When is the best time for breakfast in the morning after waking up?

Lya T.
Fruit and some protein!
The fruit wakes up the body and the digestive system and the protein helps the sugar in the fruit to absorb more slowly helping you to stay full longer.
I’m vegan so i always go for either an apple or banana with some peanut butter.
Travis P.
I don't know if there's a specific time, it all depends of the hour you wake up at and the time you "have to spare" before going to work. Anyways, not matter at what time you eat breakfast, be sure of having enough time to eat slow and calmly, because if you eat too fast then you won't feel full or you will feel like puking, which has happened to me. But it's up to you, just do what works better in your case.
Oliver C.
Preferisco fare colazione dopo aver bevuto il caffè con calma, circa un'oretta dopo essermi svegliata ma non troppo vicino all'orario di pranzo. L'orario migliore è fra le 9.30 e le 10.00.
Ivete F.
After waking up, I usually like to eat my breakfast around 15-ish minutes after. I tend to wake up at 6, so 6:15 is the perfect time for me
Clotildes I.
I usually wakeup at 5 in the morning, then after a few minute in the bathroom i go for a walk or just get a move, then after that i prepare my breakfast, its just hard boiled egg or some fruit
Amanda E.
Waking up- my morning routine of opening the curtains and letting the sun in, letting the dogs out, feeding the cats, letting the dogs in, morning bones, and my meds comes first, then my morning caffeine and I'm off to clean up and shower. When I’m gorgeous enough to face the day I can relax and eat a good breakfast before getting started with my work routine. (Which is never routine. Ever.)
Teresa O.
I personally like to get up go straight to the bathroom, freshen up (wash face, brush teeth, brush hair, shower etc) that way I feel refreshed and ready for the day! Sometimes I will get dressed first (depending on work and other responsibilities) Then I will have breakfast!
Isac Q.
I start prepping my breakfast 30 mins after am up and will normally sit down with the kids within the hour for a nice healthy meal for all before morning errands and life comes calling
Naja P.
My answer to that would be to listen to your body and to eat when you are hungry, but some people believe that intermittent fasting (or not breaking your fast until lunch time) is a good idea too. I have found that it works best for me to get up and do my workout straight away, and then eat my breakfast afterwards. This works for me because I do a fairly short workout at home and I am not that hungry when I first wake up. I never skip breakfast though, because when I do I feel like I’m starving and I don’t like to deprive myself. I just have a routine, and breakfast time is usually after my workout.
Lisa C.
The best time for me is before my first physical appointment of the day. I really find it hard to each a large breakfast so my example of breakfast is yogurt and cereal, walnuts and cheese stick; or an apple.
Lucille Q.
I actually only have coffee as my doctor wants me to do this intermittent fasting thing for my insulin levels, but I like my coffee ASAP!!!
Ana A.
This could be dependent on many things, including your routine, timetable, and overall schedule. Personally, I love having my routine pretty early on, right when the sun is about to rise and the atmosphere is all cold but it starts switching to warm and the air is just so pretty.
Mariechen Q.
I enjoy starting breakfast right after I wake up. I drink some water and make a few simple, healthy things to eat.

If you’re trying to exercise in the morning as well, I’ve found it’s easier to do that first and then eat breakfast.

Guy F.
I am practicing intermittent fasting, therefore I have to eliminate breakfast in the morning, do you believe this is a good practice?
Allen O.
I think the best time to have breakfast is after you washed up and dressed up. I love the idea that you just need to think about breakfast and not what to wear or blablabla.
Derek Z.
There isn't really a universal "best time". I normally eat eat after I work out, because if I eat before exercising my stomach is upset. If you wake up hungry or have to take medication first thing, you might want to eat fairly quickly after waking up. It's very much a "listen to your body" thing.
Francisco U.
After getting ready (washing my face, showering, brushing my teeth, etc.) that would be about 45/60 minutes after waking up (that includes the time to make breakfast)
Olivier Q.
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for it fuels all our morning. Because of this, I enjoy my breakfast right after I do my morning exercise routine. So, that makes me have breakfast about half an hour after I wake up.
Owen O.
For me the best time is before leaving for work in the morning. This makes me feel full and lowers the possibility of me to stop by on a fast food restaurant on my way to work.
Ernst Dieter Y.
My routine is as follows: water immediately upon waking, and and then my breakfast with vitamins/medication. If I eat before meditating, stretching, and exercising (which I do right in a row), I'll let my food settle for a while before getting into that part of my routine. However, it can also be a good thing to hold off on eating until right after the workout, to nourish yourself with protein, etc.
Jonas P.
This all depends on you personally, some people prefer to eat as soon as they wake up and others prefer to wait. I tend to wake up, meditate and make my bed before having my breakfast, but as I said, it depends on when you want to eat
Vivan Z.
I try to shoot for breakfast within 2 hours of waking up. This will give me time to get ready for the day or work out before eating.
Elliot O.
Best to have breakfast after you have gotten dressed for the day so it gives you time for your body to wake up. When I exercise I make sure to eat a piece of fruit before and finish my breakfast afterwards so I don't feel sick
Martin Z.
For me I find that the perfect time for a healthy breakfast would be after a good hour of stretching or maybe after a yoga session and after meditation, for example you can do these activities starting from 6 am to 7 am and taking a quick cold shower to freshen up then you can make yourself a healthy breakfast that will give the energy to start your day 🍳🍳
Adrian C.
Depends on how your metabolism is. If you have blood sugar issues or take medication, go by the recommendation on the bottle. Fasting before exercise overnight can be beneficial, but you might want some breakfast carbohydrates to power through. Drink your water though.
Lesa F.
I think the first thing to do in the morning is drinking a cup of water maybe with a lemon slice. And after thirty minutes, breakfast should be done.