On a average day how much should a 18yr old consume coffee, like how many cups.

Shane Z.
I think it depends of the person, since they don't overload their body with it. I'm used to drink a full cup of coffee everyday, but sometimes I prefer to take no coffee, sometimes I need to take more. In other words, you should get to know yourself and discover what is enough to your body to keep up with.
Ramona N.
I think is more a question for your own body. It’s the only one that can answer to that. When I was 18 I used to drink coffee all day. Now, at 23, I usually drink only 2-3 cups a day and that happens in the morning. So whatever your body says I think you should listen.
Janelle Z.
I am not exactly sure but coffee is not great in general for any age because caffine makes it harder to go to sleep which leads to a person being tired so they use more coffee the next day. It is a very bad cycle. So I would reccomend trying to not drink coffee. But if you are a college student or something then I completely understand and 0-4 cups of coffee seems like a good range.
Heribert W.
I think it's better for our health not to drink coffee at all. But if you are not adicted to it, it's not a big deal. A 18yr old shoud drink one cup a day, maximum two cups.
Sally Y.
I think a 1 or 2 cups because drinking too much caffeine after surge of rush will make you tired so I suggest before drinking any other beverage drink water first thing in the morning and then you can have a cup of coffee and beside drinking coffee in an empty stomach would do no good to your digestive system
Nadir Y.
Based on health and nutrition info the average adult should not have more than four 8oz cups of coffee in a day. Too much caffeine can actually cause weight gain in some people.
Issam Z.
I would say 1 cup of coffee in the morning can be okay, don't drink coffee in the afternoon especially if you have trouble falling asleep. Don't get addicted to it, drink it if you like it 😉
G K E L.
I have cafein addiction so I am the right one for answer that question for every age it is not good for more than 2 cup in a day and drink 4 cup extra water for balance
Fra Z.
I am not sure about health guideline, but I am italian and since I am 15 years old I am used to have one coffee a day, maximum two of I need some extra power, usually not after 5 pm.