I’m eating quick oatmeal each morning and adding a solid handful of raisins, cranberry and nuts to it. I usually have two small packs or oatmeal. I find that if I eat this within the first hour of being awake plus two coffees with no sugar I’m good for a couple hours. Do you think that’s too much food? Also what cereals do you like for good fibre & Low sugar? How many eggs should I eat in a week? (Boiled).

Milka F.
if it makes you feel good you shouldnt worry about it. eat whatever makes u feel good 🙂
personally, i dont eat cereals or oats because im sensitive to gluten… but eggs are definetly a good option to start your day with the cleanest protein <3

Eloise N.
I don’t think that’s too much food if you’re feeling satisfied until lunch time. If you find it’s leaving you feeling heavy and bloated, then I would recommend cutting it back a bit.. but to me that sounds like a really great breakfast to get you through the morning. I personally don’t eat cereal but I do eat muesli occasionally and I would usually opt for a muesli with no fried fruits in it or flavours like vanilla and caramel as they often have a lot of hidden sugars. Instead I go for a nutty based muesli and add my own honey and fruit so I can control the portions of sugar I’m having. Finally, for me personally I have always eaten a maximum of two eggs per day but eggs are such a great source of protein that I think you should eat what you feel your body needs. Also depends on your level of activity, age etc 😊 hope this helps!

Patr Cio I.
Those are all good questions but to answer your questions I would need more information like how active you are and your goals

Ralph N.
I think the oatmeal and handful of raisins and other items you put in is a good breakfast but with the two extra coffee isn’t it’s too mouth caffeine and too much just for the morning. Cereals I like with good fiber and low sugar is Honey Nut Cheerios or honey bunches of oats. I think you can eat 14 eggs at the highest and two the lowest but in between these number is a good amount.

Meinolf G.
I dont think so, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and how much you eat in the morning is how much you gonna have of energy

Meeika N.
I’m keeping myself in small about half of what I used to eatportions like a handle of nuts or fruit or a nutritional shake

Ris Z.
I normally eat oat too but I alternate with rye bread or rice cookies. With that I drink with coffee (1cup) or fruit juice (only fruit and water). I stay almost half of the day good and I even don’t have my lunch because I’m good with that. About the eggs, eat 2 boiled eggs in alternative days, your fount of protein don’t need to necessarily be the same. You can exchange with cheese or avocado or ham.

Anick Q.
It’s not too much but you will have to find what works for you if you think you are gaining weight do some exercise remember good is your friend

Hilda W.
First thing eating in the first hour of your day is not so good for your health you first need to drink a full cup of water then exercise or yoga or do some simple stretches ….etc.Second thing that 2 coffees is so bad for your health you only need one and if you still feel sleepy or tired try sleeping for 8 hours and don't drink water before sleeping for at least half an hour so you don't have to wake up in the middle of the night.
Last thing is that oatmeal is good and this not too much food so don't worry but cereal is not a so healthy breakfast because it have sugar and sugar can make energized for couple of hours but in the middle of your day you'll find your self so tired and sleepy so continue on eating oatmeal and don't worry two small packs are not a lot and have a nice day.

Rtr V.
I don't think it's too much food as long as your body can take it and it makes you feel comfortable. I like oat & wheat for fibre. Many are wishing to be you, believe me.

Lynn N.
I think you should listen to your body. Are you extremely full? Cut down on your breakfast. Satisfied? Good. Then you can eat lunch after a few hours!

Jordan O.
I don’t think it’s too much food, I actually love coffee but I drink tea sometimes. Honey bunches of oat is the only cereal I eat (idk if u call the cereal), I can’t remember the last time I had boiled eggs

Brooke Y.
That sounds really healthy. I to have 2 coffees but with raw sugar in it so it's abit better than white sugar. I don't think that's to much at all as breakfast is the most important meal of the day 😃 I would like to start having cereal n introducing some fruit into my breakfast. I usually have vegemite on toast or english muffins with ham cheese and turkey. I like dry foods more and I think maybe cutting back to 1 coffee and replacing the other 1 with juice.

