Is it hard for you to eat breakfast every morning? If yes why?

Nicoline Z.
Yes. Normally I'm not hungry and I feel heavy. I feel like eating will make me heavier and more sluggish and feel sick. Therefore I haven't scheduled time into my morning to have breakfast, so those rare mornings I do actually want something, I'm in a rush to leave the house and don't have time. And sometimes the rare occasion I do, I eat something unhealthy and then I crave and eat even more food than normal! Its a vicious cycle, which I am trying to break and what I think it actually comes down to is not just giving myself more time in the morning but actually having a better evening routine to prepare myself for the next day.
Myriam F.
Not at all. I've always taken the time to eat breakfast. I get up a little earlier just to make sure I have time to eat at a leisurely pace. I usually have something simple, like yogurt and fruit, a muffin and fruit etc. It's just something I have done since childhood
Noemie Z.
Not at all, i wake up hungry. And i get hungry pretty soon after breakfast, that's the biggest problem for me. I prepare healthy meals for my child which helps to eat healthy, it's the snacks that are hard to get rid of. Breakfast gives you a great start, bloat free and high energy
Sebastian E.
In morning I was really lazy to make myself a breakfast so my cousin said too install this app and now I eat breakfast every morning
Christian W.
I don't find it hard because it wakes me up. There are mornings I don't have time for the first meal but on these I tend to feel sluggish.
Bianor S.
Yes it is. Mostly because I tend to wake up with just enough time to get ready and dash out the door. This leaves me feeling flustered and not a very good start to the day.
Gillian N.
Not hungry for food. Not inspired by breakfast options. Don’t want to consume the calories. Prefer to eat after 11am. Just want a cup of coffee.
Umut X.
When I am alone yes. But for sometime now I'm living with my family again. I used to feel angry when when my father try to wake me up for breakfast but after long years away from home I started to preciate and enjoy.
Lea C.
It is not hard for me to eat breakfast every morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I don't have to skip it. She give me energy to start doing my tasks and to be beneficial.
Victor Z.
It used to be difficult for me to eat breakfast every morning. I am a night owl and I just don’t usually feel hungry until midday. Before eating breakfast would make me feel sick. However, after getting used to eating breakfast for a week or so, I found my body craving it every morning. It has made a big difference to my energy and focus levels in the morning. I tend to eat porridge with banana and honey, or apple, carrot and cinnamon.
Nathana L Z.
At weekends I get up later, and my routine is less set. Skip it in favour of lunch. As am eating porridge need pots, sometimes run out. Make sure have pot each arvo so can wash in time for morning. If that not work then buy extra pot.
Ruben P.
Yes it has been, because my body has a hard time getting moving and my desire for food doesn't kick in until around 11. May have to do with naturally low blood pressure. Water, meditation and stretching don't get my appetite awake, but they do allow me to feel enough like eating to go ahead and do it.
Taylor G.
Yes and no. Some mornings I wake up ready to start the day and I give myself plenty of time to eat. Normally those days end up being better. But – there are some days where I wake up late, I grab something unhealthy to eat while I’m walking out or nothing at all, and I normally have a more stressful day. I’m learning to get a groove and motivate myself to wake up with enough time to actually enjoy my mornings. It’s not an easy habit to get in to, but I’m really trying my best!
Ross T.
No, I've turned breakfast into something I really look forward to so I eat it every day!! I used to struggle when I was hungover to find the effort but now even that isn't an issue!!
Milan F.
At first yes, because it was building back in a habit I lost over time due to a busy work schedule and rushed commute. I now eat breakfast as an intentional part of my morning routine and I use that time to wake my body and mind, so it only makes sense to nourish my body then, too.
Leeann O.
Yes, only because I'm usually not very hungry within the first two hours I wake up but that is when I have to eat breakfast (due to work, etc.). Some days I have to force myself to eat breakfast, however, I am happy I do because if I didn't I would be starving before lunch time. Not eating enough hurts my stomach just as much as overeating.
