Do you usually repeat the same breakfast twice or more per week?

Ambry P.
Since I walk/run right after my “breakfast” time, I have the same Ensure drink while I’m out. If I’m still peckish when I get back, I’ll eat 2 scrambled eggs.

Kenzo P.
Yes I usually repeat the same breakfast more times a week. Most of the team I either eat bread with Nutella or Honey and butter or I eat Cornflakes with a banana.

Elizabeth P.
It depends on the week- if it’s a stressful week I usually stick to the same, easy to grab things like a bar or yogurt. If I have more time in the mornings I’ll switch it up.

Terrance T.
Yes, it keeps things simpler and takes the decision out. I usually change up elements but on the whole, it's the same breakfast

Lindsay W.
Yes. I usually have an egg on a slice of avocado toast, or if I'm in a hurry, I'll have yogurt and granola with a piece of fruit. This is my every day breakfast, but once per week or so (usually on the weekend) I'll make a nice big breakfast with my partner.

Mohak F.
Yes. Everyday I repeat the same breakfast but I always wish to change it every 2 or 3 days. I have a list prepared for the available breakfast options as per my nutritional needs but every morning I find it easier to just repeat what I had the day before. So I tend to plan my meals in a way that I get all kinds of necessary nutrition throughout the day since I am too lazy to try out different meal options everyday.

Carol C.
Yes, I have 3-4 different breakfasts that I change during the week based on:
– which ingredients I have in the fridge;
– my desires;
– hungry levels

Justine F.
Yes, especially on my work day mornings. My time in the morning is limited so it's easier to prepare the same breakfast before heading out the door. On weekends I take more time creating a good quality breakfast to fuel me for the whole day.

Eddie O.
Yes, as long as it’s nutritional. My breakfast usually consists of something quick and easy, and if there’s something that I can eat quickly, that’s what I’ll do.

Va Se P.
Yes I do. My favourite thing to eat is a well seasoned omlete with sausage and a mug of tea. I may even add some fruits on the side😋

Danielle S.
It is easier for me to plan one or two breakfasts for a full week than to try to come up with something exciting for each day. It also helps to have an easy option for days when I'm just not feeling as motivated, but still want to make healthy choices.

Tammy Z.
Yes it's easier for me to prepare and eat the same thing daily for a week (because of work) if I worked from home I'd change it up more but I always go for grab and go options

Maja C.
Sure. If it’s tasty and you enjoy it why not? I think that won’t work if you will eat it everyday as you’ll get sick of all the same food.

Arkid X.
Yes, repetition is very nice because:
1) a routine breakfast is very easy and helps me get going fast, while removing excuses.
2) getting good at a specific breakfast recipe is amazing because you can find ways to improve it and alter it.

Filippa W.
It depends what we have in our pantry. But mostly its bread with a condiment, whether it would be peanut butter, or egg, or a sausage.

Carol E.
Yes I normally try to eat somewhat the same but I have 2-3 different types of breakfasts weekly and then spread them over the 7 days so I have them from 2-3 times

Gauthier Z.
Yes, I’m a little picky when it comes to healthy breakfasts, so I’ve been repeating what I know I like until I find more breakfasts that I enjoy

Jeffrey P.
Yes I do. It is usually eggs and breads sonetimes porridge but it doesn't always fill me up. I would like to change but haven't yet found something that is filling enough for me.

Cornelia X.
No, even if I keep the same template of breakfast, actually I usually change something about it for example if the day before I had granola with blueberries, today i get with banana or avocado.

Kathleen U.
I typically try and vary my meals especially breakfast. I may have eggs twice in a week but one meal may be a breakfast burrito with salsa and the other may be a quick nite of 2 hard boiled eggs.

One thing I do always include – coffee ☕️ 😀

Christian U.
On weekdays, my breakfast options are quite the same. Soy milk, yogurt, latte, rice ball, or sometimes bagel. But on weekends, sometimes I have a big breakfast, and sometimes I skip it.

Jessica O.
Yes! I've made it into a habit to make a great breakfast and it's a part of my routine. Then it depends on if I'm stressed or if some sort of inconvenience pops up, I'll make something easier. But making the same breakfast, gives me alot less to think about, and just do what I know works! 🙂

Emmy Y.
If I enjoy it, definitely. I have something different each day so the same item I'll have will be on different days so I don't get bored of it.

Gabrielle Y.
Yes. Breakfast is the one meal a day that I tend to repeat. I will eventually change it up and repeat that new thing for a bit too.

Pearl U.
I think I do repeat my breakfasts because I have trouble coming up with healthy options for breakfast. so I'll probably eat oatmeal twice or yogurt twice.

Tyler J.
Yes, as I don't have enough time to think about a different breakfast Also, I really like the feeling of lightness after I eat that.