What fruits taste best with eggs and toast y’all?

Comme Z.
I like blueberries because they have a better flavor than grapes. My next favorite would be pears. My third favorite is apples only because they're so travel friendly.
Gabby O.
I just started having oranges with eggs and toast and it makes breakfast really tasty and healthy, so I recommend oranges or clementines 🙂
Auriana G.
Pears, their subtle flavor doesn’t over pier the savoriness of the eggs or the delicious butteriness of toast.

It’s a flavor that settle s nicely on the tongue, and then afterward presents itself.

It comes through the side door unnoticed, and then takes the stage to day, here I am.

Daniel Z.
Bananas and raspberries are my favourite. Blueberries and apples are also a good option. Any fruit is good as long as you enjoy eating it.
Joanna C.
I like berries. I’m a diabetic and they are low carb. I try to eat my carbs fist thing in the morning. Then very little at other meals. Enjoy!
Gabriella P.
If I were back in my home country, where fruits actually taste good, I would have a nice half papaya with granola. You can’t go wrong with half a papaya with granola
Aziz A.
Strawberries and bananas because it will give the toast some flavor if u put it on the toast and there are good for.u
Gracie S.
I would say bananas and apples taste best with eggs and toast, but it's all preference. If you don't really like bananas and/or apples, strawberries is always a yummy alternative!
Astrid Y.
With toast and eggs I like to change it up one day may be sliced peaches , next pawpaw, rockmelon and so on but I will always choose a fruit that has a bit more texture.
Tanya N.
For sure that's bananas. They give a sweet and delicious flavor on the eggs. Also if you can add some cheese it'll get perfect.
Klaus Q.
I have never tried this combination but oranges are my favorite fruit. So I guess I would try oranges on egg toast. Although I feel like there will be a lot of conflicting flavors. So I would say a banana, you can’t go wrong with a banana.
Laiba U.
According to my opinion, avocado jam or avocado paste taste like heaven. Berries are always good. But mostly I eat paratha with egg but egg with toast taste amazing!
Herman P.
I eat my eggs with kiwi, melon, mango, banana slices, strawberries on the side. Almost any fruit is okay to be honest. These are just some that make my breakfast more delicious 🙂
Megan W.
Really any fruits. I’d go with the seasons, but some staples are apples (I love envy apples bc they’re so crisp), berries, or peaches when the seasons allow.
Kayraa X.
Strawberries go with every food , moreover it repairs and refreshes your body cells. Orange and other juicy fruits can be a good option
Eshal N.
I don't really eat a lot of eggs and toast WITH fruit ,but the most nutritious and that holds all vitamins that can help you survive a whole day without food is a Banana 🍌,sorry if I could not help.
Edouard Q.
Tomatoes go great with eggs! Avocados are really good on toast, And bananas are the best for a quick breakfast. Hope this helps!
Philip P.
Avocado is good if you just want something smaller, you can season it with some pepper and salt and sometimes some herbs for an Avocado toast. But if you have time and this is what I prefer, you can have just eggs and toast with a fruit salad on the side. You can add strawberries and bananas, I like to add pinnapple and mango as well and sometimes you can add some natural yoghurt to it or blend it with some milk to create a thick smoothie. I really hope this helps and good luck on your journey!
Jazz G.
I do feel that is a great starting choice and you don’t necessarily have to change your breakfast, maybe you can switch it up with some protein or fresh fruits and nuts. Those are some healthy and affordable options to boost the start of your day! 🙂
Nancy I.
Any fruit that can become jam. Strawberries, blueberries, orange marmalade. You can opt for more exotic fruits, honeydew, cantaloupe, kiwis or you can also stick to the common banana, grapes, apples and pears.
Am Lie Z.
I like strawberries and blueberries because they’re firm, not messy, easy to eat with a fork or pop in your mouth with your fingers, and their flavor simply blends nicely with an eggs and toast breakfast meal. They can even be put inside your egg meal such as in a crepe. Very delicious.
Hanne Lore F.
Im not a fan of avocado and toast. So maybe I'll choose something citrus such as an orange or dalandan so it would be more balanced. You have the protein and richness of the egg, carb goodness of the toast, and the refreshing sweetness of the citrus.
Amal U.
