Which proteins do you eat for breakfast when you eat vegan? I use beans and soy products, but do you have other tasty and healthy alternatives?

M Line E.
I myself am not vegan and usually am good for the morning with a cup of tea and some toast, but what I know of, a way to make beans/tofu taste better is to get some avocado in the mix with some dryed oregano, a bit of lemon or lime and that on bread.
( Don't blend it! I tried it's worse! )
Oc Ane Z.
-Orgain protein powder: in smoothie or water(hot or cold) turmeric powder, and chia seeds(sometimes I'll add rose petals if my throat is scratchy because of the oils if I am doing hot water)
-Skippy natural peanut butter
-Peanut butter powder (smoothie?) I don't use this one but, my partner prefers it to eating peanut butter
Silke G.
Often when making a smoothie for breakfast for efficiency purposes then I'll have lots of oats (which I see as a hybrid between protein and carbs) and nuts which are really good for protein but are also often high in calories. If you want I would also suggest vegan protein powder since it is just food in powdered form.