What do you recommend to have for breakfast before working out?

Tara P.
during exercise your body works and builds muscle while burning calories. eating protein helps repair the muscles so they aren't as sore after. drinking water helps keep you hydrated while you sweat and eating vegetables or fruits gives fiber and nutrients for your body to digest and absorb. a balanced breakfast before working out (for me)would consist of proteins like eggs and ham mixed with spinach and peppers in an omelette. or a lighter breakfast is a slice of toast or a bagel with butter/ cream cheese and a smoothie.

Kirune O.
I prefer a small, nutritious breakfast before a work-out. I also find it easier to stick to my meal plan when I make it convenient for myself. So at the beginning of the week, I saute enough vegetables with a bit of lean sausage, enough to fill 5-7 12-ounce glass jars. I store these in my fridge. After I'm out of bed, I'll open one, crack an egg into it, put the lid back on and shake it up the scramble the egg. Then I microwave it for 2-3 minutes, uncovered. It's quick and makes portion control a snap!

Mia C.
Before working out I recommend having something refreshing and fulfilling. Lemon water or a smoothie are a good choice for a drink! Then a light breakfast such as granola and yogurt or something with fruit to keep you going but not fill you up to the point where you can’t move. Make sure to have water while working out then you’re good!

Vitali X.
Something light but packed with nutrients and energy. I think fruit and nut and fruit bars are good but maybe protein pancakes.