What’s the minimum/limit for breakfast? In the morning I could eat just a fruit or I could eat fruit, nuts , coffee, oatmeal, and pb. A lot or a little. When I eat less, I feel more excused to eat in the evening a bigger meal even though I know it’s better to eat less then. But I usually get an appetite at 6 and 11 o’clock

Debra S.
Following your hunger signals is a good thing as they are usually dictated by a number of processes happening inside you that prepare you to better absorb food. And it is better to have a large breakfast and a small dinner rather than the opposite. How small is too small for a single meal (whether it's breakfast or something else) probably depends on your caloric needs, and I'd say the base minimum is 15% of of your daily needs. If you are small, thin and sedentary, and maybe in your 50s, that could be 200 calories or so, while if you are a big triathlete in his 20s that could easily be 600 calories or more. A banana is about 100 calories – but I wouldn't make a breakfast of two bananas, because they contain a high level melatonin and could make you feel sleepy. Try cronometer.com to figure out how much food your really need and what are your options.
Elsa T.
I like to start with what I feel is enough and tell my body I feel good. So one fruit some mornings may be plenty but it has no protein. I like doing a protein shake it’s smaller but substantial and is full of lots of good things to replenish my body with in the morning. It doesn’t stretch out my stomach but gives me good calories and nutrients
Lori P.
I think you should eat enough food that will last you 4 hours but not to much you feel like you will explode for breakfast
Earl U.
I eat an oat meal,with 5types of nuts and drink a cup of suger free fat free milk with a banana…or 2eggs with 2pieces of wholegrain bread …for lunch is same ..with 2.5leters of lemon mint water and for dinner,a vegitable salad and green tea
Angel B.
The minimum limit is the limit your stomach gave you. I like to eat until my stomach is full. I feel like its better because after eating, I can go hours without eating.
Jasleen F.
It depends on how early I'm up. The earlier I'm up, the less I'm able to eat so it might just be green tea and an apple those days. If I drink water in the morning and give myself a bit of time before eating I usuay got for a simy smoothie. Weekends are for when foods like eggs and sweet potato hash.
Actually R.
Just like any meal, you should make sure to get in a serving of protein (meat, eggs, or nuts/nut butters) a serving of fruits/veggies, and a serving of grains (usually your starchy stuff like potatoes, bread, oats, etc). You should always strive for a full meal in the morning. It’ll keep you feeling fuller longer, and give your body/brain more energy to work off of from the get-go. I personally like to eat a meal every four hours, but that’s just me.
Betty N.
I try to eat porridge in the winter and muesli in the summer. I don’t have much time in the morning as I have to walk the dogs (30 mins) then cycle to work (45mins)
Shelly T.
It's never good to overeat but if I don't have protein at breakfast, I am starving after 2 hours and crashing after 3. Also, if I eat too much, it seems my stomach "stretches" and expects bigger meals in the future. I do best when I combine protein with high fiber, and water.
S L Na E.
I always eat a Leighton breakfast. Just enough energy, but not enough for my body to use too much energy to digest to lose energy.
Suchita G.
For breakfast I suggest you eat in installments. Like as soon as you get up, you have a glass of water with some seeds such as chia or flak. After 30 mins a glass of milk or juice and then before u leave home eggs or a peanut butter sandwich or oats and nuts. Keep a fruit in your hand. That takes care of 6am… 11am you can have a coffee with oatmeal biscuits or even nuts or a muesli bar… keeps hunger at bay till lunch time 😃
Catarina O.
You should eat a big meal. A complete meal. A fruit is just a snack right? You should have coffee a fruit and oatmeal if you are satisfied. Decrease intake of food later during the day not in the morning. In the morning metabolism is faster so it will process food better than at night. That's why we should eat less at night.
Judy U.
A small bowl of oatmeal mixed with walnuts and cinnamon sustains me throughout the morning. The cinnamon tricks the tastebuds into a sweetness that isn’t there. Also love a full glass of water before any food travels through my lips as well as a glass during my morning oatmeal.
Romy P.
The minimum would be at least some toast and some yogurt but whatever you need to fill you up until lunch and that is healthy either help a lot !
Patrena O.
I tend to eat less in the mornings n get hungry like mid way before lunch then I'll eat lunch sometimes not much but at nights I might eat alot it all depends
Mauro Q.
On a good day I typically do two eggs, a handful of berries, and a handful of nuts. That usually tides me over until lunch. If not I have a snack at 10 AM. When I’m in a hurry, I just fill a small plate (maybe 8inch radius) with speedy things that I don’t have to cook like a handful of nuts, a handful of fruit, and a granola bar or yogurt. I try to make it 3 or 4 items. I think you should eat enough to last you until lunch or until you can have a snack break.