Kim N.
Before lockdown, breakfast was a natural part of my routine. Since the pandemic, now that I’m at home all the time and can eat whenever I want, it’s harder to make myself something right when I get up. The urgency is gone.
Elena A.
Yes, because I always wake up late and have to start working so I don’t want my breakfast making time to cut into my work time. Hence me trying to sleep earlier.
Heather M.
I ate breakfast every morning when I was little but I lost the feeling for breakfast once I was in my twenties and working late until the night. I don't like eggs or oatmeal so a lot of breakfast foods aren't for me. Since I had the boys, I try to eat with them even if it is cereal or a smoothie.
Nicole O.
Not anymore. I've been practising this habit for about a year now. I recognise that I don't like eating as soon as I wake up, rather about two hours later. So now I aim to do my exercise (or the school run) before I eat.
Jamie Y.
No it is not hard, when you get used to it. Every time you wake up you should make a proper meal and then go on with your plans. At first it is difficult but then it becomes a healthy habit with multiple benefits. So I always try to think of them, before deciding to skip breakfast.
Amber C.
Yes. I feel like there’s more important things to do than eat, that it’s not high priority. I know that isn’t true, but how I feel
Zhannat O.
I got used to eating breakfast every day and really look forward to it. However, when I don’t have time to vary my breakfast options, it becomes mundane to me. Well, at least there’s always coffee ☕️
Emma W.
Sometimes, especially when I'm running late. Those times I say I'll just grab something from the bakery on my way to work.
Ureo Z.
It take me longer because I cant find something appeticing in the morning plus its very rare that I am hungry. Being diabetic it hard to find low carb breakfast that I will eat or fix
Troy S.
Sometimes it is. Not because I'm not hungry, but because the effort required to get out of bed and nurture my body sometimes feels overwhelming first thing in the morning. It is much easier to stay in bed and do nothing/play on my phone, despite how easy getting up and eating is. Also, as a person with body issues, I have over-complicated breakfast, instead of seeing it as a way to fuel my day.
Debbie Z.
I have my breakfast mid morning. I prefer to exercise on an empty stomach and I do intermittent fasting.
If I don't feel like breakfast I can always manage a drink so I make a smoothie
Courtney W.
It truly depends, if I am working I get up very early and can’t eat right away. I am usually a later in the morning eater around 8-10 am. I also keep protein shakes on hand so that I know I can at least drink that if I’m not ready to eat.
Liam O.
yes it’s hard sometimes. there are days when i don’t want to get out of bed early and prepare my breakfast, or i get too picky with what i want to eat and end up skipping the meal. sometimes i have to force myself to eat something, whether it be a cup of yogurt or a banana.
Taher T.
Yes, I often feel the urge to skip my breakfast. I tend to wake up at the last moment and I feel there isn't enough time left for it. However, I do trick myself into packing my breakfast and either having it during commute or first thing when I reach office.
Kelly F.
Its hard for me to stay consistent with heating breakfast. If I start doing other things, like working or doing house upkeep, I will get distracted and not eat until later in the morning when I am so hungry that I feel it. The thing that helps me is always having eggs in the house and making sure I cook right away while I feed the dog.
Bertha O.
No, it's not hard for me to eat breakfast because I have always been taught to have it, even just a small one. I skipped it a lot of times thinking that it wasn't necessary, but I always felt dizzy and without energy later.
Alfred F.
I find it easy to eat breakfast in the morning most days as I am hungry when I wake up. What I do need to work on is my morning ritual so that it is more consistent.
Bartholom Us F.
Yes. I am unable to swallow the food. It just doesn't go in after I am done munching… Then I sometimes take water to swallow the food.
Riley U.
Yes,. Some days I wake up late. But having everything I need in the house for a healthy breakfast makes it easier. I am also learning that it's ok to miss a day or two here and there and not make myself feel bad
Terezka N.
