Are pancakes filling for a breakfast and do you have a recipe?

Daryl O.
Pancakes are filling. And of course I do I am a chef. But always look back at a recipe to make sure I donโ€™t forget anything. As I am a forgetful person.
Pearl F.
Pancakes made of flour are not the best option for a breakfast, but I do have a recipe for healthy pancakes made only from an egg and a banana.
Susanna O.
Pancakes can be very filling, but if you are going to have a pancake try to use a healthier recipe and not use unhealthy syrups.
Subby O.
Yes, pancakes are filling and there are many types of different pancakes out there u can try, some are very flat and light and some are fluffy and rise like cake both are tasty and check on you tube for some recipe ideas, have a great breakfast! ๐Ÿ˜€ !!!
Jesus F.
Pancake will be filling for a breakfast for that time but the syrup is a lot of sugar so that will decrease your energy . If you follow along on a pancake mix bag it has one.
Lin N.
Traditional pancakes do not have a lot of protein in them and once they are topped with syrup they are not a good choice for breakfast at all. The refined carbs will leave you hungry very early on. If I eat pancakes I eat the Kodiak cakes and I make them using eggs and milk. Then instead of syrup I opt for nut butter and a banana on top
Pierre E.
Personally, my favorite pancakes are banana and oats, find those the most filling and guilt free as well. Smash 1 banana, add a cup of oats and 2 eggs. Miss all together and cook it in a bit of olive oil. Sometimes I like to add blueberries too.
Jacqueline F.
They are: I could suggest the Indian pancake ( dosa or uttapam) which can be made with various cereals and is a savory breakfast
Flenn J.
Yes. Yes they are filling. And there are tons of great recipes online. However, I don't think it's a good idea. The kind of sugars they have won't help you achieve what you want.
Kristin W.
Pancakes can fill for a breakfast, it depends of the recipe! There are many types of pancakes. You might take a look on internet.
Marilyn C.
Pancakes are not filling if you don't have the right recipe so try to find a pancake recipe with a health benefits and I do not have a recipe sorry
K Thi F.
Hi, I think Pancakes are filling for a breakfast, but I am not a fan of sugar and sweets, that's for sorry I don't know any recipe for it