How do you deal with breakfast boredom?

Angel A.
i will try something else with it to eat so if im tired of oats i will add other things to it like more fruit, maple syrup or yogurt
Suvidya L.
I try to add variety to my breakfast plate. I prepare 2-3 food items and consume small portions of those. For eg, a bowl of smoothie, salad,etc. This way I don't get bored with my breakfast.
Roshni F.
To deal with breakfast boredom, choose a food that you are more likely to finish and like to eat. Like try eating a low sugar donut to convince yourself that breakfast is good. Somethibg else you can do is to search for healthy food recipes online, which makes breakfast a bigger variety and more fun :).
Cassandre T.
Switch up what you’re eating so it’s not the same style of food everyday. Have bread based one day and a protein breakfast the next
Manika T.
Don't always go with just green vegetables do it colourful i know it doesn't sound helpful but it is you can also make different shapes for fun.😉
Pat T.
It never happens with me 😅 I love having breakfast and I used to have the same over and over with no problem. Now I eat different things more often. We can all agree that hotel's buffet are the best thing on earth right? 🤩
Asta Z.
There are many recipes on YouTube which are tasty and healthy just make sure not to make a long one and the taste will grab you towards it.
Yedda Z.
Breakfast boredom? Like you don’t want to eat? All I do is drink some water, and then go to the bathroom, and then try to eat 🙂
Glen P.
You don’t. You just eat something else for a week to a few months. I go through phases. Right now I’m all about bagels with cream cheese, but there was a period where I ate only eggs and toast for months.
Ines O.
I usually Try Live in the moment, be thankful for the opportunity to have healthy food at my home and For the opportunity to improve day by day
Sahna Z.
never experience but mostly i am just tired of chewing or lazy to move my mouth. ig that happen then i will just drink to fill in my stomach
Sepehr Z.
I was sick for a few days and had little appetite for breakfast, but this app made me eat breakfast, however little, but I didn't stop.
Radka A.
Usually i like having fun and tasty meal. I try new things every now and then. During breakfast i usually watch some Youtube and that’s what works for me.
Betina X.
To be honest, i only feel breakfast boredom when I am either sick, or have been eating the same "boring" breakfast for a longer period. My solution to this is to find fun recipes that are healthy. And I make myself a yummy, funny and healthy breakfast. Now if I don't have the time for it everyday, I would have it every weekend and on weekdays I will keep to faster but still healthy meals. Down side is they might become boring if I eat them repeatedly.
Cecilie Z.
So far since my journey has begun I eat a bowl of cereal and a bowl of fruit every morning. But never fails I always want more .
Hannchen N.
Personally I have autism, and adhd. So sometimes I have trouble forcing myself to eat new foods everyday. But then there’s the other side of that when I have trouble eating the same food. When that happens I normally try to have another food laying around. Like a different kind of cereal, or putting nutella on toast instead of peanut butter. Having a banana instead of an apple. Just little things like that help me not hyper focus on food, and stay interested in eating breakfast everyday.
Fatma U.
Actually breakfast is not bored for me , you have to enjoy it, make your favourite food🍳🥞and sit in a place you like a garden or a place with sun rays🪴🌼. I prefer to eat my breakfast alone if you don’t then eat it with your family or friends and have fun,and one last thing turn on you favourite music or songs🎶. Try to make it peaceful🌸✨
Luis Q.
I rarely felt boredom with breakfast. Maybe when i feel bored, i change my menu such first week i eat bread, second week i eat biscuits or heavy meal such as fried noodles etc
Marija B.
Try out new things, go grocery shopping and buy what you've never tasted before. You might be afraid to spend money on something you won't use (in this case eat), but what if you really like it? Try out new meals and combinations. For example, I tried fried carrots, and as sweet an fried apple with a little bit of sugar. Yes it might seem unusual or a bit much for breakfast, but I did like it. This is just one of millions of food combinations. If you don't have any ideas for a new, unique meal, watch some videos on YouTube, that's how i got the idea of fried apple. I hope I helped :).
Roswitha X.
If I get bored for this breakfast, then I try to do sports in the meantime and usually also have an appetite and desire to do something healthy. So I'm usually hungry after sports.
Gail O.
I talk to my cats, or do math exercises and study Spanish, if you don't like having the phone while you have breakfast you can plan your day
Arris O.
With breakfast boredom, there needs to be a specific confrontation. Firstly, what makes the breakfast boring? If you are getting tired of having the same breakfast everyday, and your life is feeling like a loop, the most likely strategy is to change what you eat in the morning. This is done by using some time out of your day to research or even go through your fridge to see what options you have. Once you have enough resources gathered, you can make a strategic decision based on what other breakfast meals you can eat.
Danny I.
Be creative when making your breakfast and try new dishes in the morning. Even a little change makes a boring breakfast interesting!
Tony S.
Yes, it happens a lot. I usually occupy myself with something else while eating like reading a book or checking the news or some social media apps, so that if I'm bored with the breakfast there's at least something else that's still fun. I remind myself that it doesn't matter that i enjoy the food as much as consuming the necessary nutrients needed for the day.
Bev N.
I don’t really find that I get bored with breakfast. I just don’t like taking the effort to cook it. Probably because eating sometimes makes me feel bad about my body. I don’t think I’ve ever said that. But the idea of eating right after I wake up makes me feel like someone who can’t go a second without eating.