It’s little difficult when i have school right in early morning so sometimes i used to skip breakfast but now I’m not skipping it anymore cuz it makes me more energy
Logan X.
No, I like breakfast and I also make it look better so I will be more interested to eat it 😉.
Also I don’t eat too much at night so in morning I feel like I need to have breakfast.
Monali P.
No. If you repeatedly eat breakfast regularly you get habitual of that and then first thing you need is good breakfast which you give energy and you feel more energetic
Alma C.
Yes, sometimes. Sometimes I don’t feel like dirtying the dishes or go through the effort of making breakfast. I feel like I’m in the kitchen all the time and I make all of the meal decisions in the house and it’s tiring to me and sometimes I would rather not do it, even though it’s much better for everyone involved if there is breakfast!
Nathan Q.
No, I find that it is a nice time to ease into the day as well as eat some nutritious food. I get to plan my day at a leisurely pace with my planner. I also feel better throughout the day.
David U.
No, it's not difficult. I am on home office so I have enough time to eat it ins the morning. Sometimes, breakfast is a way I procrastinate when I already should be working though.
Nathana L Q.
Yes. I have two kids, a kindergarten aged one and a 10 month old, and between juggling their unique mornings things like breakfast for mom tend to go by the wayside. Particularly when it comes to a fresh healthy breakfast, prepackaged is so much more convenient. So it's a learning curve finding a way to make fresh healthy breakfast the easiest choice.
Benuri N.
It hasn't been hard for me to take 3 meals per day. But the issue was i never took breakfast at time. So my meals went like 11am, 4pm, 10pm which i don't think is healthy. It caused me gastric. Main reason for that was, with the wfh situation, i used to get up around 10am. So i started with waking up early. Now i wake up between 6-7 and take 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.
Marga O.
Personally eating breakfast in the morning is very difficult. Whenever I eat I feel like it sets me back and my mind makes me feel guilty for it, so this mentality has molded my mind to think that I'm not hungry when I wake up
Alberte P.
It definitely used to be hard for me to eat any solid food in the morning because fasting was said to be a quick way to lose weight. But what I’ve learned is fasting is really just skipping meals and is a form of deprivation for your body. When I began to eat a meal in the morning, especially one with a good source of protein, I found that I had more energy and had less cravings throughout the day. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and now it’s become my favorite meal because I can start my day off with the food that makes my body happy as well as my tastebuds!
Heather N.
I am not hungry as soon as I wake. I have hot water with lemon first, then stretch and exercise (10 minute class online), then I shower and finally I'm ready for breakfast. I have a smoothie generally – my aim is to increase my intake of fruit and vegetables. I also take a daily Omega 3/6 supplement with added Vitamin D.
Paul S.
No, I use to be a trainer and studied nutrition. I am also an early bird not a night owl. You should have breakfast like a king/queen, lunch like a prince/princess, and dinner like a pauper(I dont think this is a gendered word.)

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love coffee, omelets, turkey bacon, and pancakes. It is very easy for me and I've been doing it for a long long time.

Abbie O.
Yes, it can be. I have ADHD, and can easily forget to eat any meal. Breakfast can get a bit same-y so I try to keep a variety of options available that are quick to grab when I'm in a hurry. I enjoy baking so I often bake at the weekend so I can grab a muffin or oat bar or similar.
Zoe J.
For me it is hard because I never ate anything in the mornings. I just used to drink some water and that was all. But I can get used to eating something in the morning.
Tyquane P.
Yes, very difficult. I often experience discomfort during my waking hours. This pain often deters or shuts down any appetite I might have.
Denise O.
Only on the days I go to the gym at 5AM. I think its because I workout hard and drink a lot of water. I already feel full.
Sky O.
Personally, I never feel hungry in the morning, so it's a little bit of work to get a decent breakfast into me. I've found that applying 16:8 intermittent fasting, with my fast stretching from 2:30pm to 6:30am, adds a decent amount of urgency to ensuring I get proper nutrition in the morning, especially through the work week. Even if I don't feel hungry, I often feel better, literally a little more energetic after breakfast this way.
