Why are you trying to be healthy?

Dr Neha F.
I have been unhealthy for so long,, that I just want to step out of this comfort zone and create a healthy body for myself
Jonathan W.
To feel better. Unhealthy habits may provide temporarily good feelings, but being healthy and keeping it going makes me feel better consistently.
Lily Q.
Because I want to improve and apprecciate myself.
The current me does barely achieve something in life.
Even if my life is a little better than before, it is not enough.
I am training my concentration and my organization in order to improve my skills, my lifestyle and my health (physical and mental).
Kaitlyn Q.
I am trying to tone my body more as I do have a little chubbiness in my belly and I want to tone my abs more. I also want to tone the rest of my body, my legs, arms, back, etc. I am also trying to work on my mental health as I haven’t been in the best state of mind recently and I want to love myself. So I am on my journey to loving myself and working on becoming a better me.
Dianne Z.
I am hoping to build a better, happier, and more mindful life for myself. I want to build a clear bridge to my future, one that is sturdy and easier to cross. I want to have the life I always dreamed of.