What do you drink besides water? Is daily orange juice bad because of its sugars?

Cl A Z.
I don't personally drink OJ but I understand people who do. I wouldn't recommend it because of the high quantities of sugar that are way more then your daily sugar dose should be
H Rman C.
I’m not sure of the orange juice and I love it in the mornings, but instead Sometimes I put teabags for cold water and are really good, it gives a nice flavour to the water and are sugar free.
Evelyn E.
I prefer green tea mixed with fresh orange juice without any added sugar. Green tea helps with the antioxidants and the orange gives flavor and taste to the green tea. You can also add a hint of ginger to taste.
Maurice F.
I'm not the type to say what's good/bad when it comes to food. To begin with, I'm not a nutritionist. I also think folks who do that come off as a little self-righteous. Furthermore, I want to enjoy life. And food. It just so happens that I'm not a big juice person. I AM a coffee girl. And drink it a lot. Usually black or with a little cream. That and water make up most of my drinking throughout the day. I very often have a glass of red wine at night and enjoy a good glass of lemonade (which I sometimes mix with club soda).
Egil P.
Most of the time, I drink water or coffee. I try to keep my coffee intake small so I don't develop an addiction.

You can take a daily orange juice if you want, but I recommend that, instead, you take a glass of water and an orange. That way, you will keep the fibers from the orange.

Henrik R.
I usually drink water or tea. If i don't have any soda at home, i wouldn't go and buy it. But if it is i will drink it all. Besides that we have a tradition to drink a lot of strong tea witg milk in our country. So every meal we prepare some tea