Sometimes I start working or driving and have my breakfast later, but I’m not skipping it altogether, so is that still okay?

Jose W.
We all want to start the day as soon as possible, sometimes because we believe that our planned activities are the most important thing and that our body is ready and willing to start the day and wait for us to recharge a moment later. There are days when we wake up with so much energy and happiness that we think of breakfast as something superfluous and insignificant and that we can leave it for later, even though some people stay fine without eating something before starting work, throughout Over time, our body can resent those efforts and lead us to illnesses that we would never have contemplated, because, "It's just breakfast, what could happen." Breakfast is not only food to give us energy for our day, it is a moment of peace, relaxation, having a good time with our family, or meditating on our thoughts slowly with the possibility of being able to better plan our activities. Starting the day with calm gratitude will make everything better, with a simple action, having breakfast before working.