How can you increase your appetite in the morning? I never have any.

Pearl R.
Try drinking a fruit juice at first in the morning if it's available and eat early at night. Stop late night eating. Stop eating anything after 8 pm and then in the morning you will definitely stir up an appetite.
Erin P.
I have the same issue, and have found that it’s better to not fight a lack of appetite, but to work with it instead. I drink my breakfast. I keep my fridge stocked with protein drinks that I enjoy, and I keep bone broth on hand for cold mornings when I want something hot. I either toss a cup of bone broth in the microwave, or open a nice chocolate milk shake, and a healthy breakfast is achieved, no appetite required.
Ortrun C.
I used to have this same problem in the mornings. I would never feel like eating and would just end up forcing myself to eat so I wouldn’t be hungry later. After a while of making myself eat it became a part of my day that I absolutely needed. If you place the habit of eating into your morning it your appetite can grow until you are always hungry when you wake up.
Elma O.
Perhaps it's just a matter of your body getting used to it. If you've only been having two meals a day for a long time, perhaps your body has conditioned itself to take in less food. I'm no expert, but maybe you can try introducing breakfast to your body slowly by starting off just eating a little bit, like a handful of nuts or an apple and banana.