Adam W.
Eating oatmeal is a great way to start the day and is also a healthy meal,the nuts and cranberries makes it more nutritional but I'm not so sure about the two cups of coffee.
For cereals,I usually have cornflakes,or weatabix and sometimes porridge, for breakfast.

Karin I.
I think that i can’t really tell you how much is enough to eat. If it works for you than it’s okay you should eat as much as your body needs. It’s different for everybody. Hope this helps:)))

Rodney P.
Well I think instead of having oatmeal every morning you you find some new recipes and extend your variety of foods and two coffee I wouldn't recommend as its not very healthy for you I suggest having eggs maybe twice a week as your body can slowly get sick of them and to awnser your question of too much food as long as you eat to an amount that fills you, you will be absolutely fine

Claire Z.
That sounds like a delicious breakfast! I would add a banana and a splash of milk. It sounds like a normal portion. But I would recommend to not categorize your food as too much. You should eat until satisfied, thats all. Circle K fitness is a good cereal. And eat how many eggs you want!

Rose P.
hey there 🙂 well first of all i do not think that thats too much food. I love overnight oats with a good amount of fruit and a nice cup of tea in the morning. I love oats bc of their high amount of fibre, other than that I always use recepies from this youtuber called pamela reif lol. She has good tips on that on her app imo. I'm not sure about the eggs tbh. I'm vegan :/ But i do try to put protein in every food so maybe 1 egg a day?

Janelle X.
I think that sounds like a wonderful high fiber low sugar breakfast. I think you’re making some great choices by adding apple, raisins and nuts. Remember if you’re feeling like I want a change it’s totally fine to switch up your seasonings. Such as some cinnamon or apple pie spice! Also, a switch in the fruit and nut arena will help keep things exciting. Even switching during different seasons helps. I love a few fresh berries in oatmeal during the summer. Mmm. Also, hard boiled eggs are such a great source of low fat, high protein snack! More than one for a meal with a healthy carb and some veggies is a great balance. I would eat maybe 2/3 a day and skip a day if u want so you don’t get burned out. If you wanna change it up I’ve seen some great ideas for using hard boiled eggs and avocado on toast! I hope you do great on your journey with food! I’m rooting for ya!

Teleah U.
Hi, great to hear you’ve got a good routine, but yes that seems like too much food. Try to add less dried fruit and only have one packet. I have oats that are just as quick but they’re not the “quick oats” and they don’t already contain sugar and milk powders. It’s called monster oats, I’d recommend giving them a try if you can get them (buy online). Cereals that are great for fibre would be muesli, all bran or even sultana bran.
The recommended amount of eggs to have in a week is no more than 6 due to their cholesterol content.
Good luck, hope this helps!

Eve Q.
That’s not too much food for me, i usually do a similar breakfast, i’ll go with some milk with cereal (usually one with drayed fruit) or some protein pancake and coffe witouth sugar, for the eggs i use them not often, like once every 2 days trying to balance every meal with every food

Silje W.
I personally consoder that a pack of oatmeal sprinkled with some cranberries, raisins won’t harm you. I think that four eggs a week are perfect for maintaining a good breakfast

Mehdi C.
It is dependent on you and your lifestyle, I usually eat less. And insted of coffee at the morning I prefer to drink orange juice or sometime black tea.

Richard Z.
I think that it depends on your own body, some people require a large breakfast to start their day well, some others just need a small banana or a coffee. Proper breakfast needs to keep you full for hours until your next meal, lunch, so if your breakfast is doing that for you then you're on the right track. As for cereals, I tend to steer clear from them as my local brands are high in sugar and artificial sweeteners. When I'm in the mood for cereals, I tend to have granola or muesli instead

Ronnie N.
I definitely don’t think that’s too much food it sounds very wonderful for breakfast honestly. There’s no sugar in the coffee so that’ll be basically nothing and then your oatmeal will be hearty.

O Neil E.
You can never go wrong with a bowl of oats, I personally prefer the rolled oats that need to be cooked, and I would limit myself to one cup of coffee or tea with lots of water, any fruit combinations with the oatmeal is great… I personally don’t eat eggs because I am vegan, but yes eating 2 egg whites or 1 whole egg with your oatmeal is a good amount to start your day…. Cheers!

Stratos A.
Personally, I realized that what we say in Greece, makes sense. We say "eat breakfast like a king, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy".

