How much should I eat in the morning?

Benedito Z.
It completely depends on where you are at!! Depending on how much you weigh, what your workout regime looks like, that will vary how much you should be eating.

Margarita O.
It depends on what you eat. If you are eating something lite maybe you should eat just a bit more to last till lunch. You should feel that you had breakfast but it is not to much. Eating to much at one sitting later takes more energy to digestive and you need that energy for other stuff.
So eat it is good for you. Food I mean. Just remember that you need to know your limits on food intake.

Rachel A.
Personally, I prefer something a little more filling that will tie me over until lunch. If I don't eat in the morning I become very hungry and will lose all direction and devour anything in sight. You should also make sure that your breakfast is not too greasy because it could upset an empty stomach.

Clifford Z.
As much as you feel suits your body I like a large breakfast as it keeps me full until later into the day and means I don't need to snack

Leroy U.
I think that when you want to eat from a bowl, the bowl should at least be half full for a good portion or cereal, porridge or yoghurt with fruit, whatever you usually like to eat from a bowl. I usually accompany it with either a cup of tea or glass of fruit juice. Better if it is a freshly squeezed fruit juice or centrifuged fruit and veg mix. In the case of a fruit & veg drink which is loaded with vitimins and minerals, I'd accompany it with a couple of dried crisp bread slices with a topping such as banana and honey. For me these are portions which are sufficient and will give you energy at least until midday.

Krin E.
My aim is to avoid feeling hungry too soon and also to avoid any feeling of heaviness from eating too much. I've found that a couple of slices of a local bakery's "Seeded Sourdough loaf" with boiled eggs as my main course works well for me. I try to start with some organic porridge oats which I simply cook in a little water. Occasionally I eat a whole orange or grapefruit, including some of the pith. You might have guessed that there is no milk or butter in any of this but that's only for allergy reasons. Anyway, it works well for me, but the choice of bread really makes a difference – all loaves are not created equal. Bon Appetit!

Tobias Z.
Its up to you actually. After drinking my water I take a shot of bitters(think this is my new winter habit) I wait a gud 20 mins before a high protien breakfast. Then I eat enough to fill my stomach.

Rose O.
To me the more the better. I usually do not eat too much calories at lunch because I work in a restaurant so that I only have a pasta dish. For breakfast I need 300/400 calories to cope with hunger later in the morning. Eggs, Greek yogurt, home made veg cakes, salmon and bread, soft cheese, fresh squeezed juice, porridge, fruit. This is a selection among my favorites.

Amelia S.
I don't know actually, some trial and error I think 😉 I just started with intermittent fasting, so I only eat after 11 or 12 o'clock.

Synn U.
Enough to feel filled. I don't think it is good to eat when Im not hungry, and usually that is the case in the mornings. If I know I can stay at home longer I know I can eat when I want and then it takes about 2-3 hours after I woke up before I want to eat.

Varlene P.
I've just started to have breakfast few days ago, and when I actually did this, it feels great. I had some eggs yesterday, and sweet potatoes the day before yesterday. I ate an egg and a dimsum this morning. How much should I eat? I don't really have a clear answer. But I guess time will tell.

Pascale R.
Depends on your body type to how much your body needs and how much you exercise. I'm slim with a fast metabolism and work out a lot so I have a bowl of porridge and a smoothie with 5 different fruits. I try to have 3 eggs too if I have time

Lindalva Z.
Everyone's situation and taste is different so my recipe may not be suitable. However, I believe choosing something simple with little prep will go a long way and help you to stick to it.

Sofi X.
Depending on what you need. Best advice I got is to look at what time you have in the morning and noon, how often you usually eat in the morning and adept after that. I'm not a morning person so a breakfast for me is usually an overnight oats, that I've prepared a day or so before, and a coffee. That usually makes me last a couple of hours until I can take a break and maybe eat an apple. I usually prefer to eat a bigger lunch and dinner. :))

Minster S.
I wouldn't know what kind of food to normally eat in the morning. But I recommend you eat something that will make you feel formidable n ready for your morning retreat. Hope I could help. With that please have a wonderful bless day.

Rich S.
Breakfast should avoid spiking your insuline levels, which often cause tiredness and even more hunger. Hence, avoid sugary foods or carby foots with little fiber. Eat a handful of protein, and two handfuls of vegetables.

Storm P.
You should eat a larger meal than dinner that includes mostly protein to keep you fueled throughout the morning. Restrict sugary fruits and drinks that can make you crash later!

Xainab N.
You should eat enough to stay energized. Every person I believe is different ergo every person has a different requirement of energy. Eat enough to feel happy and energized☺

Edmund F.
It's not so much about how much you eat, it's more about what you eat. Protein and natural carbs/sugar are the way to go. I just eat an egg or two and a piece of fruit. It requires little effort, but still sets a tone of mindful eating for the rest of the day.

Paul W.
I have been pushing off eating by a couple hours and just having a traditional bullet proof coffee when I get into the office.

Danica N.
You shoint eat too much at morning. You shoad at not an exprt at these. Im still young and going to shool.i think you shoad ask your paretns or adult you trust, if you are a kid or tennager.

Natalia C.
I eat not so much and tried to eat meal which prepared quickly. For me it’s Weetabix (kind of musli or oatmeal) with milk (mostly plant-based milk) and fruits or berries. And coffee.

Sherry S.
Nutrition is more important than mere quantity. However, breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day so I usually try to eat so that I feel 80% full. Good luck and hope you have a good morning!

Jeffery G.
If you don't eat breakfast at all, maybe you should start with small portions and as you feel comfortable with eating in the morning, you could increase more food – specially with fruits and nuts. Right now i'm eating oatmeals with raspeberries, passionfruits or bananas. I cook them in the begining of the week so it's easier for me to prepare a meal in the morning but I started this breakfast routine with just a quick milkshake.

Ezequiel F.
Enough to make you satisfied. Have some protein and healthy fat to sustain you for a few hours at least. Listen to your body and nourish it nicely. Eat to 80% and finish with a warm drink. Have a great day!