What should I do if I eat a good breakfast but still feel hungry?

Magnus P.
Well, first thing is to make sure that your breakfast includes fats, proteins, and carbs within it. Including all three of these food groups will help satisfy you more overall. If you still find yourself hungry after that, try having a quick snack in between breakfast and lunch. It could be a protein bar or some fruit, whatever you enjoy the most! I hope this helps:)

Molly Q.
I suggest don’t stop eating. Try having a smoothie with your breakfast and I’ll assure u that you’ll feel full. Also take into consideration that if you eat with distractions like you phone, it will be hard for you body to tell if it’s full or not. I hope that helps

Brittney U.
Maybe try something healthy and filling like a spoon of peanut butter or an extra slice of toast with butter and jam. A nice piece of turkey sausage always works for me.