Having this in mind, I switched breakfast with dinner. So, for breakfast I have something really rich, eggs, toast, bacon, salads etc and for dinner I will eat a bowl of milk with Weetabix and perhaps some honey. Replacing honey with raisins though or dates is a good idea!

Now, eggs? Depends on the diet you're following. It you do keto, it's ~2 eggs daily. Otherwise, 4-6 eggs per week I believe it's ok. 🙂

Diamanthea C.
I'm not a fan of big breakfast, but this is really really personal. The first tip is to use a scale, because dried fruits for example are a good choice but they do have a huge calories amount. Keep track of your portions, especially with food like nuts. What less dried fruits and more fresh ones? Try adding some banana in your meal instead. I can reply just in general, because for more precision I should need more info about you, your current diet and workouts. Don't esitate to contact me again! ♡

Emily E.
I think that oatmeal is delicious and it’s so good for you,I would recommend not to drink coffee as soon as you wake up because it drains you for the rest of the day so I suggest lemon water with ice because it give you a mood boost,keep you refreshed and energise you for the day,boiled egg is very good and healthy so I recommend for a balance maybe 3 times a week

R U.
Daily you should eat atleast two eggs. Coming to breakfast that's not so much food but u should take one cup of coffee I think . I think it's helpful.

Alfred O.
No I don’t think that’s to much food but it will kinda depend on your age you may need more food if your older and less if your younger but if your hungry and it works for you than just eat any amount and I’d say I don’t know the amount of hard boiled eggs you should eat

Eliane C.
Personally, I don’t really eat much at all for breakfast but if it does good for you then I would say continue on with it. I wouldn’t really know the answers to other questions as well yeah I don’t eat much.

Talbin N.
I try to skip the easy oatmeal packets because where I’m from they are packed with sugars and artificial flavour enhancers. I have about half a cup(uncooked) of oats and two cups of coffee as well. If you want to switch things up I recommend all- bran flakes . They make for a delicious crunchy breakfast and pair well with most fruits. Be cautious though as fruits are naturally high in sugar. Finally as for the eggs I can’t say how many you should consume in a day, I usually have about 3 scrambled or 2 baked on some rye bread for lunch, adding some spinach and a dash of lemon turns this into a great meal! Best of luck, hope this helps!

Ramon O.
No, that's not too much to eat for breakfast. It's very important to have a filling breakfast to kickstart a new day energetically. I love granolas but I rarely eats it contains a lot more of sugar compare to other types of cereal. I don't have a preferred brand, I love eating a mixture of cereal flakes with nuts like almond flakes, walnuts etc.
I think it depends of your diet. However, i think at least an egg a day is a good source of protein and other nutrients a healthy body needs.

Rosalba Q.
oh i don’t think so, my lifestyle is: if you feel energetic and full why should you eat less or change your routine? , obviously remember to monitor your body and your mind maybe with a specialist, it could really help you. for eggs: in this period I am eating more eggs than usual, I have no idea why but I really want them, then they are quick to cook, nutritional and healthy, so I am very happy to take them, but at the same time I know that they they are high in fat so I feel a little guilty. so I don't have a real answer to your question, this week for example I ate 5/6 eggs (which is really strange for me). mmm i hope i helped you and i must say i was very pleased to write this, it makes me feel good hihihi

Burghard U.
I love Honey Bunches of Oats! Lots of nutrients and good stuff. I also believe that it’s important to listen to YOUR body. Sure count calories to make sure you aren’t excessively overeating, but if it’s working for you then there’s no reason to be critical of it! The oatmeal seems fine to me, I would be a bit careful with too much caffeine though, that can be dangerous or hurt digestion, and you don’t want to be addicted. I don’t eat eggs, so I can’t help you on that.

Aymeric Y.
My fav cereals are special k and grape nuts. Instead of coffee i reccomend matcha or green tea as they give more steady energy. As for eggs, whatever you feel suits your needs for hunger within the week.