Kerstin C.
I don’t find it hard, although I wait for a while until hunger pangs strike…probably an hour after waking. Then I choose something tasty and filling. Eggs are a favourite, often with mushrooms and spinach, or a breakfast sandwich on a whole-wheat English muffin. This keeps me full until lunchtime.
Hannah Z.
I found it hard at first as eating it made me feel sick, but keep at it- once my body knew I was waking up at 6am and having breakfast at 7am everyday, after about a week I would be starving every morning. Even if its something so small, being consistent is the most important thing!
Benjamin Z.
No it is not. Because we eat breakfast as a family now, so it is a nice fun way to start the day together. It makes me wake up early and preparing breakfast for my family makes me very happy. We talk and eat together so it is also family time for us. I love it.
Hanna A.
I don't find it hard to eat a healthy breakfast every day bacaue breakfast is the best part of my day. I usually eat the same thing every morning 4 eggs and a packet of oatmeal.i know this sounds ridiculous but my muscle memory of cracking the eggs and putting the packet in the microwave makes me become efficient at the task. I always start the prep after my yoga and before my medistation
Alaa S.
Because sometimes i dont have time and sometimes i wake late and some times i dont found the material to do something to eat
Benedita A.
No. I maintain only 1-3 breakfast options and they’re all relatively easy to make, so time constraints don’t get in the way of daily breakfast. Also, I really enjoy eating what I make.
Linda Z.
Yes it is hard for me to eat breakfast in the morning because I am not used to it and I am not hungry. So I eat a banana and an oat bran muffin that I make 12 at a time so they are arround and maybe some nuts or blueberries with cottage cheese or whole milk yogurt and as long as I can get it down with minimal effort I am more likely to do it regularly.
Marilyn C.
Yes, I am never hungry in the morning and normally fast until 12. I was thankful for the 3 day challenge because I had a crazy week at work and went to my lunch later than normal.
Alicja Z.
Yes. I have 2 little children and their needs are more improtant to me than mine. I am night Owl and Wake up late in the mornig. My children wake up elrier than me so when a day starts I dot have time for myself.
Silvia F.
If I have breakfast after about 30 minutes since I woke up it is easier. I'm not hungry as soon as I wake up so I drink my glass of water and meditate first, and I'm usually hungry after that.
Beatriz N.
I usually wake up hungry so I eat breakfast easily, but sometimes I get lazy to wake up and end up spending time in bed that I should be eating to get ready on time
Bea N.
Yes, because I’ve never done it and never had anyone to make it ever since I was little so it never became a habit for me. Now I started with warm lemon water, water and then make myself whatever healthy products I have in the fridge.It’s a complex history of eating disorders tht developed this for me but I overcame that and now I feel good if I eat just a small plate and drink tea or warm water. It helps a lot to awaken the body and digestive system so I feel like I can burn calories , therefore have energy. Hope it helps. Tc
Pratishtha F.
No not at all! It's actually an energizing ritual for a better start . The breakfast provides you with all the energy you would need to run your day smoothly. So breakfast is an essential part of the only.🙂
Ida F.
No, I love food and usually cannot wait to start the day with a good, heathly breakfast. Don't be put off by people who say that having breakfast will make you hungrier throughout the day, it probably does, but it startsyour day on a good foot, can you can always have a healthy snack before dinner.
Sibylle Z.
Sometimes. Mostly because I'm lazy. There are days that it's hard to eat because I'm not hungry, so I don't have the appetite.
Lindsey N.
Yes, I don't get hungry in the morning and it seems like a lot of trouble to eat breakfast! That means I have to wake up earlier to prepare it and it feels like a waste.
Patricia J.
It can be due to lack of motivation and habit. I usually skip brekfast, but lately I plan ahead what I want and it helps.