What breakfast do you have that is gluten free – for coelaic?

Assun O Z.
Actually, I don't have any gluten free breakfast as I am not coeliac. I believe that starting a gluten free diet, while being able to fully digest gluten unlike coeliac people, is not that good for your body because it can develop gluten intolerance. Am I mistaken?
Devon Z.
Fruit is better such as banana and beach (or mixed berries) and some yoghurt. You can also make a smoothie with banana, half avocado, yoghurt and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Creamy and delicious!
Brandie T.
It helps to have protein at every meal, not just carbs and sugar at breakfast. For gluten free options: Omelette (flavour with cheese, any fresh or lertover veg, onion is nice with cheese, ham or other meat) or gluten free oat-based cereal/museli/granola or overnight oats, perhaps with thick yogurt for protein, and fruit is nice too. Salmon. Avocado. Eggs. Mushrooms. Even saw an Eastern European idea-summer salad ingredients cubed and topped with cottage cheese and chopped walnuts. Whatever you need to get going and stay going!
Alberte C.
Gluten free buns from Lidl, ajvar (this is a pepper cream), matured cheese, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil, basil, kefir, eggs, turkey bacon, gluten free porridge with cinnamon, gluten free muesli with milk, cornflour tortilla, avocados, BBQ sauce, light mayo, beetroot, feta, hummus, ruccola (rocket salad), olives, pickled gherkins
Caitlin X.
My favorite breakfast is a kale sauté ( in coconut oil with some other veggies, usually some sweet potato), and I sometimes have avocado or apple on the side.
Nikolaj W.
Gluten free oats are always easy to do. Sweet or savory oats. A breakfast hash with kale, sausages and eggs. A quinoa bowl with spinach, bacon and cheese.
Emily N.
Banana, low fat Greek yoghurt, mixed nuts and blueberries or your preference of fruit. If you mash the banana it becomes viscous in texture when mixed with the yoghurt and tastes really creamy.
Elizabeth J.
I make protein pancakes! All you need are two bananas and two eggs. Mix it up with a hand blender until you get that batter consistency. Then spoon it onto a griddle and flip after you see bubbles on the top surface. So yummy! I usually add berries and GF/DF butter on top. Super yummy and healthy.
Lucas E.
Warburtons or Genius Gluten Free Bread / Toast.
Don’t eat anything that had Wheat in the ingredients.
It’s Wheat, Rye, Barley are the 3 Glutens.
But all the other cereal grains we can eat such as rice, corn etc. Choose products that use corn flour or rice flour instead of wheat flour. All fruit and vegetables are naturally gluten free and healthy. Buy gluten free bread and gluten free pasta from any supermarket. It’s very easy to avoid gluten now. I am so allergic to wheat / gluten that I’m a pro at avoiding it. I hope the suggestions help you.