Do you still eat at the same time each day even if not hungry?

Marta N.
I normally eat lunch and dinner everyday at the same time, even if I’m not hungry.
I try to do the same with breakfast but sometimes it’s really hard because I may have some stomach issues.
I do eat snacks for example in the afternoon only if I’m hungry.
Jeannie F.
Typically, just not as much. I want to keep my body on a generally similar schedule so it’s not being slammed into a new digestive timeline every day.
Calvin W.
Yes, I prefer eating at the same time each day, even though (for various reasons) I am not hungry. I am the type who prefers eating at the same key-hours in the day. Because eating, like any other activity, is like a habit. It is as if I am educating my body to be disciplined.
Friedlinde F.
Yeah, eating a bit even when you are not hungry is a small but important step to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a habit to maintain a healthy gut as well 😁