How long do you take in the morning to prepare and eat your breakfast?

Alan J.
5 to 10 minutes to prepare and 5 to 10 minutes to eat. Depends on what you prepare. You can also make some like overnight oats or chia pudding the day before

Alfred C.
I woke up on 5.00 am, praying then I laundry my clothes. I also prepared for breakfast on 5.30 am. I need to cleaned my house, swept and moped the floor. I showered on 6.00 am, prepared my clothes and brought my breakfast to thr car. I was n

Mathias Y.
I’d say it takes me around twenty minutes altogether. My breakfast is usually an egg on toast, with tomato, kale, avocado or some other type of veggie and a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt for protein (and dipping!). Eggs fry fast and I prep the rest while that’s happening. It’s always so delicious, so I tend to scarf it down, lol!

Carl F.
I typically make healthy spinach smoothies or healthy oatmeal. It takes 10 min to make the smoothie and about 30 to make the oatmeal.

Jean O.
If I make a smoothie it’s less than 5 minutes. If I cook an egg and some vegetables it might take 10 minutes at the most.

Lucien Z.
I usually prep my breakfast the night before (overnight oats, homemade granola bars) and take into work with me as I work early

Rodney Z.
During the week preparing breakfast usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes. On weekends, I usually spend up to an hour preparing everything.

Bella G.
Not long at all. I don't often have much time. I eat a granola bar on the way to class. Sometimes I have a cup of coffee.

Alex P.
It takes me about 10 mins. I don‘t have a super vomplicated breakfast. It‘s just a little bit of oatmeal with some honey, cinnamon and apple in it. And a cip of tea. That is essential

Edwin T.
Usually I prepare a homemade protein shake. Containing milk, eggs, bananas oatmeal and peanut butter. Mixing it all together takes about 3-4 minutes. Drink halve of the shake at home is about 5 minutes together with an apple that doesn’t need any preparation. Pack the rest on a thermos and drink it on my way to college.
(Pack some toothpaste and brush)

Dustin F.
I don't eat complicated breakfasts. I'm not over in my kitchen baking some six layer egg casserole. I like to have a cup of coffee, which takes maybe 5 minutes to make, some granola and yogurt, about 3 minutes to prepare, and maybe something a little more if I'm super hungry. I give myself around 20 minutes to prepare and eat. Maybe I should eat longer and have more, but for now this works for my busy schedule

Eddie G.
I take anywhere from aminute to grab carrot out of the garden, to 15 minutes to cook myself and hubby eggs. It depends on how much time I have before I need to leave for work!

Oscar G.
I am really bad at making sure I have breakfast so I have to make sure I have something quick and easy to grab even if I take it and eat at work.

Ronnie S.
About 15 minutes tops. Usually we try to prep at least part of it in advance, but mostly we just stick to things that are simple.

Jesse U.
I usually have a protein shake. So it takes less than 10 minutes to get the ingredients together to blend and ready to drink.

Erol T.
Not enough time. I have hard time in the mornings because my work day starts at seven so if I want anything healthy to eat for the day I have to prepare it the night before. Sometimes I get too lazy to even do that.

Arthur Z.
Well, it depends on what I’m doing that day, but if I have plenty of time. It takes about 30 minutes, I make myself eggs and

Regina B.
I take about 2 hours on Sunday to prepare all of my breakfasts so that I can just take them out of the fridge in the morning. I allow myself 30 minutes max to eat before I continue my routine. Hope this helps😊

Emily Z.
16 minutes and 49 seconds… you got to be joking.
It depends on what do I want to eat.
But of course I'm trying to prepare my breakfast as quickly as possible BUT I do not eat in a rush as I want to enjoy my food.
I would recommend the same.

Daria X.
I try to make it quick so usually around 10-20 minutes to prepare depending on what I'm eating and 10 minutes to eat. In total, 20-30 minutes for breakfast.

Jeannine E.
Atleast 1 to 1.5 hours because I make breakfast for my husband as well… So I make 2 different breakfasts for both of us

Maria P.
I usually prepare breakfast the night before. As I am preparing dinner, I whip something up for breakfast the next day.

Nicoline P.
A few minutes to prepare. I sit with my rabbit whilst he eats his breakfast and finish when he does. About 5ish minuets.

Robin G.
It takes quite some time. Sometimes I have to make breakfast instead of just putting random things together so I'm a bit lazier that way. Otherwise, I can just make a quick sandwich and have that.

Joshua Z.
I prepare breakfasts on my day off each week. Usually scrambled egg patties, ham, bacon or pepperoni slices topped with colby-jack or Muenster cheese on a whole wheat bagel if I can find them. I prep the frozen meats and cheese at once into individual size packs and then I grab a bagel , toast it, add cream cheese or butter and my frozen stuff gets microwaved. I assemble the meal and usually eat it quickly before I leave for work. I work 2nd shift in a busy factory and work 10-12 hours a day.

Tara U.
I make granola every few weeks and take some to work with me. In the morning I grab fruit and yoghurt to mix in and put it all together at work. Under 10 mins spent every morning