Sara E.
I don't think breakfast is boring, but I have had problems with it. I try to vary and try to eat what I like each morning, all with a latte 🙂
Izolita G.
Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, and since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s essential to have a good breakfast. Try scrambled eggs with veggies and fruit or avocado toast. If you feel like eating something sweet, make some oats and spice them up with different toppings or a smoothie bowel. Make sure to eat mindfully.
Shawnesse U.
I eat the food I like and I want that is on my eating plan. I enjoy making my breakfast so I make sure I have food I want to eat in my kitchen.
Terry E.
الحمدلله هي المشكلة لا أواجهها بتاتًا كوني بحب الأكل😂
بس إذا كنت عاملة كيتو (غالبًا قريبًا🌚) ببطل أفطر لأنه الchoices المتوفرة مش زاكية مطلقًا…
Cjtosauccy N.
I usually find something to look at and I just eat and leave my mind on it. My cats when there walking I imagine there ancestors and how they hunt.This has made me understand the deep ness and before you know it your done eating.
Tilde W.
Continue to change things up, plan the night before all the things I can do to make breakfast fun and ready. In the morning all that’s left is to follow the plan, cook and enjoy.
Jordan Z.
Look online for a variety of healthy options that are appealing. Than have the ingredients on hand to have them for breakfast. Also some options can be made ahead of time…saving time in the morning.
Ruben E.
I like to choose foods (like “oatmeal” or “eggs”) that can have many variations. Find a basic item that you like, and then get creative with different toppings every few days. Oatmeal can have all sorts of toppings (raisins and/or nuts and/or fresh berries and/or brown sugar), eggs can be cooked in about a dozen different ways and with different seasoning options.
Robinique Y.
I have the same protien shake every morning. Adding in a different fruit daily may add variety. The greatest mental shift I've made is to view is as it is: simply fuel to get you through the day. Your car doesn't get weary if the same gas because the utility is more crucial than variety.
Angelique U.
I end Up not eating at all sometimes then intuitively decide what to eat when starving. Or just keep ordering food delivery from different restaurants
Jackie T.
I usually rotate between about three meals! I have a rushed morning, so I go for something easy to keep track of like toast and other baked goods. Whenever I get bored, I switch to some quick eggs or an extra fruit. It's enough choices to keep me from being bored, but all of them are quick so I don't need to worry about being late!
Stacey B.
honestly, this was a huuuuge challenge for me. there’s nothing i hate more than a boring bowl of cereal or a not substantially covered piece of toast so for me i like to experiment! with flavours & techniques that i find. my favourite at the moment is cereal (any kind) soaked in coconut water overnight with grated apple, coconut chia (coconut cream & chia seeds set overnight!) and then whatever dairy free yogurt i can find. it is soooo tasty and once i begin to get sick of it, i try something new like a different fruit or adding something, taking one part away, whatever feels right but ensuring it’s still tasty as!
Vivian X.
I practice intuitive eating, so if I wake up and am not hungry yet I’ll leave it and have a snack later on in the morning. I find it a good way because I can eat breakfast sometimes and feel really sick.
Philip Z.
I like eating. It's enjoyable for me so I don't get bored with eating breakfast. Plus I go on my phone in the morning while eating.
Jennifer P.
I actually don’t have breakfast boredom. This is because breakfast for me is probably my biggest meal of the day. After my water and a lovely cup of tea – I have my breakfast. I have a few go tos in my brekkie repertoire: a full brekkie of mushrooms tomatoes and an egg on one piece of low GI toast or canned tuna or trout with lemon and herb salt on toast with a scrape of mayo or ham and egg on toast etc. Thankfully I am a person who likes to eat in the morning. I’m usually hungry and then this meal keeps me full of energy until about 2-3pm. I just love it and am usually always motivated to do a yummy healthy cooked breakfast.
G L N.
Actually I don’t have any issue about breakfast. I love having it. And I love eggs but sometimes I don’t have time for eggs. This challenge push me for create time, and hold me back from laziness. Thank you 😘
Katie Y.
Well I make my breakfast fun and silly Make a silly face on pancakes I want to make bacon and eggs make a smiley face ok
Louisa N.
First of all, we all may have had that one time at breakfast where we didn’t want to eat what we had. Whether we thought it was too healthy or not enough, we didn’t want it. To deal with that, I have found that making it more colorful has helped. Make a nice salad with lots of interesting things in it. Or turn it into a smiley face! Maybe say some stuff to yourself about your day and take a moment to enjoy yourself and the meal you are having. Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day love!
Harvey C.
Embrace it! We live in a world of constant stimulation, i.e. our phones. So take this few moments to just be still. Enjoy the peacefulness. Usually we complain about not having a moment to ourselves and then when we finally get that moment (breakfast) we complain of boredom. Why not just enjoy the moment to yourself! And if that is still challenging, just focus on the day ahead. Make a to do list for the day, so when you are done eating you have direction for the day.
Jolita N.
I don’t. I feel happy with the decision of having the same breakfast because I made sure I enjoyed it as if I would have it all day if I could.
Esmeralda N.
Trying different flavor, example overnight oats, with chocolate, peanut butter, jelly or fruits if taste different every day not bored to eat ❤️
Daniel O.
I alternate breakfast there are so many different fruits and I have these with yogurt,porridge or on there own , sometimes I have eggs with smoked salmon or lean bacon or ham .