I hope this helps.


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Gerhart U.
I think it's important to listen to your body and gives it what it needs. In that sense you won't eat too little or too much as you can have a little more or less depending on how you feeling. Make sure you don't feel too full before bed time as you will have trouble sleeping properly. Avoid starving yourself during the day as it will force you to over eat later on.
Raul R.
In my opinion the breakfast is the main meal of the day therefore it is very important to have nutritionally good breakfast. A very good choice not to overeat and to have a proper quantity of calories is the green smoothie or Herbalife cocktail. I make it often for myself, especially after the workout when I want something light, but more than a glass of water.
Marilyn Z.
Breakfast: Eat at least 2 eggs (or at least 15-20 grams of protein) and a complex carbohydrate (like oatmeal or whole grain) but limit the carbs to 15 grams. Also include a good fat like a small portion of nuts.
Lunch and dinner are about the same but be sure to include fruit and vegetables.
You will be less hungry if you snack between meals on protein or fats and or fruit. I like Greek yogurt with a couple of nuts and some berries for bedtime or afternoon snack
Genesis P.
Personally I feel sick If I don’t have protein or carbs. On morning workout days I usually go with a granola bar pre workout and a protein loaded smoothie post workout.

The rest of the day I get hungry but can only eat smaller portions. So I eat a bunch but 3-4 times during the day which helps with late night cravings. And water at night helps too.

Hailey F.
There is no limit, really. It is better to follow your body's cues. Eat whatever amount makes you feel pleasantly full 🙂
Alice Z.
I'm no expert, but big breakfasts are great if you can manage it, especially full of protein and slow release energy. That way you stay full all the way until lunch, and aren't tired or snacky by 10am. Don't worry about excusing your appetite, food is what your body needs!
Matt I.
It's entirely up to you. You as a person and how you feel, personally I think it's great to have breakfast in the morning and people should have it, however there's nothing wrong if they miss it as the calories etc can be made up throughout the day. I personally would eat a medium bowl of museli or granola which has no added sugar or salt with fat free yoghurt and a piece of fruit, and also a boiled egg. I would say this at least for me is the optimal breakfast, some people prefer to eat more in the morning and some less, itd entirely up to them. Id argue someone with a labour intensive job should have a larger breakfast like a full English for a job in construction or like a park ranger who would spend the whole day walking. Meanwhile in a less intensive job such as an office should have a more balanced meal like mine as it releases energy throughout the day. That's what I'd recommend however people can eat as much or as little as they want.
Thalia Z.
I think it's dependent mostly on your body and it's needs. Sure it's theoretically better to eat big in the morning and small in the evening but if your going to be sick from eating big in the morning, don't. Plain and simple, listen to your body, you aren't a theory, or a statistic, your body knows what it needs listen and take life in stride, eat when your hungry not when others say you should be and eat however much you need not what others say is appropriate. You know your body and it's needs better than someone with a clipboard and statistics.
Viriato Q.
I Think a bigger mealtime would be good from the morning but a little is still better than nothing to eat. But good energy is important in the morning:)
Marie Theres O.
I can't really eat in the morning, so for me coffee and a couple of butter biscuits do the trick. If I wake up early then I eat a more hearty breakfast at 11-12 with eggs, bacon, toast and veggies
Christian N.
Eating more for breakfast is the smartest choice. Here's why: You will start the day satisfied, full, and with plenty of energy. Eating a lot in the evening or (worse) late instead will increase the odds of becoming fat, plus mice that were allowed to eat late aged faster and had more health related problems than those who had their last meal of the day before 7pm and 'fasted' (that is, didn't eat anything) for the following 12+ hours. (Which does not necessarily apply to humans, but made me personally feel better, so why not give it a try?)