What’s your go-to no-effort breakfast option?

Ma Lia N.
I think a good alternative fro no-effort breakfast is tomatoes with hot cheese, orange juice and a latte. It takes to prepare less than 15 min
Kanesha A.
I normally like vegan pop tarts, oatmeal, or fruit smoothies. These things are very fulfilling and helps me continue through out my day without getting to hungry again and its quick too
Rachel N.
I prefer making my breakfast at night so it’s grab and go in the morning, overnight oats are good if you like them, but if you want something that takes 2 minutes to make in the morning, cut up an apple and dip in in some peanut butter. Lemon juice helps with browning, plus it just makes it better. If you have a cereal you love, make a water bottle full of milk a bag of said cereal, and just grab a disposable spoon and a large mug! Hope this helps. ☺️