August E.
I don’t know because I don’t experience breakfast boredom. Food does not bore me. I eat what I like, not what I don’t and that’s it.
Skyler N.
When I grow tired of eating the same things for breakfast I branch out. I try things that aren’t necessarily considered breakfast foods. Instead of making bacon or sausage with eggs, I’ll make bologna or leftover steak. Sometimes leftovers are good and quick to reheat for breakfast as well.
Kiwi N.
Firstly because of the app it stays in my back mind and so it bothers me enough to overcome boredom. And secondly I usually opt for something easy to munch on like a fruit.
Stephen Z.
I don't usually have breakfast boredom as I watch YouTube while eating breakfast. I do this because that is the one time in the day where I am not mentally busy and I have to watch videos… partly because I let myself not feel bad during breakfast.
Nicoline C.
Well this happens to me a lot. But I just put on some tv and force myself to eat while I watch thts the only solution. Or my own apartment and I have someone who motivates me lol
Grace Q.
Mix it up there are lots of healthy options on a day off make a bunch of different recipes and save them to eat throughout the week
Danielle J.
I would be more happy if i breakfast with my family or maybe while listening to something that is good for me or maybe while watching the tv though its not good but it helps me to feel more happy somehow🤓
Lisbeth J.
How I deal with breakfast boredom is I think of why I am eating it. I am eating breakfast so I can become healthier, more energetic etc. I also try to appreciate how it taste, just give yourself a minute to think about what you are eating and how it’s marking you feel?
Dana U.
You can deal with breakfast boredom by spicing up what you usually eat or occasionally adding tasty or sweet food to your breakfast. Pancakes is a good example, you can add any fruit of your choice, use a new recipe to making pancakes, and pairing that with either juice, milk, or any beverage.
موسى العوايشة N.
I try as much as possible to eat breakfast, but I always feel lethargic despite eating it, and I have a problem not playing sports at all.
Alejandro T.
I like to keep a variety of different breakfast meals in my home, that includes meals I have not tried before. I usually keep meals that don’t take long to make so if I end up not liking it, it isn’t a total waste of time. If there’s a brand or meal you used to like and are bored of now, try purchasing different flavors of it or adding an extra ingredient to it like salt, pepper, hot sauce, etc. to spice your meal up a bit.
Yomerly E.
I deal with breakfast boredom by eating a breakfast that I really like, doing something productive while eating, or watching something entertaining on TV or on YouTube while I eat breakfast.
L Rke W.
Changing up options each weekly grocery run. Frozen fruit is my go to smoothie add in, which allows for many flavor options in a quick easy breakfast. Add spinach and protein powder, and I have a solid start.
Nicoline C.
By not giving food power from the taste, but giving food meaning, so you can control it to fit your needs and feel better.
Constance S.
I prepare things I like and ste healthy in advance and put them on the center of the table where I will be enyoing breakfast that week. Nuts, fruit, protein bar are always on the table. Yogurt, eggs, smoothies, oats prepared night before are in the fridge. So, I give myself options up front and then eat what I feel like that morning.
Lauren O.
I usually go for an old classic, something I’ve always loved- like a store bought Apple pie. I mean, at least I’m still having breakfast and not going hungry. That usually renews my tastebuds. Or I opt for another classic, just fruit. It’s okay to stumble along the way though, your progress is not linear, and the boredom will go (usually!)
Richa G.
Just listen to your body, body cravings. How hungry are you, what kind of breakfast do you wish to eat today- light, heavy, solid or just a glass of smoothie. Listen to your body!
Salma N.
I usually eat a short breakfast like an Apple on My Way to School if Its weekend i probably Watch something while eating or play with puzzles
Brittany R.
I make the ingredients ready in the night and when I wake up everything is ready to make and don’t make a hard to make breakfast just something easy to make like a two boiled eggs
Alexander X.
Hi, I feel this problem too but with a different approach I am getting better. I try to make the idea of having breakfast into a game, a challenge where I can get a whole day full of energy. This creates a motivational image in my mind and it feels easier in my body.
Spela W.
Trying new recipes. There are so many food recipes that don’t take a long time to prepare. It’s probably hard for you to try and find a new ones. But just take your time and explore the internet or youtube. Maybe even go to your friends and family for some ideas, even better buy yourself a new cookbook and just prepare stuff. Don’t overthink it. It you never try you will never know.
Music Box N.
I deal with a breakfast boredom by eating snacks, since it’s not that big of a meal, I can easily eat it. However the downer part of it is that I either get hungry or I eat even more snacks, which turns out to not be healthy.
Severin F.
I am Always looking for something new. Some days I am in the Mood for milk and biscuits, others I only want to get Lost in the. It depends on what I nave in the fridge too: If there Is a banana in there, it's sure that I Will eat It instead of a toast with chocolate cream or somthing else.
Burckhard U.
To put it short, I really experiment. Often times in my house I have a lot of spices and not a lot of real food so I take what I do have (I've been eating eggs for breakfast for the past week and a half) and I put things in it I usually wouldn't. This morning I have scrambled eggs with hemp seeds. The other day I had fried eggs on toast with siracha and lemon. Don't be afraid to try new things. Be creative and make new combos. Remember, if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it.
Bonnie T.
Breakfast boredom could mean the same breakfast or nothing exciting in the breakfast, I eat something nutritious but different everyday to deal with it
Cube N.
