How do you keep yourself from getting bored of your breakfast options?

Nikitha W.
You don't need to stick with the same meal prep ideas. Eating healthy does not mean eating the same old salads again and again. You might be able to find 30 different healthy breakfast options, whatever cuisine they are, and then use them every month. It will take longer for you to get bored of it.

Antero S.
I make cookies, its easy and always feela good to eat something you had made. When I finish the cookies, I can return to my usual breakfast and Im not bored anymore

Anna Z.
My mum has a great variety of breakfast recipes that I adopted over the time. other than that I watch some cooking series on YT and the creator always serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I get some inspiration from there and from google. other than that I am a sucker for fruit in the morning, so thats always a safe choice for me

Richard O.
I just really like my most usual breakfast – low fat natural joghurt with muesli and banana + cup of coffee. This is something I chose already before fabulous and now add some protein powder for that extra protein. Often I complement this with a fruit and cup of coffee. Sometimes I use berries or other fruit insted of banana of switch the jogurt to couple toasted rye breads with avocado. I think. the key is eating something you like anyways, just make a healthy version. If you like pancakes make banana + egg pancakes and top with joghurt & fruit.

Jamie F.
I have things available that don't expire like whey protein, PB2 and almond milk, and oatmeal packets. I freeze bananas. Then I buy eggs and toast or whatever I'm craving when I shop for the week.

Kai Z.
Every morning before breakfast I’m looking on Instagram or on Pinterest to find more new ideas… one day it’s a yogurt with strawberries, pineapples and blueberries, and one day it can be a bread with avocado and tomato on. Try to find every day something that also looks good so u can also enjoy from the looking and not just from the taste. Every day pick something new to make!

Liliosa T.
I always try to look for new fruit based or healthy recipes that give me energy and at the same time seem interesting, it’s a way to not get bored of always the same breakfast

Mariis W.
try to think of something new to eat. Let's say you have eggs for breakfast, but you got bored of it; what could you do? simple, just spice your meal up! you can of course add whatever you want to your breakfast, but make sure you eat something healthy with it like fruits, vegetables ect.

Beck Z.
I do still find myself getting bored of breakfast options from time to time, for me I find it better to picture what the food is doing for my body. So perhaps ill sit in front of the window and imagine that my food is giving me all the energy I need for the morning ahead!

Santiago T.
Mix it up with different recipes of the same basic ingredients. One day make scrambled eggs, another dar with the sunny side up and an omelette for a different day

Anurag I.
Initially it was hard to even eat that but after sometime you start getting used to and when you realise that it is for your betterment it motivates as well.

Inayat N.
Try making your breakfast on your own it helps with the interest of how my food will taste, and try adding new things to your breakfast list every single day

Harriet P.
Make options that are qick and easy and ones that i enjoy and can mix up occasionally . For example have a variety of smoothie ingredients so you can mix it up when you want

Marilei Q.
Mix it up! Fresh fruit. Yoghurt. Musli. Porridge. Pancakes. Shake. The possibilities are endless. Ask Pinterest for help!