How do you motivate yourself to continue good habits?

Balogun Z.
I motivate myself by looking at my parents and I tell myself that I need to work hard in order to take care of them, I tell myself that there's no substitute for hardwork so always be courageous to do more and that always motivate me to do my best in everything and anywhere I found myself.
I also tell myself that I need to stay healthy in order to be anything I wish to become in life so that always motivate me to eat healthy, exercise, hydrate, and meditate.
I know life is a journey of continuous learning so that motivate me to always read every day, I tell myself that "the more you know the more you realize what you don't know "so that always motivate me to read and learn more .
I know nobody will see the greatness and beauty in me if I don't see it myself so that always motivate me to love myself, believe in myself,carry myself with pride.
I know having confidence in your look is the true beauty so that always motivate me to build my confidence every day, I put on nice and clean clothes,brush and take my bathe twice, look at people tenderly in their eyes when having conversations and so on.
I also download some apps which keeps me motivated all the time and Fabulous is indeed one of them,so I longer see the need to always be on social media 24hrs, I sleep more now, I have my peace of mind, I smile more now and worry less, I also make people around me happy in every little way I can and that also motivate me to keep going…….