What exactly did you eat every morning?

Rosa Z.
Every day I cooked scrambled eggs with spinach, honey butter biscuits and turkey bacon. It was quick to prepare and tasty with hot syrup. Everything took about 22 minutes. OJ compliments the entire meal.

Christoffer Z.
Sometimes I like to take my time and make a long breakfast with eggs, turkey bacon and roasted veggies – sometimes I even top with avocado! Today, I was on the go so I packed mixed nuts and seeds

Tracy Z.
So i usually eat milk with corn flakes when i’m at home.. when i have to go to work i eat something fast like some juice and croissant. This morning i might have eaten chocolate’s pancake with nutella on it🙄

Vicki Y.
It depends…. due to the COVID 19 outbreak, access to food supplies seems more limited than before. I try to usually order a chicken/tuna sandwich and some fruits, to balance out carbs, proteins and some vital nutrients m.

Anton W.
I don't like breakfast and I never feel hungry when I wake up. However, besides coffee these days I was boiling 1 egg to start with

Lauren T.
Usually eggs and rice, along with some sort of meat (spam, vienna sausages, etc.) Sometimes I eat things more akin to a snack (pastries) because I don't want to cook, but that's a habit that I should probably kick.

Michelle X.
I alternated mornings eating eggs either hard boiled or scrambled or omelette, with veggies spinach and avocado. On the other days I ate either oatmeal with some granola, grated coconut, whatever raw nuts I have in the house. Some mornings it was just fruits with tea or plain yogurt with fruit.

Philip C.
I always have fruit. Sometimes a few apple slices or a banana but I try to cut up some fruit to add to my yogurt or cereal. I also add granola too! If I'm craving a carb I'll treat myself to one slice of toast with peanutbutter and honey!

Ansgar X.
I didn't eat the same thing every day. I also went for the most simple: peanut butter and jelly, oatmeal with frozen fruit, grapes and cheese, things I didn't have to do a lot of prepping, but also not something I could just pull out of the freezer or a package and eat. Yes to apples and oranges, no to pop tarts and premade mini muffins. INSTEAD Make the muffins!

Howard U.
Have only started this recently, but trying to make my breakfasts a little closer to those I had while on holiday.

Cheese and cold meat, maybe a boiled egg, followed by porridge and a coffee.

I'm am also only having breakfast once I have been out for a 10 minute walk.

Lina P.
Whole wheat toast, peanut-only peanut butter, banana, unsweetened soymilk is the usual. Sometimes I do overnight oats with chia seeds, soymilk, and banana. Rarely I do whole wheat cereal with nonfat milk and banana. I switch out the fruits often. Sometimes dinner leftovers if I want something salty.

Nuria U.
I usually eat bread with hummus, avocado, olive oil, boiled eggs or something like that, with fresh fruits and nuts or yogurt.

Dittmar Z.
I ate mostly yogurt, croissant and a cup of coffee. Anything that could've been consumed quickly. I regret it because I was almost immediately hungry again.

Tyler A.
Eggs. scrambled or sunny side up. i love them in every way. with that i would have some sausages, sometimes bread or corn bread (proja).

Alinda F.
I usually eat 3 different kind of breakfast: the first one is porridge with cocoa powder, coconut and banana. The second is milk or yoghurt with muesli and a cup of coffee; lastly I also appreciate hot tea and a slice of wholebread with jam.

Sara O.
Usually I have an Italian breakfast. I eat milk or yogurt, some biscuits and a fruit. Obviously I need also a cup of coffee every morning. Sometimes we buy oranges and I can drink orange juice too.

Suzanna C.
First morning – scrambled eggs on a toasted bagel
Other mornings – yoghurt with caramelised and spiced apples and crumble

Helen E.
This morning was brussel sprouts sauteed in real butter, 2 eggs over easy and on piece of gluten free toast. Yesterday was a green smoothie with a greens powder packet, frozen berries, collagen, and almond milk. The first day was eggs and asparagus.

Rom O T.
I eat 1 oz of oatmeal and 8 oz of nonfat plain yogurt and one pair or one fruit. I am in a 12-step food addiction program that has me weigh and measure my food.

Mayank O.
Milk is important part of my diet. Its coupled with peanut butter sandwiched toast. And some dry fruits. Some days i replace peanut butter with cream cheese.