What is the best non-dairy milk alternative you have found?

Savy U.
I absolutely love oat milk, it’s thick and creamy like milk and it is more environmentally friendly than almond milk as it takes much less water to grow and process. Soy milk would probably be my runner up in terms of flavor.

Sofia Z.
I'm switching between two. One is soy "milk" because of protein content. Yet there is a lot of controversy around soy so I'm not all in. The other is oats milk which is particularly tastier when heated up, has decent protein content and low sugar.
In any case I always avoid drinks which contain any added sugar or sweetener, which some minimal salt content doesn't put me off.

Allie P.
I like almond milk. It's not that expensive and tastes good. Especially the chocolate. Aldi has good almond milk if you have a store.

Ramazan F.
For in coffee: oat milk for sure. But I thing almond milk has the best taste. Have you ever tried hazelnut milk? That’s amazing to make chocolate milk, just like Nutella. But than vegan. 😊

Jackie E.
Coconut milk is probably the best I have found because it tastes good in coffee, it's one downside is that it's flavour is sometimes too strong for tea and that sort of thing so then I use almond milk

Emmie Y.
I have enjoyed Almond milk the most so far but there are other non-dairy alternative milks that I still need to try out but this one has been my go to! It gives a nuttiness to your coffee and I enjoy the taste it gives as a cereal or even in overnight chia pudding.

Damaris J.
Silk Milk is my favorite milk alternative brand!! They have so many options like Coconut, Almond, Cashew, and more! They even have Silk Soy milk options and Original, Sweetened with Vanilla and Non sweetened options.

Konstantin R.
I’ve always wanted to try oat milk but at the moment almond milk is what I drink. Been drinking it for the past 3 years.