What’s your best breakfast to keep you energetic until lunch?

June E.
It's difficult to say, since I'm still trying to find a healthy breakfast to keep me energized, but I would maybe say either oatmeal or a homemade egg McMuffin. Avocado toast also works well.

Mareile Y.
Breakfast that will keep you full until noon will probably be based on legumes, but a cup of coffee with it will both keep me fit and full.

Sima N.
My favorite breakfast which makes me feel energetic is oatmeal with peanut butter and milk. It also tastes good and i can enjoy it every morning. A cup of coffee is a great accompaniment for it.

Filippa Z.
Probably a light component and a source of protein, like eggs/beans and toast. A bagel and some cheese is quite filling too.

Erc Lia C.
Nothing. I am a big foodie according to my eating habits. I don't have any routine about my eatings. I just eat whenever I'm hungry