a hot meal in the morning.

Sieglinde F.
Not really. I am of the mind that breakfast isn’t really a natural meal, so I don’t like to overdo it. I usually eat 2 fried eggs every morning before I take my vitamins. I will have 3 or some sausages if I’m a little more hungry.

Todd Z.
I have a very tight week schedule, so I choose the quickest way to an healthy breakfast. I have a coffee, with a little non sugary biscuit and a fruit. If I'm not in the mood for fruit, I eat almonds. Also, if I am in a rush, I take a banana with me and eat it on the train to work.

Lilou C.
I make vegetable toast with cold coffee . I prepare the ingredients a night before so that makes it consume less time to prepare it next morning .

Andr A Q.
I always make extra smoothies and freeze for busy days. I also make sure I have a loaf of whole grain bread in my office and some avocado and tomatoes. I can always toast the bread as it gets less fresh. Nothing beats avo on toast for breakfast!