Do you find that just eating something ex: spaghetti, helps when eating breakfast or do you think it is better to eat actual breakfast foods in the morning?

M Line W.
Sometimes, you don't have the choice to eat a nice breakfast, or you just don't have what you need to eat breakfast foods. Those things are last-stitch efforts to eat, and I get that. But if you have breakfast foods, eat it during the time it's intended for. If I'm in a rush, I have oatmeal and bring it with me to work. But Lunch and Dinner foods are for those times (or switched between those times), but NOT for breakfast. Breakfast is an all-day buffet to me, because pancakes/waffles/bacon and eggs are good at any time. 😁
Dorothe R.
To me, a breakfast has to contain some spesific food to be considered a breakfast. So I never eat anything. But I believe proper breakfast is the way to go and not just anything
Randie O.
It works better for me when I eat something high fiber and protein for breakfast. Keeps me from getting hungry again before lunch. I recently started doing the overnight oats thing and it has changed my life. I'm not a morning person, so grab and go is good. Grabbing something good for me has made me feel even better
Mayara S.
If i wake up too late (past 11am), i rather eat something else, since its só close to lunch. But If i wake up like i usually do (6am~7am) i prefere to eat a proprer breakfest.
The R.
If you're short on time, I'd say to eat what you can get. However, if you have some time, I'd focus on some non-carb breakfast foods. I personally go with fruits and eggs in the morning, because carbs don't really fill you for long.
Fabuloussa Y.
I personally do smoothies as it's convenient and not heavy as I wasn't breakfast person and recently started but if I am hungry I do eat my dinner as breakfast too and switch my smoothie to afternoon for lunch.
Maria F.
Nutritionally, it’s the same. That depends on your food choices. But psychologically, it’s easier to habit stack on top of a distinctly different meal type. By differentiating your first meal of the day, you can behaviorally condition yourself to put your morning routine on autopilot whenever you taste breakfast. Eating dinner for breakfast could have the initial negative effect of subconsciously triggering your evening routine, and the long term negative effect of removing any behavioral conditioning associated with either meal.
Maddie J.
I always go for foods that are high in protein for breakfast. Eggs are great for protein. Recently I've been making this shake for breakfast: 1 scoop protein powder, 1 banana, 2 tbsp peanut butter, and 1 cup non dairy milk. It's also good with cinnamon!
Ted N.
I must admit that I haven’t thought deeply about this topi, probably because I take it for granted that you should eat what you want … so long as it isn’t always something that can be harmful
Annamaria Z.
I prefer breakfast food, sweet or savory but always breakfast. Something like spaghetti or pasta gives you a different type of energy so I prefer them for lunch.
Alexis J.
Eat whatever healthy food you enjoy! What is breakfast food?? In France where I grew up it was bread with butter and jam, with a hot chocolate milk. In Ireland where I live now, it's sausage eggs and bacon. For some people it's cereals, or porridge. For others it's an spinach omelette. I fancy sweet omelettes for breakfast, my boyfriend is more into salmon. In Sweden they have ham and cheese for breakfast. So good luck defining "breakfast food" 😉
If you fancy spaghetti in the morning, go for it mate ! Just make sure you eat your veggies every day, moderate your carbs as per your diet needs, don't forget your prot, and limited healthy fat! 🙂
Cat M.
Food is food. It is better to eat something that's healthy and makes you happy and full in the morning than to worry about if it is a 'breakfast food'
La Za Y.
I usually eat random things for breakfast. Sometimes I eat "actual" breakfast foods but I have not noticed a difference in how I feel whether I eat random stuff or "actual" stuff. Of course I believe that you need to have a more nutritious breakfast but that doesn't have to come from "normal" breakfast foods.