I try and change things up every once and a while, for example I used to only have cereal for breakfast with the occasional toast but recently I’ve been eating more fruits and porridge. If you keep changing it up then it could never be boring 🙂
Olivia Z.
I try to deal with breakfast boredom by keeping a variety of options at hand. Some days fruits & peanut butter, toast another, one day eggs and so on and so on. Doing something like overnight oats which makes mornings easier is also a nice way to switch things up
Ambie N.
Give yourself enough options ahead of time. Know that just one thing might now sound good right away. But if you give yourself a couple things to chose from, you’ll never feel stuck in a rut.
Sam T.
Not being alone for it helps immensly. I am not a morning person so I would not initiate contact, but a simple cohabitation is very useful. My go-to is still youtube educational videos or news, same as throughout the day
Sofia W.
Be aware that breakfast is not limited to a couple of ingredients/meal structure. It doesn’t necessarily have to be packed with sweet things like cereal or oatmeal for example. Moreover it is very important to be creative and open to different types of breakfasts. Eggs can be made in many ways, fruits and vegetables too. As long as you aim to eat a breakfast that will allow you to start the day with energy and motivation (whilst being packed with nutritious food) I think you will be good to go!
If I feel like my breakfasts are repetitive or just boring I try to eat something that makes me happy, like a frozen fruit smoothie, overnight oats (you can customize them however you want!), French toast (perfect for sweet cravings) or even a soup when I’m feeling gloomy!
Jay Q.
I try to diversify the ingredients, even if is for the same meal. Different fruits or flavors in the same plate helps to think you are eating something different
Leslie N.
I just like to eat it anyway because I would much rather eat than starve. By the time I’m starving, I’d eat anything anyway. Everything tastes amazing.
Bela D.
I make sure to have at least two different options always available (simple stuff like store-bought croissants, bread and jam, yoghurt or fruit), or sometimes I bake cakes or cookies so I can have them for breakfast the next morning.
Lauren P.
Sometimes I will look at my phone or watch a show. Other times I will make a list of what I need to grab at the grocery store or what errand I may need to run. Also, other times I’ll just sit there and stare off into the distance or eat and get ready.
Chloe F.
When I don’t know what to have for breakfast…I get creative. I go on google search up some good breakfast ideas, I go on YouTube to get good breakfast ideas, there are so many other websites you can get breakfast ideas on. If you can’t get any good ideas, a good plain toast will do just fine.
Anita O.
I watch some videos while I eat slow, eating slow helps me realize when I’m full faster than when I just shove my face and it slows me to enjoy what I’m watching to the fullest
Sander B.
Be creative! Try new things and ask your friends for suggestions. Look on social media for new inspiration and be open to trying new things!
Felecia E.
I prefer to have a simple fast healthy and ripetitive breakfast so as I can save time in the morning. It’s the only meal I can accept to be bored!!
Devyn G.
I am very familiar with breakfast boredom, I understand! During your Sunday evening shopping for the coming week, you can get different options that you think you would like. You may not feel like one option one day, but that other option you got might sound great. Another thing to note is that you can give yourself a break sometimes! You may not feel like preparing a gourmet, healthy breakfast every morning, and having 2 cups of coffee on the way to work might feel most appealing; and that is perfectly great! I find that very important to keep in mind. Hopefully this answer helps! :}
Bernard Q.
I love eating fruits and nuts even vegetables juices .Apart from that I can cook variety of pancakes or crapes with veggies and millets ,poha ,upma ,uttpam, idli, stuffed prantha , eggs and smoothies
Felicia A.
a lot of the time i don’t feel hungry in the morning
sometimes i feel rather nauseous
i used to get through that by not eating in the morning
now i don’t give myself too much time to think about eating before i do it
i start making my oatmeal regardless or i pick up my tangerine and start peeling it even if i do my necessarily want to eat it
eventually i get into the routine of eating
i find new ideas and recipes for breakfast and eventually it’s not boring anymore
it’s not a chore
it’s something i cherish and look forward to every day
Jeanette P.
I believe that you should never get hedged into routine habitual behaviour that isn’t in your best interests. In work, in relationships, in self care.

Identify the simple criteria at the basis of what you want and then create a plan for variety.

Personally, I’d like to have more nutritious food. But it needs to be easy.

I have all the ingredients and options for a breakfast – eggs, cereal, yoghurt, fresh fruit etc and I experiment with mixing things.

I also sometimes just break with “traditional breakfast food” and eat dinner for breakfast!!!!

Sheikh N.
Well I am dieting U little bit these days. So even If I don't feel hungry it is ok. But mostly I try to eat as much U need and not more. If you are not hungry at all, just grab some fruit! Or make a light Weight salad! Or if u don't eat at all, make a smoothie.
Sasha Z.
A way to not get bored from what your eating is you should try some new food that you haven’t had before and if you get bored of that switch it up from the foods from before you started trying the new foods
Caleb R.
I have a tall glass of Oberweis Chocolate Milk every morning for breakfast and I love it so I do not get bored by breakfast
Komal Z.
It was hard to decide in first what to eat thatvis healthy,but now i use the recommendation of Google or fabulous and now, it is easy to decide what to eat
Jared Z.
I don't! I usually enjoy may breakfast. I prepare what I want in the moment, I have all the stuff needed ready for the morning, then I read some news, some funny stories, or my horoscope ahahah
Enrique Z.
