What do you consider a “great breakfast?”

Heather U.
Anything that will keep me energized and full for my mornings. I usually enjoy eggs, toast, oatmeal, sausages, or cereal for breakfast.
Stacy C.
Actually in my opinion i think that a great breakfast is that contain a balanced diet that will give my body the supplement i need that will energize me the whole day
Breno S.
It needs aome protein and carbo. In my opinion, as a Brasilian, pan with eggs and milk is a really good breakfast, for example
Liv X.
Well at the moment I go to school that’s why I skipped the great breakfast. I am very limited but if you want to get your habits done I do have something. Set two alarms. First one is habit time, mine is half an hour and I sort everything on the second, I get up have breakfast get ready stuff like that. I hope I’ve been a bit of help!
Claire N.
Anything that I’m craving! My body will tell me what it needs, so I listen! I’ve on craving a sweet breakfast, I’ll have oatmeal with dark chocolate chips, or for savory a nice breakfast sandwich!