When your alarm goes off early in the morning, how do you motivate yourself to get up?

Noah W.
For me it’s about actually getting out of bed so when your alarm goes off just get out of bed straight away. After a couple of days it just becomes natural and you don’t even think about it. The other tip is to have something to get up for so maybe putting your music on, making yourself a coffee. Whatever it is just make sure you get out of bed! Best of luck
Kasimir O.
As I recall hearing in an 'Impact Theory' interview, I imagine myself as a spaceship just waiting to blast off. The moment I am conscious and can hear my own thoughts with my eyes closed, I start counting down from 3 to 0. Once I've reached 0,I don't allow myself any time to contemplate about waking up and just wake up jumping out of bed.
Marjorie Q.
I am getting to the point where the idea of starting my morning routine gets me moving. It’s fairly long so I have to get at it so I can get to work. I really like stretching first thing in the morning now. I’ve never done morning stretching or meditating before.
Alison E.
It took me years to develop good sleep hygiene so that I go to bed and get up at the same time everyday. It only varies when something major is going on. I have found I no longer have to set an alarm. Even if something really unique is going on that requires me to get up before I normally do. I almost always just keep it in mind and wake up. Changing my lifestyle to have good sleep hygiene made all the difference in the world.
Sel Sio G.
It’s actually very difficult. Even when I have something on that I need to attend. Looking forward to coffee and breakfast is great and when the weather is sunny, it’s much easier to wake
Berta E.
Beginning the morning with, “Thank you Lord” for waking me up with a sincere heart motivates me to get up. I do not ever want to take my body, my mental and physical health for granted. As I lay in bed, I try to remember what a blessing it is to be able to get up and just do it.
Ronnie B.
I usualy try not to think about it as much and just gwt up or else my minds wants to convince me to go back and get some more sleep… if i dont wake up that second it usualy wins over me haha
Wiltrud F.
My alarm clock is on the other side of my room so I have to get up to turn it off. Then I try to get moving and try not to let myself crawl back in bed.
Brayden F.
I try to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off. I visualise myself going to work on time and taking things one step at a time and imagine myself in a calm stste of mind
Eva N.
The first thing I do every morning (besides brushing my teeth and washing my face) is a 45 minute workout so what makes me get out of bed is telling myself, “how bad do you want it?” A toned body. I want it really bad so I do it, I get out of bed.
Ted E.
It won't even happen. If you are using a phone as a alarm clock make sure you have enough battery till morning so the alarm clock will ring. Keep your phone next to your bed upside down and increase your alarm volume to max. If you do this, you don't even need to ask this question. Enjoy your fabulous journey with me 🙂
Ann Z.
My alarm will rang I'm wake up according to my work if I have to go somewhere then I wake up accordingly. Nothing can motivate me to wake up early. I usually waked up at 9 almost.
Laura C.
Do something the night before that makes it really easy to start. Sleep in your gym clothes or pile them right next to the bed. Or what's one thing you really enjoy doing that you could schedule as the first thing you do every day?
Anna Z.
Simple install Alarm with Maths questions & put phone in distance with Bed….after solve math problems alarm just wash u r face & Seat in balcony or walk out side home so u fell fresh ….It very hard but solve after some effort…
Alexis P.
1.Wyprowadze psa, 2.utrzymam i zwiększe swoją formę. 3. Po bieganiu jestem stabiljnieszy emocjonalnie 4.A co za tym idzie realnie widzę rzeczywistość czyli mniej skrajnie. 5. Imponuję Asi i Kacprowi trenigami. 6.Podobam się żonie wizualnie i ruchowo. 7. Ruch sprawie mi przyjemność
Jamila Z.
I use DoTerra essential oils to help motivate me. I take a drop of peppermint and wild orange in my hands, rub them together, cover my hands over my mouth and nose and inhale. Then I take my thumb, press it into the palm of my hand, then tap it to the roof of my mouth. Lastly, I take my hands and rub them on the back of my neck.
Lo C C.
I want relaxed mornings! So if I get up on time I get time to relax, sip my cup of tea in peace and reach to my work in relaxed mood. That makes my whole day go in good manner.
Domenico N.
6:30 is EARLY and an adjustment from my regular wake up time over the last few years! I plan to catch the 7:57 train every morning as I am a commuter. To do that I need to leave home around 7:40 (the later the more I have to rush… I don’t like rushing especially first thing in the morning!) Also catching that train means I get 30 minutes to spend with my boyfriend who takes the same train as me. Some days this is the only time we see each other as we’re both busy and working. Finally, I like my job and am always excited to get to the office and get my day started.
Nanna U.
I have depression, and I know the best way to start the fight against it is to get out of bed in the morning when my alarm goes off.
Calvin U.
I remind myself that life is better when lived, rather than avoided. I’d rather rise and shine over sleep in and miss out
Alexander W.