I’m not too sure what “breakfast boredom” is but, I’m assuming it’s being uninterested in your breakfast or the thought of preparing it. I usually don’t think too much about it and just get it done. I remember the satisfaction of enjoying the meal.
Beatriz Y.
I’ve been drinking a glass of milk everyday for the last 20 years of my life, so I’m not exactly the one to be talking about boredom…

Nonetheless, I’ve bought a bunch of different fruit to switch over every couple of days. I also tried to buy a different brand of cereal once the box was done, so I could try something new.

Maybe that’s the trick. Good luck!

Pipper U.
I usualy listen to music or watch somthing while doing it like brushing teeth ect or just focus on the asmr feeling of the food
Neil W.
I usually enjoy watching a show alongside breakfast so that I can spend that time doing something I enjoy. If I get bored of the food I’m eating, I like to make slight changes and alterations e.g. I might have porridge for breakfast one day and if I’m bored I’ll add different fruits too make it more fun!
Ramon U.
I plan my breakfasts to be quick, simple and nutritious. To get on with my day, and to reduce decision fatigue, my breakfast follows a regular routine. This means 5 breakfasts are prepared much the same each week snd the weekends allow for a little more extravagance. For the weekday meals, to add a bit of variety, I add different toppings (nuts, raisins, fruit, etc.) depending on my fancy for the day. Or nothing. The great thing is to make one decision for breakfast for the week, and focusing on other positive actions
Urban T.
Uhm well, i eat for breakfast kinda basic foods. Like cereal, eggs, toats etc. I'm not very sure about that. Sorry i hope you have an amazing day!
Thea Z.
I haven’t really been dealing with it but I feel like if I make my self eat and get dressed and ready for the day I can move past it. When I don’t try and stick to a routine I end up on my phone all morning but if I try and get ready all of my plans or hopes for the day become a little closer .
Amanda Q.
I'm surfing in internet. I'm watching gameplay videos, cooking videos, even book recommendation videos. But nowadays I realize that it takes all my time with videos. I will do something to get rid of it.
M Rcia P.
i too struggle with food boredom, not just at breakfast but at all meals. something i’ve been doing to help alleviate this is eating foods that i wouldn’t typically eat at that time. for example: having sushi for breakfast, and cereal, fruit, and yogurt for dinner. i find that mixing up my options helps me not only to remember to eat but to find some joy in it. hope this helps!
Andr A Y.
I usually just have a quick dish of yogurt with fruit such as strawberries and blueberries. I usually have this when I can't decide what else, or have to leave quickly.
Heesuk F.
I try to spice things up a little.
Usually I eat egg every day for breakfast as it’s the easiest thing I can do, even in a hurry. But I prepare it in different ways, for example, I make a sandwich with it, I can put tomato sauce and cheese on top of it and heat it up in the oven, etc. When I don’t want egg I prepare something different, like cereal (which is simple, but it helps me deal with breakfast boredom).
I think that something helpful would be to make a list of meals you can prepare for breakfast and variations of those meals. That way you can eat something different every day. If you don’t have any idea of what meals you can look up restaurants menus, you can always find something delicious by researching a little.
I hope you find this tips useful.
Katherine J.
Oh yes it is difficult, but i usually let it go or sometimes make it different. I love tea even though i know having tea with sugar can make me hungry too soon within 2 hours but for the love of tea i consume it but adding little stevia in it. I know not healthy but that is how i do
Logan W.
I try to switch up my breakfasts based on the tasks I have planned for the day! On the days that I know I’ll be exercising a ton, I will make a high protein breakfast with eggs, nuts, avocados, etc. On the days that I have computer work planned, I keep my breakfast a little lighter and substitute it with a power smoothie with fruits, greens, and supplements. Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring, it’s fun to switch things up!
Twh Andrea N.
I just remind myself that many others in the world do not have enough to eat. I should be grateful if what food l have to fill my stomach, keep me healthy, no matter how boring it is.
Esraa N.
I don't like eating breakfast to be honest i just drink coffee and maybe eat a fruit or something that's it because i go to college very early and i don't like feeling heavy while going or during my classes
Madhav X.
Actually i have moved to a different country for my studies so i was having a busy schedule here so my breakfast was missing so i decided to not skip the breakfast as i am into fitness and we shall not skip any meal actually
Javier G.
التنوع في اختار الأطعمة الصحية ، والابتعاد عن السكريات وشرب الماء بكمية وفيرة يجعلني أستمتع بالافطار حتى وإن تكررت الوجبة ، وتذكير نفسي بأنه هذا كنز لصحتي ونفسيتي ⚘
Amelia F.
Switch it up and find what breakfast you like. Try a new recipe and look online or Pinterest for inspiration. Make something that you actually enjoy eating, not something you "should" be eating.
Erwin I.
I have enough change and excitement besides my breakfast. I like the discipline and self care I can practice with a breakfast that I know is healthy for me. Also, eating in the morning is always a struggle for me, no matter what. That oatmeal is not that big of a struggle for me, ia already a big win.
Gert O.
go to the grocery store or search on pinterest to find things i want to try in the future and plan to purchase what i need for them
Laura W.
Im not sure what that means but if u don't have any breakfast ideas u can just search something up or ask ur friends or maybe just don't eat 🙂
Justine S.
