Do you prepare the night before? Sometimes my morning can get a bit stressful..

Frank F.
Hmm, not enough yet! This is something I'd like to grow. I know to keep a good solid meditation habit I should have a "place" to meditate. Have anything I find to be conductive to.meditation right there in that place, like a meditation cushion. I'll see that everyday and think yes!! That's the place I keep my good vibes! Rock on
Javier Y.
I usually prepare the night before because it is much more efficient for the following day. The only time I don't is when I'm really tired or if I forget.
Jacek W.
Yes, I do.. that help me to motivate for action. With Knowing that I have a great sandwich (in the fridge- for the beginning of the day), I could find the energy to go and work, or just get out of the bed… Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, awakening is bigger than it. Because of stress, depression, hopelessness etc I can do nothing for my goals and priorities. I can’t get out of the bed, and sleep and sleep and sleep over the average. Preparing sandwiches from the night before makes me feel ready for the rest of the day, it makes me feel like I’ve taken the first step for action, even though it’s small.. I hope I can explain enough to you. (I don’t know English very well 🙈)
Pamela U.
I must prepare the night before or I will struggle big time the next morning. I like to lay out my entire outfit and have my workout and meditation loaded up the night before so that I may wake up and just jump right in. My habit of keeping water at my bedside also helps!
Amanda E.
I do a general tidy
While putting washing up away, I leave the Breakfast items out
I ensure unform is readily available
Packed lunches are prepared as much as possible
Everything is accessible for the morning
Eric T.
I do, it helps me be more organised for the next day and relieves some stress when it comes to getting ready for the day ahead
Jerry Y.
yes, I really try to! My best days are those where I spend 30 minutes at the end of my workday wrapping up and listing out what I did that day and what I’m going to do the next. Also doing the same thing for my personal life. In the morning when I’m fresh and re-energized, I can then look at what my previous evening self wrote down secure in the knowledge that she knew exactly what she was talking about because she was there all day yesterday. LOL
When I am consistent in this habit, I find I do not wake up in the middle of the night with loose ends in my head that I can’t stop thinking about. It helps me stay better organized during the day so exerting the effort at the beginning of the end of the day doesn’t really take more time. I’m not gonna give up an extra hour of sleep to do this… I’m going to use this to make my waking hours more efficient
Nora U.
Yes, I do prepare the night before for my morning routines. Most of the times, I leave breakfast, lunch and my next day clothes ready to go, so when I wake up I don’t have to worry about that
Emil W.
I always pack my lunch the night before, put a glass of water by my bed, and set out any clothes I need to do exercise. Apart from that I’m terrible at planning ahead for the day, I should probably start packing my bag and planning clothes I’m going to wear
Katrina Q.
On a really early morning like today (needed to be somewhere by 5:30) I'll measure out 8 hours the night before so i can get good sleep and complete my routine before leaving. Yes that sometimes means ridiculous hours to sleep at, but that's what you sometimes have to do!
Andy C.
I prepare as much as I need to, one thing I do is have water bottles, so that I can just pick it up and go, other times I make sure that I have some type of plan, like I need a new toothbrush, so that I can exercise without thinking about it, it's difficult to always make time for everything, so I just try and incorporate it instead.
Bodo X.
Always prepare water in the evening. Additionally, overnight oats are great for when you need breakfast but have barely any time to make it in the morning.
Gast O N.
Sometimes. I always set water on my bedside. Laying out my clothing happens if I'm not overly tired when I get home in the evening.
Brennan U.
Best way to prepare is to sleep earlier! Eventually you’ll wake up earlier and have more time for yourself in the morning. Hang in there buddy.

I found that reading all of the letters and doing the exercises provided by Fabulous end up rewiring your mindset to prioritize personal development until it comes naturally.

