Anyone out there do intermittent fasting and skip breakfast entirely?

Maria A.
Breakfast is liie charging my piwer bank before heading to a trip.. if keeping your phone charge is important, so is breakfast

Mazhar U.
Breakfast is way too important for me to skip but it doesn't mean I don't eat unhealthy. I didn't know you skip breakfast during intermittent fasting. Good luck though.

Elizabeth N.
I used to do the 5:2 intermittent fasting. I would skip breakfast and lunch and just have a 500cal dinner. I found the diet hard to sustain when working from home, so switched to just having ~1500 daily instead

Wallace P.
Yeah people out there do it me myself I don’t if I don’t eat breakfast I don’t feel Energized and can’t get much done through out the day.

Emilie F.
I don't skip breakfast but my breakfasts are usually late. I don't understand much about intermittent fasting, but my breakfasts happen late by my daily work habit. Like I work till late nights so I sleep late and wake up late and so breakfast late. So between my dinner and breakfast there's a huge gap. Is that how intermittent fasting works?

Diva N.
In my place, there's no one doing that, people can't get to their activity without getting some food and drink in the early day