How do you prepare breakfast on weekday mornings with a time constraint?

Jacob Q.
Sometimes I don’t eat breakfast on weekdays because I really don’t feel like it but I mostly just cook what I like it’s like fine sometimes we cook it it’s something I like to do a lot in that I wonder if I can be a chef one day so there’s your answer I am really don’t cook like that and I guess only an answer but it’s a lot of things to know what you need to know is that I don’t cook sometimes on the weekdays because I mostly don’t feel like it and I’m not hungry but how I cook it is Sometimes I make some oatmeal how are pancakes waffles or sausages with the fruit.
Victoire O.
Well, I go up from bed and drinking my water then I go out and ser what my fridge has to give me this morning and I just take what i feel for eating this morning. I usely take something simpel and fast, but still something that don't make me hungry fast.
Rylee U.
i get up way earlier than i need to and i workout. that’s what makes me eat a lot in the morning, providing me with more energy. i allow myself to have enough time to eat and enjoy my meal after my workout, and do little things to make my routine faster, like set out my clothes the night before. that way i have plenty of time to eat and can be refreshed with nutrition throughout the day. i have learned how not eating effects my body greatly, and
Mariana F.
I usually get my breakfast ready the night before. My weekday "quick" breakfast is usually a greek yogurt with some kind of fruit and granola mixed in. It's super fast, easy, and simple to put together the night before. You could also think out what you want for breakfast at night and then when you wake up you don't have to worry about finding food in a time crunch.
Enola T.
I don’t usually eat breakfast but these days I have started to well yk gain weight and actually try to have an appetite sooooo. I usually eat whatever I like. Big or small meal. As long as I eatttt
Maurice E.
I prefer to eat something on the go,, especially when I start work early mornings. Something like fruit or a protein bar with a box of orange juice will do me good.
Erkan Y.
I prepare something quick and easy. Like cereal and milk or oatmeal. A bagel with peanut butter and a glass of orange juice. Basically anything that doesn’t require cooking
Rebecca X.
I either prepare the breakfast the night before or choose something that’s easy to make, like yoghurt and muesli with fruit.