How much time do you usually take for breakfast?

Mikkel E.
At home, about a half hour. For work, I prep breakfast the night before and microwave or heat in the toaster oven for under 3 minutes.
Felicia Q.
Eating takes about 15minutes, and witht he orep time, it adds another 10 minutes on. I really liked eating the breakfast in. Acation with janet. Had time to read a little in between butes. Made itmore relaxing and purposeful.
Marten F.
I take 5 to 10 minutes to prepare some scrambled eggs and eat them, then wash my dishes
Greg Ria S.
I don’t take a lot of time for breakfast, maybe 15 minutes. I guess it seems more like an inconvenience. Something in the way to getting on with my morning. Sometimes I’ll eat it while in a call or in between morning meetings. I should try to take my time, read a book or listen to a podcast and slow down.
Judith E.
I used to take from anywhere to a few minutes to two hours. But lately I m more conscious of how I use Media and have been taking about 20 to 30 minutes.
Aur Lien Z.
Around 20 minutes not counting cooking. I would usually read something in the process. The slower you eat, the faster you will feel fool afterwards.
Wallace E.
Maybe about fifteen to twenty minutes although I try not to just scarf down my food. Give yourself enough time to eat so that you enjoy the process rather than being in a rush.
Adam X.
We use breakfast to spend some quality time together – later in the day always something happened. Usually we spend between 30 and 45 mins on breakfast.
Romana Q.
For breakfast, I typically take 5-10 minutes. I don’t prepare my morning breakfast but rather typically buy a sandwich or a yogurt. I usually have my breakfast in between of work related session. So, it’s not really about having time for myself. I just don’t want to eat so early yet. Maybe when I reach my weight goal of 69 I will start eating an early breakfast.
Peter Z.
Since I food prep on Sundays breakfast doesn't take long at all. I sip a smoothie while I am getting ready made from a homemade smoothie pack and take a healthy muffin or bar with me to eat at my desk.
Oscar W.
I usually take a out 20 mins for breakfast. By the time I prepare the food it's 15 mins then I have a leisurely cup of tea for about 10 minutes.
Elvira X.
It usually takes me a minute to start brewing a cup of coffee with the Keurig machine. I start doing some push ups and grab some eggs and butter while resting between sets. Cooking eggs and making a smoothie take about 10 minutes. It depends on how much time I have before the first task of the day. On average, I think I take an hour for breakfast prep and eating.
Anna P.
Usually 30 minutes. I live with my mom and she helps me to peel and chop all the fruits we have for breakfast! I also leave Chia or Oatmeals soaking on water the night before to use in our smoothies. Planing the week's breakfast it's really helpful to save time during the morning!
Ava S.
At least 30 minutes. It is the most important meal of the day and taking time to eat it allows me to focus on the day ahead.
Wayne O.
Weekdays I usually take 10-20 minutes depending on what I'm cooking/eating. Weekends I take however long it takes me, I don't rush.
Edinalva Q.
I usually take around 30-45 min to eat breakfast. It is a lot of time but that is because I have breakfast with my fam and we use that time to chat at talk about our plans for the day.
Theresa P.
I typically have water and then coffee first. Shower, dress, then either grab a banana or apple, make oatmeal, or boil an egg for breakfast.
Isaac S.
During the work week, my breakfast is typically limited to oatmeal or English muffin with peanut butter. I usually wake up around 6am and get to work about 7. I settle in by getting my files out and checking email. I will lay out my pills and vitamins. My first meeting is at 8am and only lasts no more than fifteen minutes. When that meeting is over, I make my breakfast and coffee in the kitchenette. On the way back, I buy a bottle of water from the fridge. I take my pills and then I eat. This takes faster than I think, particularly since i eat while I am starting to work. I usually let my coffee cool down for 20 minutes before drinking it.

Mornings on non-work days are a lot different for me.

Viktor X.
About 15 minutes. I prepare and have porridge every morning. The benefits are definitely worth every single minute.