Any tips on tasty & fast breakfasts (apart from eggs)? Nothing sweet.

Ruben U.
A bowl of plain yogurt with the fruits you like and a hand full of unsweetened granola. You can do your own granola so you know what’s in it. A fibre toast with some avocado and tomato slices with a pinch of herb salt. Throw some fruit and maybe some spinach in a blender with oats, add milk, water or some kind of yogurt of your liking and then you have a nice smoothie. You can use honey to make your meal healthy and sweeter.
Lucie Y.
Porridge/oats, add some fruit like banana, or if you do want a little bit of sweet add some honey or natural maple syrup.
Mathias Z.
A slice of wholemeal bread with some olive oil, a thin slice of cheese and ham. All put together in the toaster to melt the cheese and toast the bread… yummy!
Lino E.
Chia Pudding with seeds, nuts, and fruit. I can’t eat eggs, so the seeds and nuts make up the protein I need to keep me full.
C Lia T.
My breakfast is not all that tasty but it is consistent.
Microwaved egg whites
Roasted piquillo peppers
1/2 banana
1tsp cod liver oil
Cup of pomegranate juice.
Hunter U.
Overnight rolled oats (not the instant ones!) or a portion of plain low-fat greek yogurt loaded with nuts and seeds of your choice and spiced with some cinnamon.
Rosemerie F.
I personally enjoy almond butter (or any kind of nut butter but almond is healthier than most) with a drizzle of honey on top. If you want to cut out sugar, then maybe sub the honey for a healthy fruit and chia seeds.
Diane E.
Find something that you like, then find ways to change it up. For instance, since I’ve been working on my weight loss I’ve found chia seed pudding. No, it’s not a desert. It’s almond milk a tiny bit of honey and chia seeds. I started out eating it with berries before transitioning to cinnamon and apples. There are so many different flavors and varieties you can mix and match. So find what you like and switch it up a little.
Aubin S.
I like tortillas heated in the microwave. The toppings can vary: hummus and spinach; melted cheese and salsa; leftover kung pau chicken; black beans and rice. Whatever is available.
Paul T.
Maybe something like savory oatmeal ( you don’t have to add an egg, it can just be cheese and sausage (vegan or non vegan)). I might also do potato pancakes with left over potatoes in my waffle maker. I usually add parsley to the potatoes and use my mini waffle maker ($10 on Amazon or you could try with a big one, but it might take longer). You can also make waffles with peanut butter in the mini waffle maker (it take a max of 10 minutes). If you are in to green smoothies, you could do a green smoothie with protein powder. Avocado toast would pair nicely with the smoothie. There are other things you could do, but it might require nighttime prep. Things like potatoes O’Brien and baked veggies would be a good morning breakfast if popped in the microwave. I personally switch between oatmeal, smoothies, and eggs for the simplicity. Hope that helped!
Brunhild J.
Hummous with carrots/cucumbers/pitta bread. It’s pretty cheap to buy and even cheaper to make yourself. In the morning you just grab some and eat – no preparation.
Olivia A.
I like multigrain toast with almond butter, cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit, or oatmeal with chopped apples or sliced bananas and pecans or walnuts. Fruit can be cut up ahead of time to make mornings simpler, and a splash of lemon or other citrus juice keeps apples from turning brown. 🙂
Abdullah C.
Greek yogurt with blue berry (these are less sweet than other fruits), and granola. This is a fast, tasty and nutritious breakfast.
Heidi P.
Oatmeal (if you don’t want it to be sweet, used regular oats over an individual package) with nuts, peanut butter, or berries on top.
Rosel O.
When it comes to fast plain yogurt and fruit is my go-to. I also love sautéed apples with cinnamon with a yummy bowl of oatmeal.
Laly Q.
Yes, Instant oatmeal, eggs (like you said are REALLY good) and that’s pretty much what I can think of. Thanks for messaging!
Ross F.
Avocado or peanut butter toast.
Greek yogurt or cottage cheese and fresh fruit. A protein powder based shake made in a shake to mix tumbler.