I think of how great I’ll feel once I can cross off the water drinking and breakfast from my list! So, actually I would recommend putting your water bottle away from your bed, but in a place you’ll see as soon as you get up (such as the kitchen table). It’s not easy, but you’ll already feel productive getting out of bed quickly, which starts you off on a positive note for the rest of the day.
Billie N.
When my alarm starts I begin to think about all the things I need to do that day. Starting with a nice warm shower. That’ll normally motivate me out of bed and if that doesn’t work it never lasts long before I hear my beautiful children and it’s the fact that kids grow up that makes the time with them all the more special. ❤️🙏🏼
Karl U.
I was very sleepy but my mind constantly telling me to wake up and drink water and start doing exercises. I don't want tomkiss the challenege.
Carina X.
I don't, for now. Still working on the actual getting up part, I currently don't have a regular class/work schedule but I hope to improve by the time I do have one.
Judith T.
If I have something specifically that I've planned or that will hold me accountable (like a fitness class that starts at a certain hour or an interview or a meeting with a friend) then I am usually more motivated to get up, awake, and moving so I can present a better appearance to those friends, colleagues, bosses, and other coaches or business owners that I interact with on a regular basis or who may have a profound impact on my life. I want them to see the best version of me, and I can't do that if I just roll out of bed and am running late to my meetings and appointments.
Caleb E.
It's become my habit now. But when I used to struggle a lot earlier I would tell myself that brooding and worrying about the day was not going to make the day any better and push myself out of bed
Lylou T.
I have always been a morning person so getting up early is easy for me. I do not need specific additional motivation to get up, unless there is something that needs to get done that I really don't like to do. Then I probably will get up but will leave that thing for later….
Tilmann S.
Don’t put your alarm near where you sleep. It’s much more compelling to hit snooze if you do that. Put it a fair distance away so that you have to get up and walk to turn it off. Put it outside your room, heck, put it in the living room and have it blare in the morning (if you live alone). Or put it in the washroom… so when you get there you can just start brushing your teeth right away. Set yourself up so that you have no choice but to get up and move as far away from the bed as possible. You can’t rely solely on motivation, you must have cues that make the task easier and more manageable on those days when your motivation is flat.
Olivia N.
Well before I get up o have 3 alarms that go off so I can prep myself to getting up. Once that last alarm goes off I just have to keep in mind that I have people depending on me getting to work on time and I have a husband to wake up and make breakfast for. All of these things require time that I would not have if I do not wake up on time. You just have to pick something that motivates you and focus on those things.
Michael B.
No doubt walking up everyday can be a struggle, sometimes you didn’t get enough sleep, sometimes you simply can’t get out of bed. One thing I hate is being late in the morning and I know if I’m in that bad energy space, feeling rushed and tired it will impact the rest of my day. To get motivated and wake up early or on time I remind myself of something fun I’m doing that day. Maybe it’s that I’m going out later, or today I was planning to wear the cute outfit I bought last week. Little things like this help me get out of bed.
Philip F.
Honestly, I just use one of those tricky alarm clocks that makes you do stuff (shake phone, go to other room, do math) before it will turn off. Then once I’m up I’m motivated by food. And enjoying the “me” time before kids are up.
Maya T.
Honestly, it takes me a while to wake up because I’m not a morning person. I like taking showers so what excites me is getting up to take a hot shower.
Mario Y.
I think about the delicious breakfast that I had ready to make for today and I think about how great I’ll feel after my morning exercise. Also, drinking water immediately after making gets me ready to go from the start.
Beth B.
If I'm still tired I'll remind myself that once I get my morning routine done I can take a nap in the early afternoon but only once everything gets done.
Douglas S.
I have an arsenal of alarm clocks. One vibrates my bed while beeping. Another simulates a sunrise starting 1/2 hour before it starts beeping. A third is an aromatherapy diffuser that starts diffusing a scent when it beeps. The fourth is set up across the room from my bed. My phone is my fifth, and it requires that I scan two set barcodes before it stops beeping. The two barcodes I use are from a book and my cat's food container.

As soon as I wake up, I try to open my blinds and get as much sunlight into my room as possible. I make my bed and put my cat's bed on top of my covers, so I can't get back into bed without disturbing her. Then, I go around my room to turn on all of my decentralized lights – mostly string lights. I'm still working on making sure this translates into doing the rest of my morning routine.

Amaury Y.
I usually don't feel like getting up. The fear of being late usually gets me up, but I have gotten past that now and am generally late. I need to work on this.
Anton P.
Find something you’re really passionate about. Getting up early in the morning will become no problem if you are passionate about something.