Are there any types of cookies that are healthy for breakfast?

Dominika N.
Of course. There are, for example, these cereal cookies which can be served with fruits. They are very tasty and nutritious e

Daniel P.
Oatmeal cookies are a great idea for breakfast, maybe adding some raisins to them might give them some pop of flavour, or held together with natural honey, or why not both? As long as it’s fruits and nuts being added you are well on your way to finding some good healthy breakfast cookies! I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the cookies! 😁

Talua P.
Yes many there are oat cookies which are a great cookie to fill you up and keep you going or even nut cookie and protein cookies just do a bit of research on recipes and you’ll be set👍🏼

Jess N.
Cookies really aren’t healthy for breakfast…. But if you REALLY need to, once in a while is okay (in my head), so long as you balance out the rest of your meals and eat something with the cookies, like peanut butter toast (protein in the pb).

Ana Y.
there are many types of cookies that are healthy for breakfast. the best are the one without butter and too much sugar, and it is better if they contain cereals or fruit

Raz Q.
Yesss!!! Oatmeal cookies are the best to start the day! Yoi can add banana and nuts yoi can also add an apple and a little of dark chocolate

Ann Z.
There are cookies that I make on Keto. They are healthier and contain honey, peanut butter and Stevia for sweetener, never sugar.

Karl Heinz O.
Immagino di si, ci sono i biscotti integrali,quelli con… Ok non lo so ma cmq si. In generale la maggior parte dei biscotti fa bene dipende poi dalla quantità

Connie Z.
I usually suggest eating cookies which are high in fibre as that will energise you for the day. A vegan, gluten free and sugar free cookie paired with a protein and a fruit is ideal for a great cookie breakfast with less guilt.