How can I make a dairy-free omelette?

Morgan E.
Add water to your eggs instead of milk as you beat them by hand to make the eggs light and fluffy.
Leave the egg slightly soft on the inside, it will finish cooking from the residual heat.
Fill your omelet with sauted veggies and/or a simple gravy made from chicken broth and flour, seasoned with thyme, salt and pepper.
A bit of ground sausage in your omlette adds flavor and protein.
Chunky pasta sauce can be nice in an omlette.
Don't forget the spices: oregano, thyme, basil, salt, and pepper are all welcome additions.
Makenzie F.
You could always use a dairy free substitute for the milk, butter, or whatever you use so it should still have the same consistency. The taste might be different bc it's dairy free but it should be ok.
Ra L P.
Unfortunately I wouldn’t know any other option than either omitting cheese altogether or using a dairy free cheese. I don’t even really know how to make an omlet
Gleisy E.
Hey…you can make a dairy free omelette by using just the egg whites instead of the yolk. You can add your different fillings…bacon. sausage, olives mushroom, onions, bell peppers etc