What tasty breakfast is easy to prepare with lots of protein and veg?

Giovani Q.
I personally eat overnight oats for breakfast. It includes chia seeds, flaxseeds, yogurt, almond milk, almonds, walnuts, honey and fruits. So its really superfood and super yummy.
Samuel Y.
Organic eggs from cage free chickens with a teaspoon of organic butter or avocado oil. You can make it scrambled or just fried, it is the same about healthy. Spinach as a vegetable, because it has proteins, and finally, a good handmade hamburger.
Mae Q.
Eggs are high in protein. Pair it with a Breakfast Salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and scallions on a bed of Spring Greens, topped with Peach Slices and Blueberries. A Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing is a good dressing choice. You can also add the eggs to the salad if you just want one easy entree. You can also make the salad up the night before if your mornings are rushed for time. This is one of my favorites.
Marten X.
I make boiled eggs in advance and then pair it with whatever fruit I have bought that week such as grapes or oranges or apples. I routinely eat a large salad for lunch instead of having to eat vegetables in the morning. That is just a personal preference.
Antoinette U.
I always go for a smoothie. It’s easy to make, you just prepare all of the ingredients a day before and then drop them all in a blender and bam! Health 💪🏻
K Vim Z.
I enjoy oatmeal and peanut butter shake. I put a cup of oatmeal on my blender as well as one spoon of peanuts butter. Than I add a banana and an egg. Also I like to add cocoa just a little bit. And finally almond milk. It keeps me full for the entire morning until lunch time. And I usually eat kind of late maybe till 3pm.
Eberardo N.
Health drink and fruits are a great choice for vegetarian people but if you're nonveg then egg and fruits are a good choice
Luca E.
Breakfast dishes with eggs as the main ingredient are the easiest and provide lots of options. Eggs are hearty and filling and taste great on their own or with add ins such as veggies and cheese.
Willie E.
You should try the chia pudding. It's made overnight and is super easy. You put 3-4 tbs of chia seeds and 1 cup of vegan milk (I prefer the soy milk) in a ball or a jar and put in the fridge overnight. You can add some coconut pieces or chocolate chip and bananas or some berries.
Silke P.
Spanish omelette: two eggs loads of veggies like tomato, onions, peppers. I cook it in the microwave to cut on cooking oil.
Debra F.
There are lots of great online recipes for eggs prepared in a muffin tin. Basically, just prepare raw eggs like you would for scrabbled eggs.Add your fav vegs to individual muffin cups and pour the raw egg into the cup on top of eggs. I believe you bake for about 10 mins on 350. You can freeze them to last longer. Or put in the frig and have 1-2 in the morning for breakfast! Just reheat for 30 secs in the microwave
Lino F.
You’re breakfast doesn’t necessarily need to be a whole meal. It also doesn’t har to be a ”breakfast” food. You can make a fruit and vegetable smoothie to go along with eggs and meat. Nuts are also a good source of protein. Get creative!
Jesse E.
Baked egg in avocado!

1/ oven to 180C.
2/ halve an avocado and remove the stone.
3/ crack an egg into one hand above the sink. Wiggle your fingers until you only have the yolk left.
4/ pop the yolk into the avocado hole.
5/ same again for the second half.
6/ a bit of salt and (optionally) chilli flakes on each half.
7/ bake on a baking sheet for 5 min, eat immediately.

No mess, and takes about 6 mins.

Roxane F.
Frozen spinach sautéed with eggs and salsa is one of my quick faves! Also chocolate protein powder with blueberries and frozen spinach in the blender is great too!
Elizabeth W.
Eggs with spinach, avocado and tomatoes on the side. I also like to fry some asparagus and I put some Garlic and chilli through the scrambled eggs.
Michelle Z.
Omelette is a great breakfast which is very easy to prepare and can contain any vegetables you have on hand. Another awesome breakfast is oatmeal with fruit and yoghurt. You can add extra protein powder if you want a protein kick but this will only be necessary if you're training really hard. Oatmeal will keep you full until lunchtime even if you don't add protein powder.
Nino T.
My husband prepared a quinoa salad last night with bell peppers, onion, cucumber, garbanzo beans, and black beans. This is such a versatile dish! We had it for dinner last night with avocado and lime juice, as well as for breakfast this morning with an egg on top. You could add any seasoning or sauce to add some flavor and the only prep is cooking the quinoa and chopping the veggies.
Marjorie T.
Eggs, salmon and tomatoes. Put in bowl, seasoning it and put it in the micro for 3 min. Perfect scrambled eggs and no oil
Arron E.
Smoothie or omelet are the things that come to mind. You could prep the vegetables beforehand… night before or something.
Jeremy Z.
Eggs, quinoa, and spinach. I like to cook extra quinoa with dinner so there are leftovers. Then I fry the eggs and then fully wilt the spinach (huge pile of fresh spinach in the pan with a few tablespoons of water and some spices to taste. I cook it til it's a tiny pile that can be eaten in like 3 bites).
Liselotte O.
I have 2 options depending on what is in the fridge and how much time I have. The basic option is a piece of toast with avocado fresh tomato and a fried egg on top.
If you have some kale, you can fry that off in the pan with a little butter before you put the egg in. It makes it a little easier to digest. If you want to go even further, when I have time I make my own baked beans, great for protein. That combined with the kale is amazing because it has some good iron in it too.
Amalie C.
I love making a smoothie with spinach, kale, mango, banana and oat milk! It’s so easy to prepare, is incredibly healthy and rich in vitamins, and is so yummy!
Joshua T.
Kale and strawberry shake with almond milk and half a banana. Takes some time to get used to but is pretty good once you adjust to it.
Haraldo G.
my go to breakfast with lots of protein and veggies is getting a vegan or vegetarian burger patty cooking and then putting a fried egg on top of it.
Salvador Q.
Lightly pan fry some peppers in 1tbsp of avocado oil (I do half a red pepper and half a yellow) and kale crack two eggs and add a little salt pepper (salsa and/or hot sauce optional) and you’ve got yourself an omelette! From start to finish it takes like 8 minutes to make. Depending obv you’re dietary restrictions and recommended daily caloric intake you can choose to add a protein like turkey bacon. Have a green tea and water instead of coffee and on your way to work have an apple. May you reach your goals and return the same care and energy to another as i gave to you❤️❤️!!!!
Anita E.
I like to have scrambled egg whites with spinach and Mexican blend shredded cheese, 2 slices of multi grain bread, and a cup of orange juice.

If you’d like to know how much of each:

3/4 cup of egg whites, or 2 large eggs and 1/4 cup of egg whites.
1 cup of spinach (30 grams).
1 oz of shredded cheese.
2 slices of bread.
8 oz of orange juice.

Buy everything organic if you can.

Enjoy! 🙂

Mathieu E.
Eggs are always a good shout for that morning protein fix, try them with greens like spinach / lake / broccoli / asparagus