How do I start remembering things better and feel comfortable with it?

Devyn Y.
Having a checklist really helps, but having to make a new one every day is not my thing. That's why this has been so helpful for me

Tiff N.
I try first to write it down and post in a area I'm sure to go in to continue to see it for a daily reminder. Even if you miss a day or a certain time of the time of the day. Find this to work well for chores, Affirmations and more

Noushin C.
Instead of remembering things with all my emotions, just think mindfully and learns the lessons and close the thought, of course don’t push yourself to not think about something but don’t obsess

Nicoline P.
I mean honestly my memory is really bad at the moment, but I’m definitely trying my best to remember things as best as I can, but struggle with it a lot. I think though if I just put in a lot more effort to restoring and refraining the things I need to, then it will become habits 100%

Mathilde X.
Well there is no set way to remember something:some people prefer repetition, others more quick hacks like active recall. What’s most important, however, is that you understand the significance of whatever it is you are remembering as that will determine the type of person you are.

Becky F.
Be sure that your mind has the fuel it needs to go through mental processes like memory. This means making healthy and consistent food choices, physical exercise and mental exercise. After that base is formed, try writing information down in any way that suits you. Writing puts thoughts into the physical, outside world.

Irmhild Y.
Remembering things is really hard. I can't always do it and it messes with my mood and other people's moods as well. Being able to remember things takes time and repetitveness. Even writing it down to help you remember is useful.