What kind of breakfast do you prepare the night before so you you don’t lose too much time in the morning? I make overnight oatmeal.

Nelson J.
I don't prepare from the night in particular as I usually have a smoothie or a smoothie bowl so I put all in blender for 5 min. and its ready, however on my days off I prepare a meal plan for the whole week and everything that can be done in advance I do, for example I cut bananas to put in a box to freeze and other fruits, have all shopping done, prepare all food for work that nreds cooking and can last until I need it, on work days as I work long hours in the evening I pre-prepare only food fornthe next day that can't be done too early for example cutting apples if I am to have some so they have less chance of going brown and not wasting time for it in the morning. But for smoothies I only make sure things are in front of freezer or feidge in order so I don't waste time searching and just put all in blender. I hope that helps. I am not a fan of oats even tho I wished I liked them as they are good source of fibre so I am trying to adapt a healthy meal plan that I like

Daisy E.
I make overnight oats or chia pudding. They both have high fiber, protein, and vitamins to fuel me for the day. I also mix it up and add unique flavors like BANNANA or strawberries to my breakfast.

Daisy S.
I don't make breakfast the night before because I don't mind making breakfast in the morning. I do want to draw up a schedule of what I'm eanting and when so that i don't have to decide in the morning.

Marten Y.
Honestly, I don't shy away from frozen foods for this reason. As much as I am an "Early Bird" who enjoys his mornings, I don't really enjoy cooking/making food in the morning. Similarly, I haven't yet cracked the code for making foods that I can eat later. The closest I've gotten is making some chicken rice porridge (it's a savoury dish) to heat up over the course of a couple days, but I can never eat it fast enough, especially when it comes to just how much I can make in just one batch… I have been looking into things like breakfast burritos, though, as an option for the future.