If you're referring to eating the same thing everyday, I would suggest creating a simple shopping list that will make you three to four different meals per week. For me, I tend to look around the kitchen to see what I'm working with if I don't go shopping and it works out fine in the end. If you start getting bored of making those same three meals, try looking at new recipes to work with. It's always great to expand your food palette and get the nutrients that your body needs. I also recommend working with having two easy recipes to make and one that takes a lot of time to make just so you don't feel overwhelmed with the process. Hopefully this helps!
Rachel Z.
Not really. I try not to have the same breakfast every morning. Plus I find trying or adding something new to your breakfast is always good
Jandirene Y.
Usually you should try to mix your breakfast up, so it's not as boring. Like some days you could eat eggs and have some bacon with them. Then then next day you could have some oatmeal. Just mix it up a little, then it won't get boring.
Kathy P.
I just search up new recipes if I’m feeling bored to mix it up and try something new. I find the best recipes on Pinterest!
Wieland F.
I don't. I eat one or two of the same breakfasts. Yogurt is always a go to same as porridge or toast. If I have to e eggs. Need to keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge
Jeanette N.
I keep snacks, frozen fruits, protein powder, eggs, frozen veggies and cheese at work so there is no excuses everything is already here. ( just learned recently eggs can be microwaved)
Freja E.
Personally I have tunes that make me excited in the morning that keep me refreshed and never being bored when having my breakfast, also eating outdoors is a great way too to deal with breakfast boredom
Marius E.
I'm not a morning person, so getting out of bed for breakfast is kind of difficult. Eating breakfast at work is normal for me, I prefer to not bring hot food with me as it gets soggy and cold so I take yogurt and/or granola. What other kind of foods could I bring with me for breakfast?
Emelisa E.
When I find myself indecisive about what to eat in the morning I’ll drink liquids instead. Lots of them. First I’ll have a kombucha, the GT GINGER one is my favorite , then a hot green tea with honey, fresh squeezed lemon, fresh chopped ginger and turmeric, then off to the farmers market for a fresh Made juice and/or smoothie. After all this I’m not bored… but instead very energetic and ready for anything the day has in store for me.
Michael E.
I watch TV while eating. I do eat slower, but I do eat… By that I get interested in watching TV and I eat. I guess you call that multi-tasking…
Rose G.
Picking a food or plate of food you really enjoy eating will not only set you up for a better day, but will also help prevent you from getting bored so quick. Alternatively, picking multiple different simple meals and switching them up every so often will help you prevent being bored with the meals.
Wuggie E.
Try out a new breakfast meal each week. As you are eating, be consciously grateful for your food and mindful about every step of the way and thank yourself for nourishing your body with good food.
Ama G.
Well I force myself to go to the kitchen them I stand for a while thinking then I come up breakfast with eggs 'cause that is the easiest thing then yesterday I made pancakes and eggs then I feel proud that I cooked
Adrien Z.
I mix up what I am eating all the time cause I'm at home for now and I'm enjoying what Mum has been cooking for me. But in the off chance that I do end up having the same food, generally I'm watching something at the same time for stimulus. I have often heard that that is not the way to eat, but it beats sitting and eating in silence. Maybe we can still be mindful by replacing watching something with reading to get to a slower pace.
Lauren Z.
When i am feeling breakfast boredom, i usually grab a book or do my devotions then. Sometimes i turn on uplifting music in the background and focus on the words.
Marcus U.
I don't. I don't mind eating eggs almost every day. I make eggs differently every time, with different combinations. So, is not so big deal. Enjoy eating healthy ❣️ All is in mind ☺️
Jesse Z.
when I am bored I try to think of something I want. If I want a humidifier I look up and research a humidifier. If I want a mini atm machine, I built an atm machine. Just find something you like and try your best to make it yours
Alyn Z.
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. That’s why I always prepare my favourite meals. Just always prepare the night before, that way you’ll be excited the next day. There are also a lot of yummy and healthy recipes online. You can make something simple and something entirely new.
Olivia E.
I try to have a lot of non perishable ingredients i can use for breakfast so i can change up easily according to what i feel like that day when im already too bored of the previous breakfast!
Rachel O.
If I'm getting bored with the food I normally make in the mornings, I'll go out and buy something small that makes a difference in the flavour and that usually helps. I normally have oatmeal, eggs, or a bagel, but I did get tired of eggs for a while so I started making breakfast bagels. I also went out and got veggies to add to my eggs and that's helped too.
Terumi C.
It should be clean and Illuminated, and I should have many plates to put different kind of food. Also, I like to set down.
Bella C.
Short answer: Pinterest. Looking there helps me consider breakfast foods outside of toast and eggs. Looking at other countries helps too. Folks from the UK make beans and toast. Sounds odd to us in the states, but is favored by many including myself.
Jar R.
I don’t usually make my breakfast, but I always eat the same thing. Sometimes I try to make something different, but it doesn’t really bother me. I always eat something a little diferent
Pauline E.
I try to cook me something that I really like, and if sometimes that breakfast takes time I try to wake early to do it right and to enjoy the breakfast
Rosie F.
I don’t really get bored of breakfast but I would recommend trying something different because it might be that you just don’t like the repetition
Crystal O.
I usually watch eating videos on YouTube before I eat breakfast. That way I’m a little more hungry and it gives me ideas of what I want to eat
Thadd Us G.
