Yes. What do you usually eat for your breakfast? Why?

Emily A.
I'd have a croissant, yogurt, and sometimes a muffin for breakfast because it's not that sweet that it will drain my energy later and can keep me a little full until lunch.
Gerald P.
Sandwich, either with cheese or salmon or a homemade spread. They are very easy to make in the morning when I'm half asleep. Usually joined by a cup of coffee and a fruit km my way to school.
Enith E.
I normally eat hard boiled eggs for breakfast, sometimes with croissant bread, tea and milk. Notmally because they are the best food that I eat for breakfast.
Christian J.
Something fast and not so heavy , it could be an apple or a banana sometimes even a lonche de pierna , depends on how much time I have and how hungry I feel
Isaac T.
Depends on the day but some combination of:
-Milk and yogurt
– Oatmeal, flaxseed and other seeds
– Cereal
– Several berries
– Banana
Today I ate a smoothie with cabbage, apple, carrots, oatmeal ans peanut butter and it was delicious.
Anatole Z.
Normally I would enjoy a bowl of wetbix with honey. It fills me up and keeps me going, the great thing is you can always change what you mix it with.