Any tips for avoiding junk food during breakfast?

Troy F.
It's easy to eat the same thing everyday for breakfast. The hard part is when someone brings a different kind of breakfast to work. Usually then I eat it, even if I have already eaten my breakfast. Having the willpower to say no is difficult, but doing it makes me feel better.
Isabella C.
Eggs are my best friend! They're versatile and you can eat 2-3 and they will keep you full. I try to mix it up and make different style eggs, anything from an omelette, poached or scrambled. I also add some veggies and spices to the mix to make them more interesting. It doesn't take long and they always come out delicious!
Clara Z.
It’s easy to avoid junk food by getting rid of it all. But in case you don’t want to spoil food, just keep the junk food as far away from you as possible and the healthy food closer. It also helps when the healthy food is tastier than the junk food.
Pamela Z.
I make my breakfast the day before (Greek yogurt with berries and an egg). It's packed and ready to go just like my lunch.
Lisa Z.
It starts at the time when you buy groceries, avoid buying quick junk food and you'll have no option but to eat the rest. A huge problem of mine was buying fruits and vegetables and not cutting them, you should always cut them before storing them. Not cutting them will result on you not eating them.
Geni Q.
Try to keep some healthy food that don't spoil quickly like oatmeal to prepare it even if fridge is empty. You can add raisins, nuts or cranberry to make it more eatable 🙂
Angel E.
I just avoid having it in the house at all. When I go to the store, I intentionally only purchase what I want to be eating! 🙂
Valerij E.
Keep your healthy brekkie prepped and ready at night. If that's the last thing you do before you go to bed, there's a higher chance of you having that healthy prepped meal than an unhealthy option.
Pero S.
Put something easy to be prepared on your fridge Or prepare something before sleeping that you cam eat at the morning and can be healthy too
Alicia T.
I have trained myself to eat high protein low card breakfasts. I will have yogurt with fruit which is very filling. Or egg whites with a multigrain English muffin. Just finding food that are filling and high protein are best.
Cl Mentine Z.
One key to success is to anticipate: take your time to do a good food shopping, avoid to buy junk food and prepare as much as you can your breakfast the day before so you have time to have breakfast at home.
Do not forget to have a small reward afterwards, for instance a small portion (small, please) of chocolate if you like it, for better conditioning yourself to like the new breakfast.
Margit U.
The best way to avoid junk anytime at home is to make sure there’s no junk food in the house. Do a pantry sweep if possible. Away from home the best solution I’ve found is to take healthy food from home. I have other people in my home who eat unhealthy and that makes it more difficult for me do meal planning and prep are key.
Becky C.
Best thing is to just not buy junk food. I always find breakfast the easiest meal to make healthy because it's the first thing I do and I tend to start strong and struggle later on. I always have lots of healthy options available, like bran flakes, peanut butter and bananas, yoghurt and berries, or I plan ahead and have something special; fruit pancakes, homemade porridge with a fruit puree.
For the fastest option maybe just try out different high fibre, low sugar cereals. I hate a lot of typical healthy cereals, but for some reason I love bran flakes, it's all about your tastebuds.
C Lestin Z.
I avoid junk food by setting realistic goals for my morning routine. I set realistic times for each activity so that I avoid sacrificing time to sit down and enjoy a good meal.

I am not a morning person so I start my day by getting a good night sleep. I dont immediately wake up in the morning and instead of forcing myself to be something that I'm not, I plan time to hit the snooze button. I know I'm suppose to be out of bed by 6 am. However, I program my alarm for 5:45 am and happily hit snooze. This little step allows me to get comfortable in the morning and to go at my pace. I also set time for showers, meditation, makeup and a great nutritious breakfast. By the time I get to work at 9am, I am the person I want to be prepared to be successful.

Sylvia G.
Don't have it in the house,if you have to for others then prepare bteskfast the night before so when you get up hungry it's ready to eat.