Daryl Q.
The suggestions of this Fabulous app have yielded improvement thus far. I prepare my water for my morning, sleeping with gratitude, and try not to dread exercising.
Adam Z.
I try to prepare the night before if I'm not too tired. I will get my face stuff ready to use and I will start thinking about what time I want to have my first meal
Villads U.
Hey! I almost every night prepare for the next day. Not everyday I wake up and have to leave home quickly, but when I do, I try to leave as many things ready as possible. I like to enjoy having a good breakfast, so in that way I don't have to do so many things that enable me to do it!
Ellen Z.
Not really. My mornings are stressful because of the kids. The only way to change that is to put them to bed earlier but it doesn’t work so far.
Debbie T.
I try my best to prepare for the next day in order to focus more on building healthy habits than I’m getting ready for the day.
Getting ready should be the finishing touch on a morning, not take up the whole thing.
Timothe Q.
I try to prepare as much as I can the day before, or on the weekend as much as I can for the week. Everything goes much more smoothly when I put in a little extra effort even when I don’t feel like it. I just tell myself if I don’t make breakfast tonight, I’ll have to rush or eat something unhealthy in the morning and then I won’t be as centered or feel as good etc. so thinking about how whatever I’m prepping will make my life way better helps motivate me
Sara C.
Yes! It helps with a lot of things. It gives less "reasons" to make excuses (if that bag or breakfast or water bottle are already prepped for the morning, then no reason to not go to the gym or eat breakfast or drink water). Plus, it makes the morning less stressful. You know where things are (keys, wallet, phone), which makes the morning run more smoothly, and it gives you more time for the important things like exercise or eating mindfully. For a nice additional perk, your day starts off right because you're not rushing to find or fix whatever right before you head out the door.
Rosemary E.
I always do my best to be prepared for the next day and to have my ind set and focused on what I need to do. For me that usually helps me the most, as long as my day starts off and goes a planned. If my morning routine gets thrown out of wack, it can take affect on my day because I begin the day with a loosi
Marie Z.
For sure. Whenever I first wake up I feel lost so as you can imagine getting prepared for work can be a struggle. So because of that I try to make sure I have my water beside me when I wake up and an idea of what I want to eat so I don’t have to scramble and rush around which only causes stress!
Janu Ria Z.
Most of the time I prepare the night before. On some rare occasions I have gotten the water first thing when I wake up.
Leon T.
I don’t always, but I do noticed that when I have prepped the night before, it makes my morning much better and more calm.
Luke U.
Yes! Prep is key! Whether you’re making instant oats, a breakfast burrito, or even cereal, pull out all bowls, pans, cookers and ingredients the night before to feel less stressed for time and more willing to actually make breakfast. If you find that making eggs in the morning is too time consuming or stressful, overnight oats, peanut butter toast, cereal or even a frozen breakfast sandwich popped in the microwave is the way to go! Don’t shame yourself because it’s not something like a “egg white and spinach omelet with sides of fruit and fresh squeezed juice”. If you’re not someone who usually eats breakfast or has time for it, start with eating SOMETHING in the morning to give you some energy and kickstart your metabolism. Something is usually better than nothing, and it’s about taking small steps and celebrating those small habit changes!
Oscar C.
I don't prepare the night before enough in the summer. And I could do better with preparing the night before while Im in school too, by laying out my outfit for the next day before I go to bed and being more proactive about homework. I could start laying out my outfits the night before during the summer as well and just come up with a to do list for my days in the summer.
Jennifer U.
I at least make a mental list of stuff I need to do, what I want to wear, what I might pack for lunch the next morning. I don't have kids though, I think that's where you need to get as much in place the night before as you can, since kids can be an uncontrollable variable. Most nights though, I read through my to do list and work calendar, because it's easy when I'm away from work to forget what's going on there. And I'll pre make stuff like hardboiled eggs to grab the next day.
Monica J.
Yes because then you don’t have to make breakfast, get dressed, pack up without making it up as you go and there is a lower chance of forgetting things
Heather J.
Yes, I often start my breakfast by putting a smoothie together and putting it in the freezer. I frequently pack my lunch and sometimes I pick up my clothes
Harry U.
As I’m lying in bed at the end of that day, I mentally walk through every moment of my upcoming morning and plan for all of it, down the to exact order I will complete task, exactly what I will wear and make for myself, and how long I will spend on each task. This both helps me prepare to have a productive morning, and it helps me fall asleep!
Ernest X.
I know I'm terrible in the morning's so I prepare as much as possible the night before. In my view the less decisions to make in the morning the better!
I decide and spread out the days clothes, prepare a lunch if I need one the following day, do as much as possible prep for breakfast, make sure the house is uncluttered as waking up to a clean and uncluttered environment is so pleasing, and anything else I can do to ease the morning.
