I have to get two kids (2 and 3) ready every morning and don’t ever feel like I have time to cook eggs for breakfast. What are some very healthy going-out-the-door recipes that take minimal prep?

Charlie Z.
Strawberries with honey on them. I eat that a lot of mornings for breakfast. It is healthy, and tasty. I also eat avocado toast for breakfast a lot of the time too.

Lili N.
Veggies honestly or fruits they always are easy to prepare just wash or (cut if you have younger children) and feed they are healthy and most kids love fruits and they can take them in their way to school so in my opinion that’s my favorite option for children

Fern O Q.
hello, I am not the greatest at making breakfast this is also something that I struggle with but I always like to eat something light like and orange on the road or a cliff bar fills you up. For you if you are driving for something you can wake up maybe 15 mins earlier and eat something real quick. I really hoped this helped

Elsyn S.
you could make them some toast with butter/pb/jelly, anything they like. you could also do instant oatmeal and throw it into a thermos. personally, i like to eat a banana and some oatmeal in the morning. you could also do cereal. there are many other quick breakfasts. if you have time, you could look on pinterest or just on google some fast easy breakfasts to make.

Tude N.
Protein waffles and yogurt are a good choice. My mom also used to make something the night before and put it in the over in the morning or heat it up

David E.
I like making myself egg McMuffins in the morning, it’s really tasty and very easy to eat while walking, and doing other activities. To make it you start to toast your bread, then crack an egg into a glass bowl (I like to add the smallest amount of milk), then put it in the microwave with something covering the bowl for a minute. The you put cheese slices on the toast, put the egg on top, and bam! A really yummy breakfast sandwich. Hope this helps!

Benjamin B.
Porridge with fruit is easy and healthy. Also if you have time the night before, you can make overnight oats. It's super easy and will be ready for you in the morning

Vaidehi F.
Ohh that’s a lot of work but for a short and healthy breakfast try fruits like bananas, apples or a glass of milk . I also try making protein bars and night so I can grab and go . Hope this helped .