I have not tried adding fruits to eggs and toast, but you can add vegetables and greens such as watercress, parsley and green onions to eggs and toast for me it will be better
Randi Y.
In my opinion, oranges, dragonfruit, blueberries, strawberries, pear, raspberries & you can even add maybe some honey for sweetness too!
Bella P.
They are the best ,I love it and they go with eggs and toast…but if you dont like them then go for bananas….
These are the top 2 of my favorite fruits hope you got an answer
Jay N.
Depending on the day sometimes I go for something simple like strawberry or when I feel like I need a boost in my day I go for pineapple or blackberries.
Queen F.
I feel any fruit would go good with eggs and toast. Whatever fruits you would put on top of French toast, I feel like would go good. Since French Toast is just bread dipped in eggs and fried. I’d say berries though.
Margaux T.
Fruit? I would rather go for a Vegetable as I am used to. But at least, when I imagine in in my head, I would go for a peach or apricot ^^
Jade N.
The best fruit with eggs and toast for a good breakfast is definitely apple! Or maybe you could do it with just an orange! Fine with me 😉
Simon C.
I believe apples grapes and oranges are best with that. Fresh bananas and walnuts are good with french toast and pancakes.
Julie C.
The best fruit for eggs and toast is watermelon, because it is very watery in contrast to toast and it is sweet, so it adds more flavour. But I wouldn't recommend to eat them together, rather to first eat toasts and eggs and after that, to feel more refreshed in the morning, grab a piece of watermelon
Catherine F.
Sliced honey crisp or pink lady apples! You can also try a cup of mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries). Apples will be the cheapest. Try different varieties to find your preferred tartness and crisp
Katherine R.
Honestly it depends!! Strawberrys, raspberrys, blackberry's and blueberry's are a good combo but I also like pineapple,mango and melon(s). Bananas are also good but there's so many different fruits and honestly you could make all of them work together with eggs and toast it just depends- which type of eggs and what you are having on your toast.
Raymond O.
I think banana it’s the best fruit, is almost a fresh fruit, have a good taste and will gave you the boost that we need for the day 🙂
Beau G.
I don’t even know if this is a fruit or not, but defo add in mashed avocados and sprinkle some salt and pepper. I’ve seen people add banana..? Unless you meant like fruits on the side, slice some cold sweet oranges.
Gabka X.
To be honest I'd say apples. For some reason they compliment this kind of food perfectly and also add something fresh into the meal. <3
Cindy B.
Strawberries cause they are sweet and a bit sour and adds a bit of colour and different flavor profile than the other foods
Nazanin Z.
You can use sweet ones like cherries or even its jam, kiwi might suit if you like sour and you can use orange instead of its juice. I suppose it may be delicious.😊 I haven't tried any of it though. Let me know the result😁
Gabby N.
Raspberries because they have a tart and sweet taste that contrasts with the buttery, toasted flavor of the toast and the eggs
Bruce C.
When they're in season I love berries and in Winter I tend to go for more canned fruit because the leftovers go well with things like porridge.
Arianna Z.
I never eat fruit with eggs but most of the time I drink orange juice, so probably the best fruits are oranges, strawberries and blueberries, they are very good and pretty versatile.
Мелина Чапкънова N.
Avocado is the best option not sure if it is a fruit or not! Tried so many different options and now I can say for certain it’s the best choice
Guntram J.
I'll tell you what I've found that it's the best breakfast for me after many years of trial and error going as intake order:
a glass of water
Fresh orange juice with oats (vitamin C+iron)
If I feel going for a sweet I mix fresh eggs with a spoon of honey+peanut butter
Or pan cooked eggs with a side of 50g of fish and a spoon of peanut butter
Airton T.
I think many fruits can be eaten with eggs and toast. Like-grape, apple, strawberry, banana,watermelon. If you ask me which will be the best then apple.
Same C.
That depends. I personally like bananas or apples most days because my taste buds usually aren't ready for a lot of flavor.
When I'm looking for something sweet, I eat berries, namely strawberries.
On days I feel empowered, I eat pomegranate seeds or a kiwi or a grapefruit. I don't get those foods often, so it feels like a treat when I do.
Meng A.
I like having avocado with toast and egg to create a sandwich. Oranges are good too. They make the breakfast not so dry. Grapes do the same thing, especially if they are seedless.