I am not even sure what it is? I get bored when I do have to do things that do not require intense brain power. Doing basic stuff is hard for me. So I have been listening – podcast, news, lectures. If refers to the food…I don't care. As long as i feel like it 🙂
Freja U.
Instead of reaching automatically for food I try to stop and think about what it is I want that day so that I enjoy it better rather than it being a chore to get done. Some mornings this is harder than others
Elias G.
When you ate your Breakfast, clean it up, and do something else straight away. That way you dont think about it as much.
Anna R.
I’m sorry but I don’t understand the question. Does it mean.. boredom as in lacking inspiration or motivation for healthy breakfast foods? Or being bored while eating breakfast? Or something else?
Breonna W.
If you mean how do I occupy my brain while I’m eating one of my 3 breakfasts, I simply listen to a podcast that interests me. I have a hard time cooking as it’s not my strong suit, so making my food is an experience in its own, I then make sure I’ve already picked out my podcast the night before so I’m not procrastinating to eat. I hardly find my breakfast time as boring :p
Teia Z.
Well since breakfast is important and one of the only meals i actually eat, i decided on a homemade egg salad samich but i like to switch up the sides. Like some days i try to have fruit and juice or water with breakfast and maybe a fun little treat for after. But sometimes i like to have cottage cheese and chocolate milk with my sandwich. So definitely follow the recommendations for the food groups and go based from that and of course you can always have the days where you give yourself something special whatever it may be.
Elaine A.
On the weekends I always take about 2 hours to think ahead and prep 2 or 3 different ideas for the week. Each time I try to focus on the number of calories, levels of protein and sugar, for example. After a few times it becomes part of your routine, easier to make and enjoy it!
Reginald T.
I usually watch videos on my phone. Im eating and im interested in something it works. If i have a person by my side i talk to them. Its better to keep yourself occupied.
Nora S.
I try new recipes that recommend on youtube. Sometimes it’s not turn out that good, but atleast I try new thing. Finally I’ll do the same menu that I like which are sandwich or overnight oat. Not because it’s be that good, but because it’s easy and can take on the go.
Luitgard A.
I change some of my breakfast menu. If I ate oats today and before that, then tomorrow I'll eat rice with eggs.

Luckily, I'm quite a "boring" person when it comes to breakfast. It's often just rice and eggs or noodle and eggs

Gong A.
Something that’s interesting is that I never lose my appetite for breakfast. I wake up get ready for the day and eat a great breakfast!!
Vincent E.
I am never bored of breakfast. It contains fresh fruits, buttered toast and sometimes a fried egg as well. The amount of fruit varies almost everyday;sometimes less or sometimes a good amount of it.
Hedy U.
Trying something no. Or if i cant, just makesure the mindset that i hv to eat breakfast because …. (based on preference)
Vita Z.
I try to eat something I love every once in a while, and if it's not healthy I add some fruit or something that's still healthy and goes well with my meal. My usual breakfasts are: oatmeal with apple and banana mixed in or a sandwich with cheese and boiled egg. Today I ate one of my favourite meals- french toast, wich is not so healthy, but I ate strawberries with it.
Leonard P.
I try to do and puzzle of word game on my phone to get me thinking. Or I am left with my thoughts which helps my plan my day. Do something that’s expresses what you like to do while still sitting down. I hope this help with YOUR breakfast boredom.
🙂 Good luck,
A friend.
Cl Mentine F.
Usually I either watch a YouTube video or something while I eat, and then after I usually smoke and watch more YouTube or tv
Ju Ara I.
I usually eat the same thing everyday, but there are times when I feel really bored and don't want to eat at all… For example, I eat everyday yogurt and muesli, when I feel tired of it, I eat toast and eggs. Eventually, after 2 or 3 days I resume my everyday normal breakfast. It's just a break for couple of days to stop the boredom ☺️
Marc F.
I don't really get breakfast boredom. But if you are, you should find lots of recipes in the beginning of the week and then go to the grocery store and buy the materials you need for them. Now you have several different breakfast options!
Rylee T.
When you become bored with your usual breakfast, change it up! Find what you like to eat and what keeps you energized until your lunchtime. Look for healthy breakfast recipes on the internet or cookbooks and see what looks appealing to you, then make that breakfast, and enjoy a delicious non boring breakfast!
Giulia O.
Don't look for recipes in book. Experiment your food with what ingredients you. Think it see it than do it. It's a art, so don't bother to show your creativity! 😊Have fun. Love yaaa❤️❤️
Esther Q.
when u have breakfast boredom i believe that best way to solve that is to search in youtube new recipes for healthy breakfast or ask other people to give you ideas so that next time you make your breakfast you have a lot of options on what to make.🙌
Marlene C.
I usually think of breakfast like the most important meal of the day. I don't mind if it's boring as long as it's nutricious. I can always have something "more fun" for the other two.

I understand cooking and cleaning breakfast is annoying so something that works for me is having 3 jars of oatmeal, red fruits or banana, milk and protein (if you go to the gym), with a bit of chocolate powder.

That way I can wake up, shake the jar and boom. Ready to go.

Irmtrud A.
I don’t really do my own breakfast, I don’t have the energy so I surround myself with people that do and I eat what they make. I work at a cafe so I can also make something different when I can every day.