Everybody's morning is different but giving yourself a headstart by doing as much the night before makes sense.
Also there have been a few research papers (sorry don't have any links but you can use the 'researcher app to find the peer reviewed papers ) that claim hand writing the following days objectives or things that have to be done let's your brain forget about them and helps with sleep quality.
Erika U.
what I do to prepare the night before is set my alarm to give me enough time to do my morning routine before my schedule for the day starts.
Philip W.
Most the time, no I don’t. I wish I had more discipline to do so.
It would definitely make the next day go better. Like picking out clothes, meal prepping, etc.
Charlotte C.
Not much, I’ve been eating overnight oats for breakfast lately so I have to prepare that the night before, but other than that I have plenty of time in the morning to get things done.
Carter C.
Well, I wish to prepare the night before. But, I decide on the same day which definitely get my other tasks delayed.
S L Na E.
Well sometimes I Prepare the night before and others I wake up stressed and short time to go work then I like to go with bottle water
Ma Va Z.
Yes i do. Its actually a really good think you know
For example, before i go to bed i put my water bottle (which i drink in the morning from) and that way i can wake up to a fresh inspiring morning. Or if i choose my clothes for the next day and perfectly fold it by the closet, the next day i wake up and just slip it on me, instead of waisting my time on such meaningless part of my morning routine.
David C.
Yes, I try to prepare the night before, so that my day is more or less planned out, of course with a bit of leeway. But that way I know what to do in the morning without thinking about it.
Armando N.
I am currently fasting for the morning so I usually skip breakfast but I do put water on the night stand for the morning.
Isabella U.
Hello dear fabulous user. My mom has always thought me to get all my things together the night before so I could just do other things in the morning and leave the house fore the day. She is always right but I really haven't done that as often. Sometimes I do prepare if it is a big event or something important for the next day. But my daily routine is always the same so I already know a night before what I need to pick up in the morning for the day. Hope this answer helps you reflect. As I can see you meat be a really busy or u priorities a lot of things in your life so practice setting stuffs the bight before so you can be relaxed in the morning.
Danny O.
Yes. I often do get ready the night before. meal planning, what i and my daughter will wear outing all kinds of things. It keeps me from forgetting anything and stay calmer.
Nina Q.
No I don't. I'd like to start my bedtime routine around 10. Be off my phone, make my to do list for the next day, pick out my outfit, etc.
Elfie F.
I haven’t been able to prepare my day the night before. I could, but i am just not motivated enough. And most definitely, in some mornings I feel cramped and stressed out. Which results in me overreacting to little things and become emotional.
Thies X.
My morning is always in a hurry. So I do prepare the night before. It allows me to organize my stuff while still calm and not in a hurry.
Ary A.
I always lay out my clothes the night before, prepare breakfast and lunch so when I get up I am as ready as I can be to achieve what I need to.
J Lio Z.
Yes, it helps me save time the next day and gets me started without any hassles cause I'm prepared with all the things I need for the day.
Matthew E.
Yes, I always do. I always like to prepare what I know will be required of me in the morning. So I try to take care and prepare before bed to avoid feeling rushed in the morning. Slow and stress free mornings are so important to me, and are an indicator of how my day will play out. So of course I want to make it as easy on myself, and in turn, those I encounter throughout the day, to have a wonderful and bright start to my mornings! 🌞
Luiziane F.
Yes- I have a “morning checklist” as a custom habit at the beginning of my evening routine. I set up my coffee maker, put out my plate & utensils for breakfast, check that I have all my breakfast ingredients together at the front of my fridge, fill my water bottle, pick out my clothes, & pack my bag. It helps my morning to flow a lot smoother, & I’m less likely to forget things.
Denise G.
yup mine is too but if you prepare a good place for sleep you’ll sleep well and wake up easily. so try to be prepared for a gooooood moorninngg
Wayne E.
I do prepare for my morning. I know what I will wear and what I want to eat as it makes my morning flow a whole lot easier.
Lia Q.
Hello! Yes, I do. If I plan to do something exercise in the morning I put my yoga clothes on top of everything else so I can see it first thing when I wake up.
Mia J.
Yes, I have a 2 litre bottle and a glass at my nightstand. I fill my glass everynight. My breakfast is routine and I usually have 2 slices of bread and a piece of white cheese with either cucumbers or tomatos. I then make the bed and brush my teeth.
Norah G.
No, I don't. I just started preparing water for the next morning but I don't do anything else. I always do everything in the morning as I did for nearly my whole life. I used to wake up Monday-Friday at 6:30am to go to school and I would do everything in just one hour. Now, I have not stable schedule to even think of preparing anything.
Alberte W.
Did not prepare the night before (except for getting exercise or meditation gear out). Might read or listen to presentation on new thing to mentally gear up.