Ana E.
Besides the fact that I don’t like avocados, I think it is the best fruit to combine with eggs and toast and that’s because avocados don’t really have a specific taste so it can be combined with anything!
Mollie Y.
i make a fruit salad with kiwi, grapes, mango, blueberries, strawberries and apples and usually have that alongside it, it’s super good!!
Rhealita G.
Avocado. Though i don't really ear much avocado. I don't really eat much toast. My breakfast is not that exciting. Mostly instant and ready to eat meals. I should put more effort next year ☺️
Larissa Z.
I personally do not eat eggs in the morning, unless they are with pancakes, cakes and stuff. Anyway, I like strawberry jelly with toast, bud would also like to eat some strawberry, grapes, or guava
Alyssa Z.
I love any kind of berries. A mix of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries that way each bite is a little different and you’re getting a mix of flavors!
Gen N.
Grapefruit, strawberries, bananas, avocado, and blueberries. I've never tried these fruits WITH eggs and toasts but I think you should try them…I should try it today. Overall, I recommend the avocado on the toasts, I heard it's SUPER HEALTHY!!!
Holly U.
I think dragon fruit is the best. Eggs and toast are not very sweet foods. Dragon fruit helps with the sweet part of breakfast.
Keira I.
cherries are my favorite fruit so i’ll eat them anytime but i’m a fan of most fruits so i don’t care which one is best but maybe strawberries, bananas, or pineapples
Anna A.
Since tomatoes are considered as fruits i would say they’re the best with eggs and toast the flavors really go well together and make a perfect breakfast to start the day with
Rosalind N.
I don’t really like egg but in my opinion the best fruit that goes with toast is strawberries, raspberries berries and cucumber
Angelo E.
I think strawberries are best with eggs but honestly mixed berries are the best if you don’t like specifically strawberries.
Franklin F.
I'd say strawberries. They are tart and sweet, perfect with eggs and toast. I personally love putting jam on my toast along with the egg, makes everything more flavorful.
B G.
Boiled eggs mixed with avocado salt pepper a smidge of Dijon mustard and a little itty bit of mayo if you need it so good! Or boiled eggs strawberries as a sweet side when they are in season and toast or canned peaches in water for me
Rudolph E.
Cause it provides better nutrition than other things. And it also consist of sugar which helps our body to work effectively.
Mallory X.
I think strawberries taste best with eggs and toast because it adds a tart flavor to a dry flavor just balances it and makes it taste really good!
Gauthier T.
Any citrus fruit. They contain vitamin c that eggs and toast don’t have and bring a different texture and freshness to your breakfast.
Isabella Z.
Strawberries are definitely the best. They just blend so well with your toast and cleanse your palate after eggs. Plus, it can make for a sweet treat if you add a little sugar on top!
Sixto Z.
I would say that strawberries taste the best. It’s a vibe, honestly. The tartness and sweetness cuts the fattiness of the egg yolk.
Roland E.
In my opinion mixing in tomatoes with the eggs is amazing, you can also try a banana to add sweetness to your breakfast.
Rykyrnan U.
I don't try to pair them but instead make a mixed fruit cup to have before the meal. Grapes, melon, banana, and pineapple are my favorite mix of sweet and sour!
Nathana L Y.
There are several fruits that go well with eggs and toast- toast has a crispy, dry texture and eggs are a moist, salty food, so something super- juicy and sugary would go well with the combination. I would suggest fresh strawberries, mango, any cantaloupe, (although it gets soggy after awhile), some types of pear, and if you want something more solid and crunchy, then try frozen cotton candy grapes. Hope this helps!
Alison N.
Apple taste very good with peanut butter and I heard that avocado is good with eggs but I didn't tried it yet, but i think it's time to.
Caylan W.
i love oranges with fried eggs and toast. especially with avocado toast. the oranges give have vitamin c, which gives me the boost i need to start the day and get things done 🙂
Terry W.
hmm its technically a fruit I guess – I have mine with sweet pepper. I don't think any fruit I can think of would work with it but u could have some berries with dark chocolate after as a lil breakfast dessert?
Trevor U.
Strawberries with a little bit of sugar added. That way you are getting a nice little sweet treat alongside something relatively healthy. Perfect balance!