Karishma Z.
i am actually in a hurry in the morning so I'd rather eat my breakfast really fast and then go to school. i dont get enough time to eat and sometimes i even tend to skip it. i am not a morning person but i do make a little effort but i would like to improve.
Ceilidh V.
I feel sick if I don't eat in the morning, so I have easy go to options in the morning that I switch in and out I.e. a banana, normal taost, raisin toast, cereal, etc.
Ralph F.
I always start by at least making herbal tea, the process of making tea motivates me to prepare something else for example eggs or toast. By starting small you can get bigger with time.
Jennie U.
When I don’t feel like eating I try to drink a lot of water still to get my energy up that helps me a lot and if I’m in a rush I just eat a apple or banana
Benjamin Z.
I usually change up my breakfasts most days. I try not to obsess over one particular breakfast for a straight amount of days.
Danyelle N.
I like to change it up! Different varieties of overnight oats work best if you're in a rush. But if you have time to make breakfast eggs with bell peppers with onions yum 🤤 also try eggs with spinach! If eggs aren’t your thing. warm hot oatmeal with fruit is great too. I also eat Honey Nut Cheerios with bananas. A protein shake works amazing when you are also in a rush. Bagels are easy with a different kinds of cream cheese. Breakfast starts your day off right even if it’s not healthy meal.
Addison U.
Oh, I'm a bore my self😅 But i have a pet dog and every morning, i simply fed him with matching small cuddles and that makes the boredom go away 😂😂😂
Isabelle Q.
this is very hard to answer as I’ve never had this problem. I have eaten the same breakfast for 40 years of my life. However, I occasionally change it up. Having an array of colourful veggies and fruits next to what I have or eggs allows me to fuel myself and not feel bored. In general I am too hungry in the mornings to feel bored.
Jayden F.
I like to keep it simple and predictable so I know I won’t be bored. I usually don’t have much time to prepare breakfast in the morning. I prefer doing other activities instead.
Manuel U.
I try to eat a variety of foods for breakfast. for example one day i would make eggs and pancakes, then the next i would make an oatmeal bowl, and after that i would make a spinach egg omelette. i also make sure i eat what i crave. sometimes i want something sweet so i would make pancakes or something, but some days i crave something saltier so i would make eggs or bacon. if you eat the same breakfast over and over it will just be boring
Julia O.
I try to change my breakfast every two days, according to what I have in the fridge and how much time I have in the morning. I like a sweet breakfast, event though I would like to try to add some salted elements and begin my day with less sugar.
Kari D.
I try to look up recipes the day before or even the week before so I know what to cook. I’ll even have something on the days when I am in a rush to just grab and go. For the most part I try to make time for my breakfast and remember to be grateful for the breakfast I am having. I think being grateful when bored or stuck on what to eat gets me out of that funk.
Erwan Q.
i personally like to deal with breakfast boredom by trying new things and not having the same thing every day. experiment by mixing foods that you like and after you find enough combinations you like, you'll be able to make your breakfast interesting and fun. never be afraid of trying new things, because variety is the spice of life.
Falcon J.
With my ADHD I get bored easily but there’s occasions where I will eat the same thing forever until I’m sick of it – so maybe having like 3-6 different available options at one time for breakfast is ideal for me?
Michele Z.
Choices, I give myself the freedom of choices. I look up recipes ask friends what they eat for breakfast. If I plan ahead with different choices when I go to grocery store then I’m not eating the same thing. I add to recipes or customize to my liking. Even if it adding spinach to an omelet or avocado. Breakfast is my favorite mean so I like it to be the best!
Hoan R.
I eat something different everyday. At least I try. Be oats with banana ,apples and some berries and nuts. With like a sandwich.. Turkey or egg and cheese and/or a fruit bow
Alban X.
You should try eating something different, a different meal every day like a toast, eggs, different fruit or almonds, peanuts.
Johnette X.
By planning everything I want to eat for breakfast ahead of time. Meaning, before I plan to eat breath the next day, I use the day before thinking about, by sorting out my priorities and choosing what will suit my goals in the long run. Trust me, this is not any sense task especially with the cravings effects we get day by day. But, with discipline ur goal is set in motion without even realizing it. Then, by have that mindset u are set to changing n revitalizing your taste buds with good healthy foos for breakfast each day.
Ilayda H.
The wash I deal with breakfast boredom is I think about how important it is to have my breakfast in the morning if you really can’t be bothered to make anything have some nuts or some cereal or something small that is better than just not having anything trust me
Gabi N.
Sometimes i have my breakfast in the morning sun listening to some relaxing music taking in what is around me. I also have breakfast with my family sometimes or take time to make a fabulous breakfast. Sometimes i make a short one and go and watch some movies. Sometimes i read a book while eating breakfast. Sometimes i wait till I'm really hungry and then i eat breakfast. The times when i skip breakfast i feel I'm going to throw up
Selma N.
Sometimes I tend to listen to music while making the breakfast and while eating I read a book or check my phone. I like to eat breakfast that isn’t just nutritious but also tastes good, it makes me more determined to eat.
Sarah Q.
I write them down on cards and I choose a different one for each day and then I find I get excited for breakfast. Also because I write them down i actually think about all the lovely breakfast types you can have. Some quick and easy and some long and leisurely depending on how much time I have and then I don’t have to keep thinking over and over again what to eat. It’s written down & I just add new in when I think of them .