How long should you spend eating breakfast so it’s not rushed?

Clover C.
In my opinion it's good to eat your breakfastfor 10-15. So you can taste it and eat it well..I hope this helped you a little 🙂

Francesca E.
It really depends really! But it usually takes me quite a bit to prepare my breakfast as well as to eat it. I'd say that if I'm doing things calmly I can take up to 30-45 minutes 🙂
And if I have a hot drink I might take it with me to drink while I'm completing my first task of the day. This usually saves me quite some time because I'm a slow drinker!

Emelie P.
For abdominal exercises I do leg raises, plank (both elbow and raised), flutter kicks and cardio like running walking and jumping jacks. For legs I do walk sits squats lunges calf raises. Everyone’s level of endurance is different so as you get stronger add more reps to your exercises!

Kourtney U.
I usually give myself about 30 minutes if I have breakfast already prepared. If I don't, I give myself about 45 minutes to both prepare breakfast and eat

Katherine Z.
I like to give myself at least 10 minutes to eat. It sucks waking up earlier to give myself time, but it’s worth it to start my day energized and freak.

Nikolaj O.
Well I like having breakfast while im reading so that makes me spend more time but if not I usually spend 30 min (really relaxed)

Isaltino Q.
I wish I knew the answer. During the weekdays, I'm rushed. I make prep breakfast for the week so I can grab and go. Over the weekend I like to give myself 30 minutes so I can reflect on what I want for the day and hopefully sit outside and eat.

Pankhuri F.
I think it depends on the quantity of the meal and how much time we take to eat it. So for some people 10 minutes might be the perfect time for eating breakfast. For others, it might be 30 minutes. So there are no sure answers I guess.

Jerry S.
If I have to get busy early morning, I try to meal-prep the day before. Overnight oats have been my selected favorite, there are so many possibilities! I also can't take heavy meals in the morning, so an avocado toast and an egg can be really quick and fulfilling. This can't take me more than 15 min. but I try to give myself 30 min. for breakfast, so I can really just sit and enjoy my coffee.

Mille C.
20 minutes. Eating slowly, chewing thoroughly, focusing on yourself, maybe thinking about what the day ahead holds for you. Enjoy the food and whatever you’re drinking 🙂

Soham J.
Half an hour is usually fine for me to cook a couple eggs. Sit down with some coffee. And just enjoy my morning for a second

Victor Q.
About 30-45 secs per morsel and to have higher proteins low carbohydrate meals with some fruits. All and all 10-15 minutes

Kathleen C.
I try to spend at least five minutes, preferably ten, so I can enjoy it. And when I have breakfast I take a break from my devices to focus on myself.

Inass N.
i feel like it should be around 15 to 20 minutes. i think that’s enough time to eat your breakfast. if you’re in a hurry and you feel like u have no time to eat breakfast, i would say grab a banana or an apple or something small but powerful to eat on the way. and if you’re feeling like u never have enough time to eat breakfast, i would suggest to wake up a earlier so u have enough time to do everything:)

Sanne C.
For me I'd say 10 to 15 mins max. For me personally it's better not to take too luch time because then I tend to start reading / scrolling in my phone and I lose my energy to start the day. Also taking to much time leaves me no time left to clean up, which I know will annoy me later that day when having to clean up before I can start having lunch / diner.

Yoko U.
I think that 30 minutes to prepare and eat it is necessary. It usually takes me longer just because I have time. But, I will try to limit it to 30 minutes so that I don't have to rush, without taking forever

Jade Z.
It should be enough time for you to be able to taste and enjoy your food. Eating too fast is unhealthy for you and you should try toake your drinks and the food your eating all at equally times so your not mulling your food down and only drinking a little but of your water and juice/milk/tea. Or chugging your beverage of choice and only eating alittle bit of your food. So I'd say no more than 15-20 minutes depending on how big your meal is. You should be in a relaxed state when eating.

Anka O.
Focus on the food and how it fills you, be in the present and chew bite by bite. Once finished, look at the clock if you must.

Wend F.
I find 20 minutes is a nice amount of time to set aside for a lone routine breakfast before work in the week, longer if you have time to spend with family and include preparing a nice spread, planning your day and clearing up.

Oscar T.
I spend my breakfast time in my computer. In the early, i prepare my breakfast and then go to computer, talk with my collegue or watch a video. So, I think that I spent around 25min

Kunther A.
as long as it takes you to eat. it takes me about 5-8 minutes but making it takes much longer and it varies depending on what I make for breakfast

Juwairiya X.
Firstly if there is less time to finaih your breakfat you will need to preplan the schedule and wake early on time have a harlthy breakfast for a longer time. Take time to chew your food so tgat it helps you in digestion.

Katy S.
Try giving yourself extra time and see how you feel. You’ll find having “unnecessary” time makes the whole thing feel luxurious

Jerome U.
Depends on what you eat. However, I believe that to a be a good breakfast it has to healthy and by healthy it could be some fruits and your faouvorite berberage which is fast and easy to prepare. Maybe 15 minutes?

Pamela P.
Breakfast should be slowed down. Mindfully choosing and preparing. Then savor your meal and be excited to nourish your body

Christos M.
20 minutes. Take your time and enjoy healthy eating choices. Think and plan your day ahead. Take a moment and look out the windows while taking your breakfast. Listen to the sounds of nature.

Esther U.
So for me it usually takes about a half hour to cook the breakfast, it depends on what I am cooking. So I usually eat it about in ten minutes or if my family joins then a bit longer. Actually less than five minutes is not good cause then you just rush the food in it will not give all the flavour to you.