William G.
I think it's not too much food if that's what works for you to feel satisfied for the day! I don't do cereal much myself. Instead, I like to tetris together a few pre-prepared food items like boiled eggs and string cheese with a bowl of fruit and tea. Sometimes I'll throw in some toast if I feel like it. Generally, on Sunday I boil a full dozen for the week and keep them in a tub in the fridge. Eating two each morning, that gives me just enough until next Sunday, when I have the free time to make a full breakfast of bacon and fried eggs instead. Rinse and repeat!

Soan N.
You should eat no more than 2 eggs a week. No that is not if your body is fuel then that’s ok because this is to whole point of eating. I don’t really eat cereal so I don’t know witch on I prefer

Linoy N.
I think that is not too much food, its fine…
I eat just in the morning, then I'm not hungry all the day at all, you can eat fruit shake with some milk and ice, this is what i eat evry morning, hope i helped:)

Lisa J.
All of that is completely ok! And have as many eggs as you want! As someone with past disordered eating who’s an intuitive eater now, I eat as I please mindfully.

Ann Kathrin Q.
If your goal is to lose weight, then I suggest going on a slight calorie deficit. Cutting out 500 calories each day results in a one pound weight loss. If your goal is to be healthy and maintain your weight, I think what your eating sounds great.

Adam U.
What's the best thing to eat for breakfast? Something that sustains, is healthy and fast. What is the ideal amount? Can I eat a lot of bread, for example? Or is eating fruit a better option?
What is the ideal food to leave skin and hair wonderful, beautiful and healthy?

Fredi X.
I think the more important question would it be if this combination of food belongs with your ongoing Journey and goals. Is your goal to get energy? Do you intend to game master mass? Do you require a long-term or short-term effects? I take fiber supplements as well as decreasing carbohydrates and increasing fibrous intake such as cereals, oat, leafy foods.

Anne N.
Hello! This is my first ever answer!
First of all, great job on your healthy breakfast, it all sounds very yummy and very wholesome!

I do not think this is too much food, and I would advice you some pumpkin seeds if you wanted to try something new… I find them fun to eat!

Camila E.
8 eggs a week seem to be fine for me I can’t say for sure what’s best as I’m not a nutritionist however I try to be as healthy as can be given how I feel on a daily and from what you’ve describes for your breakfast I’d say that sounds great as long as you enjoy it and can maintain such a breakfast long term.

Oscar E.
I didnt understand half of this but that doesnt matter. That is not too much food. Everyone has different things to do in life, so its different for everyone. I only ate 2 crackers today as breakfast. Maybe too little food but ok. And I do not eat cereal. If I eat cereal, I eat kellogs. They do not have much more where I live

Vanessa N.
The amount of food each person needs likely varies. I find two boiled eggs and a yogurt is more then enough but some people likely need more or less.

Mirza Q.
I eat usually oatmeal with some berries and fruits. In finland we think that cereals are unhealthy so i only eat cereals in brunch or hotel. I don’t about the eggs, i eat if i want and you should too!

Kp N.
No… you have to eat to lose, or gain muscle. Protein gains muscle. Maybe too much caffeine. I used to like crackle oat bran. Now I am having trouble finding it….. good job!

Rene J.
2 packs of oatmeal and variety of nuts plus 1 boiled egg in the morning sounds balanced meal with enough to fill my stomach, even though sugar is not necessarily for me. Adding some fruits would be nicer.

Simon I.
I personally eat about 6 eggs per week on average. I eat vector cereal, with fruits usually. I recommend you eat fruits for breakfast too, it helps me feel energized and focussed.

Sara O.
No, that is not too much if it works for you! Your satisfying your hunger with healthy nutritious foods. I like oatmeal as well but if I'm in a hurry Cheerios, banana and boiled egg work well. (I keep boiled eggs in the fridge for a quick snack or protein boost to a meal.) I don't limit myself on eggs since they are a lean protein and some days I feel hungrier than others. I probably have 1-3 eggs per day. Keep finding what works for you and don't ever apologize for it! You got this!

Maggie N.
Hi, I eat oats for breakfast and green tea in between during lunch and I normally eat 3 to 4 Eggs a day and drink a lot of water I don’t wait to be thirsty

Emeline F.
It depends on your work , but i don't think it's too much , except 2 cup of coffee, it can make you dependant on coffein , for good fibre i eat apple , lentils, banana, beans , i think they're good source of fibres