What do you do if people at home say “This is not a hotel, we cannot prepare a different variety of food for each individual. You have to eat what is available or go make something for yourself or go out and eat want you want.”?

Christy T.
Try to eat what you like of what it is available… If you don't like anything then learn to do it yourself… It is fun to cook and learn new recipes… I am a picky eater and everyone always had to cook something else for me, sometimes I didn't eat anything… Until I had to learn and cook for myself… Now I cook for people and found a new hobbie 🙂

Vanesa P.
Most of the time my family cooks healthy food, so I don't have any problem about it and when they cook something unhealthy I prepare something else for me or my grandmother prepare something else for me.

Aquiles Z.
I would say, "Okay, I’ll just eat what is served since you had trouble preparing it as well. The food at home is tasty though,"

Valentina Z.
It sounds like the person or people cooking don't have the time or energy to be making separate meals. The easiest answer is to cook for yourself and/or order premade food. You could also see if you can come to a compromise with the rest of your household: maybe you can participate in the meal planning/prep prep to help lighten the load of the person who usually cooks, and in return they will accommodate at least a few of your requests, like switching out a few ingredients to ones you prefer, or making a side dish to your tastes. However, if you are not able to make and/or buy all your own food and you cannot help with the cooking yourself, you could try to look for little adjustments you could make to the meals already being served. For example, if it's a question of taste, you could keep a few sauces or condiments you like and doctor your own portions.

This all becomes harder if the household is refusing to accommodate medical or religious dietary restrictions, like allergies, kashrut, halal, or veganism. In these cases, try to pick out the things that are safe for you to eat and keep a few convenience items you can prepare quickly to bulk out your meals (like canned goods, microwave packet rice, etc).

If all else fails, you can always live on potatoes and butter. (This is mostly a joke, but potatoes are incredibly nutrient-dense and are an excellent choice if you need a simple, cheap meal. It's even better if you can add a bit of fat like butter or olive oil.)

Juan F.
I simply make something for myself. But if your Mother rejses to Help you in your proses the you need to have a tal with her ok. Anyways thanks for writing to me i nedded that.

Ivana U.
Just start making your own food. It will help you become independent, and allow you to express yourself AND love yourself through the medium of food.