But now thinking, if your mornings can feel overwhelming, it might be better to re-strategize how much and what you take on. I took on a second challenge. Then woke up this morning and Fabulous had assigned me one of their, well, assigned challenges. Now I'm feeling underwater and will put the more demanding optional challenge, which I really wanted to do, on hold.

At the same time I'm going to delete some habits because all together, combined, they've become overwhelming. Not necessarily in the future, but at the stage I'm at now.

Preparing the night before is a great idea. My problem though is being more realistic about how much I can take on and handle.

Jon J.
Yes I do prepare the night before. Mornings can be very stressful and prepare the night before makes me more focused and calm when I wake up,
Noah E.
yes, I try to always prepare my morning at night before such as a bottle of water, alarm and some sticky notes for workong tomorrow
Chantal S.
Sometimes I try to prepare the week at Sunday night to visualize the general structure of the next week and avoid surprises. Also I have one our in the mornings to review, organize and response to urgent things.
Konstanze F.
I do prepare for the next morning each night because it keeps me straight on what I need to do and what I want to do. It also gives me an opportunity to go ahead and make an agenda for the next morning. If I don’t end up preparing, then I’m know I will have a wild morning. 😅
Silje N.
No I don't usually prepare the night before as I have started this journey while I am on university holidays. When I get back to uni in 2 weeks I will probably have to start preparing the night before as I will be having to get ready and do my morning routine before class at either 8am or 9am. I will most likely have to make sure my water bottle is full and in the fridge before I go to bed. I will also have to plan what I am having for breakfast and make sure I have everything I need.
Leonard Y.
I try to prepare everything I need in the morning, since it takes awhile for my brain to become fully alert in the AM. I've learned by doing this, I can make myorning more automatic and no decisions are necessary to be made! But everything I do does contribute to the success of the rest of my day.
Liesel F.
In the mornings because I have enough time to do so. However, I believe it is more efficient to prepare in the evening and I this way one avoids unnecessary rushing in the morning.
Soan T.
Occasionally I will, but I’m usually really tired after my workouts (I workout in the late evening) but I get the stressful morning thing! I’m usually out the door by no later than 6 AM for work and I like my sleep haha but I have a really flexible work schedule so if I think about it, I’ll prep the afternoon/night before. But I don’t about 3 days out of my 5 day work week.
Anne Katrin W.
I don’t often prepare for the next day, but I do think about what I have the next day and check my planner. I would like to get in the habit of actually preparing for the week or even the next day.